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17 July 2002, 02:36 AM
I'm new to GM'ing, after two weeks of player deaths, I've recieved the job of GM

My problem is how do I run 2 Bounty hunters & a Jedi (light), when one bounty hunter has dark side asperations?

Is there any pre-made D6 adventures out there for bounty hunters I can use as a guide?

Thanks in advance

17 July 2002, 03:48 AM

It is never easy to get a group of characters together in order to begin to run an adventure, infact I find it the hardest part, once together you can the continue with your funky plot full of twists and turns and watch the players and characters, skirm. I have recently had a siilar problem starting up a new group of players containing a Cyborg Scientist, War Droid, ESPO officer, Miner and a Droid Mechanic, who all didnt know each other, quite a bunch! My advice to you is as follows.

Create a simple story as the characters first adventure but make sure it encompases many of the elements of SWRPG (i.e. Starship Combat, Personal combat and most of all in my book intregue and good plot twists, make sure at the end of it they are gob smacked at something, and it doesnt have to be a big bad enemy, mayber something they thought was one thing is really another). Anyway. Let the characters start off seperatly and not together, there is nothing wrong with this just remember to rotate between the players during a session. They DO NOT have to start together in a happy little group. In the game I am currently GM'ing I did this and it took 3 sessions for the players to all meet up. What it did do was give the characters good reasoons for being together without them feeling they had been plot hammered i.e. foeced into being together because the GM told them to. I also used the elements and reasons for them being together to drive my storyline.

Ok so how did i get them together, well I would strongly suggest that you ask the players to create detailled character backgrounds, im a real fan of a long and detailed character background as this give you the GM the story hooks you need to make a plot personal to a character. Backgrounds should have some good loose ends and objectives the characters want. If you get them detailed enough you will find that there will be some lose ends the characters have thought of that can be linked together in some way...maybe this could then give you your story and plot. In my case I managed to find that three of the characters I mentioned before could be linked. The last two happened to be in the right (or wrong place depending on your point of view) place at the right time. It has meant that my group now have a very close relationship to each other and are reliant on each other for my current story, very satisfying for a GM.

As for your problem it is not a mojor thing for a Bounty Hunter to have a darkside point, infact if he/she is a bit nasty it can create some great moments for your characters to interact, will your Jedi try to stop the Bounty Hunter from doing bad things? There is nothing wrong with a bit of friction between PC's infact it can make the group a lot more dynamic, they might not like each other but may have professional respect for each other and realise they need each other.

As GM put them into situations that are morally questionable, let the characters decide how to react, and let them. Just remember all actions have consequences.

just remember that idf characters do disagree that the issues are not between the players but between characters, dont let in-character arguements get out-of-character arguements. Alot of groups have broken up due to this.

I hope this helps you in some way and if you want help thinking of an adventure feel free to e-mail me their character backgrounds etc and ill see if I can make some suggestions.


17 July 2002, 05:58 AM
I'm in a similar situation. So far the characters are a rodian scout, a wookie tech specialist and a soldier. A fourth character will be in the campaign but I haven't met the player nor do I know what class his character will be. I don't think it will be a problem though.

I'm weaving an adventure where the players eventually arrive at the same public place (cantina) and are driven to support each other for sheer sake of their own survival.

I'm still looking for an overarching hook to carry the story beyond the first adventure (and the game is this Saturday!). I've got a grand plan storyline but need to carry the adventure there from here.

Anyways, that's how I get characters together of different persuasions.

Major Rekk
17 July 2002, 12:27 PM

In my games, SW and otherwise, I let the players know it's their job to come up with why they would hang out together! But I only do this when PC's seem diametrically opposed to each other or are especially difficult cases, honest cops and rotten gangsters, for example. Plus if they come up with a good idea, they usually will, then incorporate it into the campaign!

A player won't be bitter, if he or she comes up with their motivation, but you may find yourself resented if you force one upon them. However, in such a group you should plan for interparty conflict! If that's not your thing, then you should ask the players to reconsider their PCs' motivations! Perhaps the dark side is trying to seduce the good Jedi? Maybe te bounty hunter is just mad at the world because a criminal killed his sister. Sure, he'll quit, but only after he gains the power to kill her murderer, and the darkside is a quick way to accumulate such power...

But as it stands I can think of some motivations for your 2 bounty hunters and lightside Jedi.

(Non-Force)Bounty Hunter: MONEY! Always the ultimate movtivation for a gun for hire!

(Darkside) Bounty Hunter: MONEY! Wouldn't it be great if that lightside Jedi could teach you a couple of force tricks before you turned him to the darkside?

Jedi: You sense the conflict in the bounty hunter! Preaching to the converted is for cowards! So why not try to bring the evil bounty hunter back into the light? The Galaxy would be better off for it...

Hope this helps,
Major Rekk

18 July 2002, 01:32 AM
Thanks For the ideas, I asked the group and they've decided to be siblings, it's still going to be interesting :)