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18 July 2002, 06:18 AM
Hello, a lot of Star Wars RPG Gm's out there get stuck for ideas. I was, but chatting a bit on the boards helped out. I was thinking, why not start a thread that is pretty much all about plot ideas, summaries, or anything you'd like to see done, or even anything you've done in a star wars game. Lets say you are bored one day and come up with an idea you want to share, this post would be a perfect place. Keep is as simple or as complex as you'd like. That way they are all in one thread and no one has to go looking around the boards for them.

To start off, here's a little thing going on in my campaign.

It's about 3 years after TPM. There is no official Sepratist movement yet. Tyranus is gearing up for it though. He's too small time now to make a good case with the trade guilds, etc. that met with him in AoTC. He's gotten a few independent systems to loosely band together for profit, as well as managed to get a few worlds represented in the senate. Although not powerful enough to take on the Senate, this loosely grouped set of worlds is causing enough trouble that the money makers of the senate are taking a loss. Tyranus plans to use this as leverage when he finally does decide to try and enlist the help of these organizations. For example, he has enlisted the aid of several pirates from several systems who attack certain shipments, or certain trade vessels. Then the group that regulates trade has to raise its prices, etc. This causes them to ask for aid in the senate, which palpatine gets his do boys in the senate to 'ignore'. Tyranus then waits for trouble to brew in many systems due to tax increases, or whatever measures the trade groups decide enact. Once the system is good and angry at the senate's lack of action, dooku steps in and snags another ally. Also, to start infighting among the trade guilds and diffrent companies, he sometimes has the pirates completely disrupt one group's ships, while another group is untouched (the pirates go as far as to 'attack' that groups ships but upon discovering who they work for stop and let them go). Lots of trouble brewing in the galaxy to keep jedi busy as well. Trade disputes, old claims to space lanes fought over, etc.

shadow master
20 July 2002, 03:51 AM
What you propose is an interesting idea, but I'd imagine not all GMs are comfortable just giving their plot ideas to a board like this. I'm not one of them, so i will contribute:

Jedi Campaign, approx. 50-20 years before Ep1. "Prelude to Darkness" originally created for the d6 system, but can be modified for d20

A group of Jedi (must include one investigator Jedi) head out to a temple on a brand-spanking new found planet called Zmect. It's in the "Unknown Region" of space. This planet is mountainous, and where there is not mountain, there are jungle. Really humid, hot, and well jungle-like.

The group of young Jedi (from a praxeum) are sent to explore a seemly harmless temple on the planet. Since the planet is new-found, the temple is currently of unknown origin.

Upon arriving, the Jedi Investigator can clearly see that the temple is at least partially Sith in origin. Except, perhaps a regenade, exiled, or something a long the lines. Inside (insert favorite traps, and dark side beckonings) after a fairly grueling test of stamina and dexterity, they reach a room at the heart of the pyramid.

The "Heart Chamber" contains a tomb and a tome. By removing the tome, the Jedi will cause a chain reaction and will have just enough time to exit the pyramid before it sinks into the ground.

Inside the tomb are bones, possibly from a Sith Lord, but the inscription isn't clear about why he was on the planet, or exiled, or whatever. There is a Sith Sword, ancient Sith Armor, and bones. The dude looks like he had been hit multiple times with Alchemy.

The tome contains a Sith spell that allows one to create an entity from pure force energy. They glow a bluish/green and seem hunched with no face or anything. (Make up stats at your leisure)

"Prelude to Darkness" could be a really good start, or a prelude in the middle of a campaign if you wanted to try something different. You could have the creatures appear to attack the Jedi, for them only to figure out that they released the Sith's spirit.

The rest is up to your imagination. Good Luck.

22 July 2002, 07:24 AM
yeah it's too bad that people are so worried about their ideas. I know i won't be able to run everything i come up with. I didn't want to post my ideas cause i didn't want people to use them...then a friend of mine kind of showed me how silly that was. I know some folks don't want to part with their original ideas, but i remeber when i was just starting as a GM, i would have liked to have some place to get ideas from.

Now if i plan on using my ideas in a novel, convention, or if it's the plot of the game i'm running and don't want my players to find out then i probably won't post it, but if it's just sitting around taking up space in your brain, put it out there. There are hardly and good sources to get adventures, etc. from, especially now with the Gamer mag gone.

22 July 2002, 04:12 PM
This may require some homework, but try some good, old-fashioned white collar crime. This is a particularly timely topic (apologies to those outside of the US who don't care about how stupid our major corporations are), and can go a number of ways.

1) A corporation on a mid- or outer-rim world is in financial trouble due to dodgy bookwork and the big cheeses skimming off the top. Make this company the only major employer for a particular planet or system, and the resultant layoffs/closure/moving operations offworld will leave most of the populace unemployed and unable to care for themselves. Make the world totally unarable, so no one can grow their own food. Incorporate the players into an investigation of the company and its officers. The guilty parties can resort to as much violence to maintain their coverup as you need action for your game.

2) Take something like a bank or another organization that transacts a lot of money both on an off planet. One of the principal officers is laundering money for a criminal syndicate for his own benefit. Another principal officer figures out how to steal money from the company. steals the money being laundered, hires an assassin to kill the first officer and makes it look like the criminal organization ordered the hit as a reprisal. Later on, he can move the money through a rival criminal syndicate to pit the first gang against the second, and draw the scent away from himself.

Just a thought...