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Corr Terek
18 July 2002, 02:43 PM
Okay, this is the only forum I could think of to post this in, but if it's not in the right one, or doesn't apply to this board at all, please delete it.

Hello all. I'm working on making an actual Star Wars RPG--that is, an RPG similar to the Final Fantasy series. I'm using the RPG Maker 2000, which makes creating such RPGs a snap. However, I seem to have hit a snag or two:

For starters, not many utilities available for the RPG Maker have the futuristic qualities I need for a Star Wars game. That is, most graphics available are for mideival-type RPGs. I'm no artist, and while I MIGHT be able to scrounge what I need, it still won't look right. So I would greatly appreciate someone willing to put time into the artwork, etc. that this game needs.

Second, as I'm sure many of you know, a typical RPG has several hundred different types of items, attacks, spells, etc. My problem is finding Star Wars-type equivalents to these things, as well as coming up with new ideas. Thus, I need someone else to brainstorm with.

If anyone's interested, they can e-mail me at: dionaga@juno.com

or they can PM me.

As I said earlier, if this thread isn't relevant, please delete it.