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19 July 2002, 12:17 PM
I just started Gming in Star Wars. I wouldln'y call myself a rookie, DMed in AD&D for years (second edition) and know a whole freakin lot about star wars.
I did one lousy adventure (whipped it up in 15 minutes) but I'm stuck. I was depending on the characters wantingn to join the Rebel Alliance but one is a all for money merc, the other a good natured Mon Cal scout (I don't know why he doesn't want to join) and the third a power hungry Twi'Lek noble. It'll be easy to get the merc on (just offer a butload of money and maybe a beat up freightor) but I don't know what to do with the other two. My only good idea for the Mon Cal is to have him here about atrocities commited by the empire (i.e. the landing of Tarkin's ship on the protesters on Chandrillia). But what to do about the Noble (a polotician of sorts)? Obviously there is not much power to be had in the Rebel Alliance.
My campaign is srtarting abouta month before the destruction of Alderaan and I want them to be involved in the Battle of Yavin or the stealing of the Death Star plans.
One more thing (sorry). What is the best way to keep the game running quickly? I constantly have to page through the book and find the ship defense speed modifeirs and the like. as anyone put together a commonly used rules sheet or something?
Thanks :?

Matt Richard
19 July 2002, 01:15 PM
How about the Empire kills off the Mon Cal's family, thats always been something Ive seen as good motivation, killing of the family.

Next, maybe the Nobel finds a plot that a division of the Empire did to put only political leaders that they want, and the Nobel wasnt one of the wanted leaders.

As far as keeping the game along, I have three ideas...
-Get a piece of paper and write all you need, like a quick reference guide.
-You can buy the GM screen from Wizards. Although Ive heard its not real useful, and never have used one myself, I cant guarentee that youll like it; besides they only have one for the old d20 rules, not the new ones.
I think Sherman Shipyards (http://www.shermanshipyards.com) had a Word Document containing important tables, but I think that too was just for the old d20 rules.

Hope that helps!

shadow master
20 July 2002, 03:58 AM
Maybe, to get the Noble's attention, you could have someone throw a really cheesy pitch like:

"Join the Rebellian, with your help, you will gain power when we defeat the Empire" or something to that effect.

I would have to agree with Mr. Richards, you should write all pertainate information on a piece of paper in ionic form. Or make sure all the stuff you feel you will need is bookmarked. Just good organizational skills, or really clever methods.

Sorry i couldn't be much more help.

20 July 2002, 04:43 AM
Put them all somewhere (get them into a certain space station, or moon, etc.) where a battle between the Rebels and the Empire will occur. Make sure they're square in the middle so that they have to join one side or the other, or else both sides will view them as a liability and eliminate them. See which way they go.

If and when they join the Alliance, make sure they have a great time, enjoy making contacts in the Alliance (for the politician), have access in the future to lots of good stolen Imperial loot (for the scoundrel) and save some Mon Cal lives (for the Mon Calamari).

If they don't take the bait, make sure they have no other option but to take the bait. Then be sure and set the hook hard.

Major Rekk
20 July 2002, 05:35 AM
How about this?

Just string him along with material goodies, somewhere down the road, have him hired by the Rebellion, perhaps to retreive certain technical data tapes? A good merc won't turn down any job that pays well. Have a "witness" to his activites, who reports him to Imperial authoriites. Make him a "wanted for questioning" regarding a certain incident that official records show he was present at.

Mon Calamari Scout: I think this one is the easiest. But out of curiousity have some of his Mon Cal friends ask him just exactly why he doesn't join the rebellion. (That in itself could lead to an interesting adventure!) Have those he cares about get killed one by one by the Empire.

Twi'lek Noble: SInce the Empire has openly anti-alien poilicies, it should become obvious fairly quickly that power is somehing the Empire will not let him have. Have him get seriously harrassed at security checkpoints: "We don't care who you are on Ryloth, sandscum! Out here you're just another alien that needs to learn his place!" After a few situations like this, have the rebels hit him with the "We could use good leaders like you, who may not fight; but still make a huge difference!" speech.

Think of ways to combine all three in one adventure for extra flavor!

Don't be too worried about their hesitancy. No person's motives are ever truly pure! Half the fun of your campaign could be just getting them to join the Reb's.! You could always push back the destruction of Alderaan a couple of months. It's not like it's marked on anyone's calender or anything...

As for speeding play, there's already some good ideas in the RCR! But you could alway mark importan pages with post-it notes. Have one of your players help out with looking up rules or keeping track of numbers, (Give them some extra experience for helping out!) That way you all learn the rulles.

Major Rekk

20 July 2002, 06:46 AM
My advice on speeding play would be, don't be afraid to improvise. If you don't have a modifier or number handy, wing it. Make it up. Then make a note and look it up after the game -- that way you know what it is the next time. Your players might cause a little fuss about this now and then, but you can brush it off and move in.

I hate flipping through rulebooks during adventures, so I often will draw up "cheat sheets" beforehand of things I know I'll be using. For example, I have all the major Force skills and feats printed out on a series of 3 x 5 index cards, which I'll use during the game for quick reference. If there's a complex skill or rule I know I'll need to reference during the game, I'll pen it into the adventure itself.