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19 July 2002, 06:20 PM
The group that I GM for really want to get right into a fight, no investigation, or anything of that sort, and for the most part, I don't blame them. They proposed a rather large battle set during the Clone Wars on a seperatist planet, playing as a group of Jedi. I found the idea equally interesting, and considered it first and foremost, over other ideas. I have created various NPC's to flesh out the "squad" of Jedi, including a relatively powerful master. I'm only really having problems with a way to kick it off. I'm really not sure how to start the battle. I wanted to do a sort of, Episode 2 style landing, via the gunships piloted by clones, whilst being shot at. They found the idea quite exciting, but i'm just very unsure of how I should go about doing it. Any ideas?

20 July 2002, 12:33 AM
What has gone before? Or is this a new campaign, and the players want to start out with a bang, like A New Hope?

shadow master
20 July 2002, 03:29 AM
Maybe you could start them out with blaster bolts flying at them. That always gets the blood pumping, when someone has to pull you back to avoid a blaster bolt, or a Lightsaber. Don't even give them a change to react, suddenly *BOOM* and a flash of red/green/whatever and a blaster bolt wizzes by their head.

And with the mass combat of the situation, don't get the PCs involved with a lot of it, have a squad of Seperatists and/or droids after and they have to go after just that specific group. Let their actions choose the victor, if they defeat the squad, than their force beats the opposition, and vice-versa.

Maybe their main enemy was with the squad they had to stop, or is commanding it. But without more detail, that is all I can help.

20 July 2002, 06:55 AM
You could start it like the movies start... a starfield with a prologue crawl, as the Star Wars theme blares in the background, and then the camera pans down to a planet in the middle distance... a number of dropships roar into the foreground, going in for a landing.

Cut to the atmosphere; as the dropships are coming in, taking heavy cannon fire. A couple of the ships are taken out by the flak and go down in flames.

Cut to the interior of one of the dropships -- think Aliens during the dropship sequence... "You're on the express elevator to hell, going down!" And on this particular dropship are our heroes :)

The ship lands, the doors swing open, and the characters disembark right into the middle of it... no sooner do they get clear of the dropship than cannon fire takes it out, too, and hot shrapnel rains down on them. They scramble for cover and look up to see the enemy advancing on them with heavy blaster fire...

... that's how I'd begin it, anyway. :)

20 July 2002, 07:35 AM
Good ideas, I like dgswensen's idea, begining it with a bang like that was what I was looking for. They specifically said they did not want to go chasing around one group of enemies, but have to take on the brunt of the attack for awhile, before getting in closer to do the real damage, whatever it may be...maybe...assassinate the commander of the opposing force?