View Full Version : Naboo Senator PC (Post Palpatine, Pre-Amidala)

19 July 2002, 11:20 PM
I`m just starting up a new Ep1 era campaign, and one of my players says he wants to be the new Senator for Naboo!
I know he`s at least gonna start out pretty goody-goody, innocent and naive,.....I just can`t wait to embroil him in the scandal, back-stabbing and other troubles of Galactic Politics!

I`m looking for ideas.......

The first adventure will start during the Trade Federation`s occupation of Naboo, in a concentration camp (all very "The Great Escape")...introducing a few Naboo NPCs and off-worlders who got caught on-planet when the pudu-storm hit.

All ideas and suggestions welcome!
Cheers in advance!:)

Random Axe
22 July 2002, 09:03 AM
Is this Senator among the prisoners in the concentration camp? If so, maybe this would be the first time he's experienced first-hand the horrors of war, so that may present some choice roleplaying moments.

He can also meet in the camp some of the offworld NPC's (or PC's for that matter) who can tell him their own sob story on their own home planet. You can use that premise as a springboard for future adventures as the Senator gathers together some resources to travel out there, to try to help his new friends.

If the Senator is not among the camp prisoners, then you can have him holed up in his office, protected from the outside world... yet he keeps hearing these disturbing rumours about a prison camp outside Theed, until finally he gets into action and goes out to investigate the rumours for himself, because all his advisors are trying to keep him out of the picture. And then ultimately it's the senator who sneaks into the camp to free the prisoners, or rally the prison revolt.