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20 July 2002, 11:27 AM

one of the players in my group, is a jedi...well, not yet, but he is working on it...

He does not have a lightsaber, but knows how to use one (long story, dont ask, not the point, he lost his while escaping from the dark jedi who captured him).

Well, he is not yet skilled enough to make one (that is in the works), but is wondering where he can get one....

I have a few ideas;

1 - find some evil jedi and steal one.
(really dangerous).
2 - find a rare weapons collector, and see if they have one.
3 - look in museums and junk shops.
4-go to a battle ground where some jedi were killed, and search.
5 - find a jedi in hiding, and ask for one.

any other ideas for adventures?


21 July 2002, 11:47 AM
I tried three times yesterday to reply to this, and got a server busy message each time. I will try one last time.

1. I know of two evil force users they make mention of in the movies. you really want to try and steal their Lightsaber? as for EU, there are a few others, but the one from Crystal Star is complete rubbish. Mara Jade probably didn't carry a saber on her as it is to much of a give away. besides, killing the darksider would be a far better idea, otherwise he will probably chase you across half the galaxy. Assuming you actually get his saber that is.

2. This one brings up an interesting idea and point. first, the jedi hunt teams had to be very thurough in their seach for not just Jedi, but any artifacts and info. ANYONE caught with a lightsaber would probably meat a very painful death As some of the books and the movies point out, there are individuals with lightsabers out there though. More then likely they have some emotional attachment to the weapon in order for them to hide it from the hunters. A PC would have to do something spectacular in order to earn the saber from this individual, or prove some relationship to the original owner of the blade.

3. See 2 for junk shops (the likely hood of a saber just lying around in a junkshop is very very very thin). As for museums, Wedge's Gamble and the Krytos Trap give some pretty good info on the Imperial Museum on Imperial Center (Corouscant). The comics show a few other Jedi strongholds that have more or less servived the empire in one way or another, some with a Jedi or two around. Any other museums probably had any jeid artifacts confiscated by imperial authorities. See 2 for more possibilities for some of these artifacts.

4. This is very unlikely. First, more then likely the Jedi recovered the remains of their fallen comrades to be scent to relatives or to a Jedi memorial somewhere. AFter that, there are all manner of lowlifes that descend on battlegrounds looking for usable equipment to either be sold or used for themselves. Battlegrounds are often cleaned up afterwards by one side or the other to prevent these vultures from descending. Then there where the Imperial Jedi Hunt teams...

5. well, the movies show two hidden jedi, but I doubt that the players (or you) would want to disturb the movie timeline much (I doubt Yoda or Obi-wan would be entirely open about their Jedi background to strangers either). Now, the EU does give other hidden and fallen jedi all over the place (I see this as bad as the "Superweapon of the week" club) So it would be possible to find one somewhere. Again, the players would probably have to coax the fallen/hidden jedi into talking about his/her heritage since they risk death at the hands of the Empire and others that don't want Jedi around. I doubt if many still have a lightsaber around, since that is a dead giveaway.

Now, another possibility. Ever read I,Jedi? It gives a very good possibility for finding jedi training info if you know how to get it. If one of the players is an Ithorian, or has any serious botany skills or has a NPC friend who does, then they could get the info after some serious decoding. I will not say more then that, since I think everyone should read this book. It is one of the best IMHO

22 July 2002, 11:10 AM

You might actually want to talk with your player and see if he has any good background ideas for his character that would allow him to gain a light saber.

To give an exaple, my character inherited her Grandmother's lightsaber. Her Father had secreted it away not long after the Jedi Purge began. Actally, her Grandmother had two, but her father had one made into a necklace and told his wife that the other one was destroyed in order to protect her and his daughter. (Of course he had lied about the other one being destroyed... it was just a lot easier to hid one lightsaber as opposed to two.)

When she started showing abilites with the Force as well as more responsibilty, he gave her the lightsaber.

By involving your player in the lightsaber hunt, you should be able to make a memorable story to run as well as encourage all of your players to came up with original background stories.


I couldn't agree with you more about I, Jedi. It's probably one of the best books to read if your playing a character discovering his/ her Jedi heritage.

22 July 2002, 11:21 AM
theres lightsabers and then theres lightsabers.

the rule books are very fuzzy about lightsabers ... but still .. hmm .. if you odont want him to find one, you can allways let him serach for documents/info on how to build one ...

thou such are not as strong as other ligjhtsabers ...

hmm.. let me rephrase .. you need specific gems to direct the laser (into a beam) .. you can create ones synthetically .. but they arent as strong as the natural ones (lesser damage)

and if you find an old lightsaber .. they can give you + in force skills etc. or beeing cused ... so again :) theres a huge difference between lightsabers...

ideas for an adventure:
let him/them find clues about a mine that contains minerals needed to create a lightsaber .. thou the spirit/ghost of an old jedi is haunting there.. in anger for his death, he makes it difficult for the players to continue... is making "golems" (;) of crystals etc. which he contorls with the force.. some of which will rather reflect laser than being braked.. so laser dont beat them ... so the players have to find ways to destroy them otherwise..

FlipDog 2000
24 July 2002, 08:26 AM
Unfortunately, if you find some old dead Jedi Master's lightsaber, you suffer penalties for using someone else's custom built lightsaber. And more often than not, if you DO find someone's old stick, you run in to the problem of them being dark...and then you suffer the consquences.

24 July 2002, 11:38 AM
Originally posted by dragonseye

You might actually want to talk with your player and see if he has any good background ideas for his character that would allow him to gain a light saber.

Thanks for the reply...I did not explain well...
The character DID have a lightsaber...it was destroyed....by the dark jedi who is hunting the party.
(major campaign plot line).

The player needs a NEW lightsaber....and fast!



24 July 2002, 12:14 PM
hmm .. the dark jedis got some spare ones ... hmm...

plot ideas:
the players hears rumors about their hideout .. must find it out, break in and out before the dark siders have any idea of whats happening .. just when they got the lightsaber (s), make the dark siders come in...

"well well well, what do we got here. just where we want em to be"

25 July 2002, 08:11 AM
question- why does he need a new one right away?

a lightsaber does not make a jedi. maybe he should learn how to use his other abilities and other tactics until he is high enough (4th) to construct his own saber. it isn't that long of a wait- you as a GM just have to know and plan enough that the jedi doesn't have to be confronted by saber wielding enemies during the rebellion era.

my characters ran into the problem of villains stealing or destroying their sabers in combat. they were forced to develop their character beyond the saber aspect of jedi. they were better for it.

keep this idea in mind- it isn't all bad that your saber is gone.

25 July 2002, 08:15 AM
I just had a strange thought. In episode 2 we see the kids practicing lightsaber battleing with smaller low power safety blades. These would have been little use to jedi who could build their own so they may be just left at Jedi sights. One of these blades could serve as a temporary replacement. I wouldn't know what to do stat wise for it But I'd say it deflects most blaster shots, heavy shots drain it's power more quickly but with successful tinkering the power supply can be upped but it would still be a low power emitter. The blade probably wouldn't cut worth anything (safety scissors) so it would probably sting burn and or stun like a stun baton. As to saber to saber I don't know but it would be intense to see a character brave enough to try a safety blade against a sith.
And the safety blade (maybe two would be more fair) could teach a padawan enough of light saber design to give them a shot of making their own.

25 July 2002, 10:36 AM

Point taken. Well, he could steal a lightsaber from the Dark Jedi plot twist NPC... Of cousre, he's probably going to be in a world of hurt trying to do so.

It might be easiest to set up a story where he gets to make his own lightsaber... not necessarily as it was done in I, Jedi, but maybe something similar...

As you can tell, I'm a bit stumped, so maybe I'll think on it and come back later when I think of something. (Sorry I wasn't of more help...)

25 July 2002, 01:36 PM
Originally posted by Ravager_of_worlds
question- why does he need a new one right away?


keep this idea in mind- it isn't all bad that your saber is gone.

Well, this character is defined in other areas, but is getting tired of having to rely on a blaster....they have been without it for a while....

Have you played a jedi without a lightsaber, especially when you have LS feats? I have, it is not fun.

That and well, episode 2 came out...and well, you get the idea.
(actually he was ok until then....really got him jazzed on it again).


28 July 2002, 10:15 PM
Find mine and use it.

My character's backstory is that he's a clone of his original self, though he does not know it. The original Seghast was a Dark Jedi during the Purge, and he killed hundreds of Jedi with his double-bladed saber. He was hoping to make it into the Emperor and Vader's little inner circle, where he would then kill them and take over. Didn't work; Vader betrayed and murdered him first, and his lightsaber was lost, not destroyed. If you want, you can find and use that saber. By this point in time, it could easily be in a museum, a private collector's hands, or maybe, just maybe, it's still lying on the floor of his hideaway on Hapes where he was murdered, covered with dust.

Though the current Seghast is a clone, he won't be needing that saber. As he "discovers" his past, he's going to set out to make amends for his past evils, and build a new saber from scratch. So if your character wants to use my original saber, by all means, you're welcome to it. Only thing I ask is a nice lil story/synapsis of what happened, how he found it, and if it played any key part in that adventure (using the weapon of a Dark Jedi to kill a Dark Jedi holds a certain ironic appeal).

FlipDog 2000
29 July 2002, 05:19 PM
A light side Jedi w/ no lightsaber can still be one of the funnest characters to play. Have the PC go waaayyy up in the new Martial Arts rules...he / could rock.

30 July 2002, 08:40 AM
Well, this character is defined in other areas, but is getting tired of having to rely on a blaster....they have been without it for a while....

Have you played a jedi without a lightsaber, especially when you have LS feats? I have, it is not fun.

That and well, episode 2 came out...and well, you get the idea.
(actually he was ok until then....really got him jazzed on it again).


yes, i am playing a jedi essentially without a saber- he's a philosopher who uses his saber as meditation tool, not a weapon. He has the Lightsaber Defense but doesn't use it. he just thinks that relying on anything other than himself is a weakness. he uses his environment to his advantage, like a McGuyver in Star Wars. A lot of fun- and there are other weapoins than a blaster; vibro blades, stun batons, knives, longswords, etc.

and yeah, i have great fun with my jedi. :)
it all depends on how much you want to box in your idea of Jedi. and besides, how much XP do you dole out if he hasn't reached 4th level? Have him pick up one rank of craft lightsaber (if in d20) and let him spend the money to get the parts- but make him work for the gems. If he has been wanting a Saber since Ep 2 came out... um... that was 4 months ago...

31 July 2002, 06:34 AM
Something I did in my first game was to have the PCs salvage a ship that had been buried in the Dune Sea for 20 years (they found a ship-caller in a junk bazarr and it started working). On board the ship was a lightsaber and a journal. This led to all kinds of fun and was fodder for several plots.

31 July 2002, 07:39 PM
I'm trying to convince a member of our gaming group who is going to run a SW Rebellion Era campaign (yay, I get to be a player!) to allow the JG class at least conditionally. He doesn't seem to want to step on the proverbial toes of the movie and Luke Skywalker.

My take on it is that it's a big galaxy and there 10,000 Knights probably not counting learners and others before the Clone War, the survival of just two seems unlikely or the chances that every tiny bit of artifact or lore could be uncovered and destroyed. Blindfold yourself, have someone throw a bobby pin into a immense rust-colored deep shag carpet Now find it! Quick! In the next couple of minutes! Now amplify that task's level of difficulty several million times, with a galaxy-sized shag carpet and easily more than 10,000 bobby pins. You're the Empire and you've got to accomplish this task in the 20 years between Ep III and IV. Think you're going to get them all? Dark side or not I doubt you'll do it in this lifetime, let alone in between movie eras.

And what did Obi-Wan really do that was all that special to hide himself and baby Luke? He left the kid with Vader's step-brother and kept the same last name and the robes, with a reputation as a 'sorcerer'. "If I know the Skywalkers, they'll be just dumb enough not to check Tatooine, and be confused by the fact that I'm now going by the name 'Ben' even though my last name, appearance and abiities are the same." Surely there were people more skilled in keeping a low profile in the entirety of the Jedi Order.

So if the next movie doesn't come out and state clearly that there were only two survivors and every tiny scrap and bit of data on something that has existed for 1000s of years is somehow destroyed in just a few years I just don't see how Luke, Yoda and Obi-Wan could be the only things Jedi out there. And coming out and saying that would seriously wreck my ability to suspend disbelief. I don't want to be Luke... redeem or destroy Vader and restore the Order singlehandedly. That's his job. More power to the little dork. But the Jedi aspect of SW is a big part of what makes playing in it appealing to me.

That said, on the lightsaber dilemma... I say go without. At least for a while. You'd have to be a complete idiot (um... Luke?) to run around flashing your lightsaber for every task and fight when the powers that be want to destroy all things Jedi. But that moron wore it on his belt like a set of of car keys on a chain for all the galaxy to see. And then he had to wonder how Vader kept finding him? I'd only whip it out if I thought that: I was dead anyway; or the people who witnessed the ignition of the lightsaber were going to be dead. That way, you avoid getting the attention of the Empire, and Palpatine's dark side goons. Why worry about having it if you probably shouldn't be using it that much?

The best way to preserve the storyline of the movies and suspend disbelief is to say "Okay, there are likely others out there with Jedi skill or knowledge, but they probably disguise their powers and don't walk around using the lightsaber all the time. So in that sense, Luke is the still unique, having a special destiny as the one who redeems his father, becomes the big-time hero and is central to rebuilding the Jedi Order. He's also unique because he's so incredibly dumb, but that's another story."

I rather like the idea someone put forth concerning taking martial arts feats and stuff like that. Disguise the powers behind your skills and abilities. Keep a low profile. Lightsabers don't seem like a low profile.

If you really want it, perhaps long ago a wise and ancient Jedi strong in the ways of the Force saw the future and left a nice little package hidden away for the ages so that the PC could discover it somewhere, at a crucial moment. Perhaps an ancestor that he never knew he had? The precognition thing can open up all kinds of potential weirdness. Perhaps there is a note attached that leads to an adventure seed or even more trouble for the PCs. There are lots of other ways, too. Some of them mentioned above were pretty good.

As to a previous post about it being unlikely that there are any lightsabers to be found, I really doubt that every private collector's artifiacts, every culture and lost culture's records and relics, could have been found and destroyed or confiscated by the Empire.

As an example, years ago I picked up a sealed, numbered X-Men lithograph - one of I think 10,000, coincidentally. Quick! Scour the world and find the other 9,999! I want to be the only one to possess this lithograph. How easy do you think that would be? How much effort would it take to find every last one in every collector's (or not, I wasn't all that die-hard a collector at the time, just saw it and thought it would be a good thing to have) attic and basement, or whatever?

Now put that on a galactic scale in the vastness of space, and since there have been Jedi around for thousands of years (so we're not just talking about the 10,000 pre-Clone Wars Jedi out there) , probably most if not all had contructed at least one unique lightsaber at some point, we don't know how many of these buggers we have to find, but it is a whole heck of a lot. How do we know we've gotten them all? Throw in the fact that you not only have to locate and destroy every Jedi and dispose of every lightsaber, but find every scrap of information on them or reference to them that had accumulated over millenia, some of that already buried in antiquity... I really doubt that, even with the power of the Dark Side, such a task could be accomplished with any decent level of success. On the surface, they destroyed all open signs of Jedi activity and obvious, easily attainable signs of their existence, but I really doubt you could ever completely wipe out everything Jedi or even a large portion of it. The odds are overwhelming. You've really got to think about the vastness of space, the length of time the Jedi had been around and all over that space and so forth to get an idea of how ridiculous a task wiping out every last trace would be.

So what's wrong with finding a lightsaber in an ancient temple or in some private collector's stash of contraband? Or at least info on how to build one?

But I really, really would not go around flashing a lightsaber in the Rebellion era if you want to keep breathing. I'd be more concerned about uncovering the philosophy and history of the Jedi so that it could be preserved. Then, when the dust settles from that last Death Star explosion, whip it out all you want.

31 July 2002, 10:29 PM
A lightsaber is rather easily disguised as a recording rod or a hydrospanner, so a player could use one and still keep a low profile. Moose, your rant was a bit out of place. I think this is the wrong thread for such a lengthy Luke-bash. Granted, you put forth several good ideas, most notably the fact that there must be more Jedi in the galaxy than Yoda and Obi-Wan. But that's about all you have in your favor. Your rant was uncalled for and definitely out of place. Think first, then speak your mind.

Christ, if you were any more long-winded, I'd think you were my boss from work.

31 July 2002, 11:20 PM
Rant? I made a few comments that weren't meant to be taken all that seriously, by way of suggesting that perhaps flashing a lightsaber around during that era is not a good idea.

Not on topic? The question was where one could find a lightsaber. Almost the entire post dealt with how unlikely it would be that there weren't any Jedi around to provide one, or relic lightsabers to be found, or data still intact to construct one's own lightsaber. That makes up about 9/10ths of the post, incidentally the subject matter that you found worthwhile.

As far as 'what's going for me', you don't even know me. And if you're willing to judge me over sentiment for a fictional character that I make fun of in passing, I'm glad of that fact.

Think first yourself.

31 July 2002, 11:36 PM
Someone needs to read the Expanded Universe, seriously. Never was it said that Yoda and Obi-Wan were the only Jedi to survive. In the X-Wing series, we meet Corran Horn, who's grandfather was in fact a Jedi in the Clone Wars and hid his family through connections with CorSec. (That's Correllian Security Force to anyone that doesnt read EU.) When Jedi start being murdered, you think survivors are just going to sit back and let the Empire come and kill them?? To believe that is rediculous. To the Luke bashing, all i can say is if you dont like him, DONT WATCH THE MOVIES!!!!! Now, as to the lightsaber rant, which is what this thread is SUPPOSED to be for. Yes, Luke wore his lightsaber on his belt, but how many beings in the universe would recognize something that they only heard tales about??? in the Rebellion era, Jedi were nothing but stories to many, which leads to the fact that noone knows what a lightsaber is supposed to look like. as to using it at every hint of danger, i do agree that it should be used sparingly, because a 133 centimeter blade of light isnt something you see everyday. But something that looks like a lightsaber handle? Corran built his out of the throttle assembly of a wrecked speeder, and disguised his grandfather's as a hydrospanner. also, look in the SpecForce handbook and look up the multi-weapon. gee, couldnt that be a lightsaber as well? what if a SpecForce soldier made his multi-weapon and it just happened to look like a lightsaber handle?? Last point. Going around waving a lightsaber around in the open in the rebellion era. anyone dumb enough to do that deserves what they get, but notice Luke never did that, now did he?? all who saw his lightsaber died, and non told the tale. a smart jedi would know to hide his saber.

31 July 2002, 11:50 PM
My, aren't we pissy, Moose?

9/10ths, hardly. Half of that rant had less to do with finding a lightsaber than it did with your personal distastes of Luke. Then, we have your X-Men example.

The point I was trying to get across, which seems to have gone over your head, was that a reply does not need to be essay-length. Yes, Luke was rather foolish in wearing a lightsaber on his belt for everyone to see. But taken from another perspective, that's bravery. In a galaxy where the Jedi are hunted down and persecuted ruthlessly, to wear a saber in plain view is brave. Would I advise other characters to do the same? Not if they have any long-term plans for their future. But a lightsaber is more easily concealed then you give it credit for. Luke was a whiner, but give him credit for his bravery, if nothing else.

Disassemble a saber, and hide the parts in different areas of your utility belt, perhaps. It's not easily accessible, but it's there if you need it, just snap it together. That keeps a saber, without it being obvious. Hell, for all we know, a dozen people in the background may have had lightsabers hidden in this fashion. Though, more likely they would hide them as a hydrospanner, or the idea below.

Ideally, a lightsaber is best disguised as a recording rod, as a good friend of mine proposed once. They're roughly the same length, and the controls on the rod would be a good match for controls on a lightsaber for on/off, blade intensity, etc... Perhaps the saber will only operate for special users, those who can touch the force. That said, I'd advise the character needing a saber to search junk shops for recording rods that seem to be malfunctioning and refusing to work.

Try Watto's shop, if the old boy's still around.

1 August 2002, 05:12 AM
One thing about museums is that they only have a small percentage of their collection out on display. 99%+ of their stock is in storerooms. They often have artifacts legitimately misplaced. I have a friend who works at the Smithsonian who can back that up.

The character my wife is playing is an assistant curator at the Galactic Museum in the TPM era. One of the story lines is a thief that is stealing from the museum and nobody knows it because he raids the back rooms and out of the way spots in the museum. 20,000+ years of space travel alone would produce an enormous amount of stuff, let alone a similar period of pre-space travel for millions of planets.

In one of the Galaxy Guides for WEG (Fragments from the Rim: GG9 I think), there was a blurb about a lightsaber cadance that was out of a published book of all things. Combing the backalley bookshops could be benefitial as well.

FlipDog 2000
1 August 2002, 06:06 PM
Okay...making a connection to another Lucas movie...if there were any extra lightsabers just lying around...think the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark..tons of storage crates filled with Jedi Artifacts hidden away in some remote sector of space.

Unfortunately, using a lightsaber would require at last minimal knowledge of the Force to weild, so using it in gameplay would have its own consequences that were up to the GM. However, in most story lines of EU, the Emperor hunted down ANYONE that seemed to have functional abilities in the Force.

Tony J Case, Super Genius
6 August 2002, 11:02 PM
Originally posted by MadMysticMoose
Blindfold yourself, have someone throw a bobby pin into a immense rust-colored deep shag carpet Now find it! Quick! In the next couple of minutes! Now amplify that task's level of difficulty several million times, with a galaxy-sized shag carpet and easily more than 10,000 bobby pins. You're the Empire and you've got to accomplish this task in the 20 years between Ep III and IV. Think you're going to get them all? Dark side or not I doubt you'll do it in this lifetime, let alone in between movie eras.

Your assuming that the Jedi purges were a big game of hide and seek. Palpatine woke up one day and called up the Jedi Temple, "Hi Mace, I'm really the Dark Lord of the Sith, and me and my minions will now be hunting your order. I'll give you half an hour for a head start"?


Lets look at all the pre-purge events. The Battle of Geonosis alone just trimmed 197 Jedi out of those 10 thousand. The Clone Wars will probably do quite a number on the remainders. Devious plots like the Outbound Flight Project are bound to increase in frequency - hey, accidents happen. By the time E3 rolls around, the Jedi will be dropping left right and center. It's only THEN does Vader and his mop-up crew arrive to terminate the remainder of the order.

So, you have considerably less bobby pins than 10K. You have detailed surveillance on the remaining Bobbie pins, and you have millions of other folks throughout the galaxy looking to turn them in - either out of patriotism for the Republic or for the huge cash reward.

FlipDog 2000
8 August 2002, 10:51 AM
So, Anakin is dead? Luke was never born...woo hoo...new series!

8 August 2002, 11:31 AM
Originally posted by Tony J Case, Super Genius

So, you have considerably less bobby pins than 10K. You have detailed surveillance on the remaining Bobbie pins, and you have millions of other folks throughout the galaxy looking to turn them in - either out of patriotism for the Republic or for the huge cash reward.

Frankly, in his metaphor, I thought that the bobby pins were the lightsabers and not the jedi knights. I don't think that the people hunting the Jedi would necessarilly care too much about about what happens to the light sabers. Plus the lightsabers in my game do not radiate very strongly in the force, so Vader and his henchmen would not be very able to collect every fallen Jedi's saber.

Since the lightsaber is a fairly durable object, I would think that a good way for a player to find one would be in the debris of some space battle where the transport inhabited by a Jedi was destroyed. Also, any location where Jedi have battled is likely to have a lightsaber or two in the bottom of a deep pit. We saw lightsabers lost in this way at least three times in the movies alone.

8 August 2002, 01:37 PM
Frankly, in his metaphor, I thought that the bobby pins were the lightsabers and not the jedi knights. I don't think that the people hunting the Jedi would necessarilly care too much about about what happens to the light sabers. Plus the lightsabers in my game do not radiate very strongly in the force, so Vader and his henchmen would not be very able to collect every fallen Jedi's saber.

from what I gathered of Tony's post, he was sorta going alont those same lines of the pins being sabers. And I believe Vader and the hunt teams (and most if not all the others) would collect the sabers, simply because they are a symbol of the Jedi and what they stand for. You remove that, you remove that one more way that someone could remember what the Jedi where really like. A little thing like a Lightsaber might cause someone to go running off and doing a tonne of research to find out the truth of the Jedi. Who knows what they might find that the Imperials missed. Won't be much, but I know there was one EU book where Luke was searching through archives and found small snipits of information about some Jedi. I think it was in the Thrawn trilogy, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, if Palpy has been planning the fall of the Jedi for a long time, I think he would cover his bases and have the Jedi watched for as long as possible to list all the places they have been, where some have died, and where some 'disappear' to just to make sure he doesn't miss anything. If the Jedi do not recover the remains of their fallen comrades at battle fields, then Palpy and Vaders goons will.

8 August 2002, 03:22 PM
Lightsabers, from what I saw from Episode II were merely used as tools. Tools which are as important to a Jedi as a M-16 is to a Marine, but nevertheless, they were tools. Anakin got his lightsaber sliced in half while in the droid factory on Geonosis, and during the arena battle when Mace and the gang showed up, there were the other Jedi who tossed "extra" lightsabers to Obi-wan and Anakin. They were "extra" tools carried in case they were needed. If the Jedi are suspecting a battle to take place, they would be fools to travel into combat without extra weapons...., right? I would not be surprised if the Jedi had a stockpile of lightsabers, or lightsaber making technology somewhere during this time frame. I would also suspect that each Jedi may have access to several. Perhaps it is even possible that until the Rebellion Era, these lightsabers that the Jedi used were in fact manufactured in the Temple. When this operation shut down due to Papatine either destroying it or taking it over in limited quantities, the few, and I mean few remaining Jedi had to resort to taking their knowledge of lightsaber construction and create their own, which I suspect has been a tradition carried into the NJO.

What I am leading to is that there are probably more lightsabers out there than one would suspect. I personally would not want to go after a Sith or Dark Jedi and try and take their lightsaber from them. Probably not a good idea. Odds are against the saberless Jedi, and if he does win...what if the saber is booby trapped?....what if the Sith he just killed was the apprentice and the master comes to reclaim the lightsaber that Jedi Joe just tried to take? It could be really bad.

I think I remember somewhere hearing that "the quicker path is not always better", something about the dark side..... :D

I would keep looking in areas which are widely known as being "Clone War" battlefields. People are scared to talk, but surely some people can be bribed into talking about where less known battles took place. Make this Jedi do some research. Have him travel all over and in the mean time develop his skills, and maybe reward him with a broken lightsaber (broken beyond repair, but one that he can get schematics from) or a lightsaber construction datapad at the end of all his traveling around. Then he can go on another quest to get the parts needed to build his own.....and the end, he may have a lightsaber which is custom made to fit him...instead of one which probably failed a Jedi from another time...:raised: The slower but sure path may be the one which is best for him to travel?

Tony J Case, Super Genius
8 August 2002, 03:40 PM
Originally posted by incantator
Frankly, in his metaphor, I thought that the bobby pins were the lightsabers and not the jedi knights.

Zanus and I were on the same page - where you find Jedi, you'll more than likely find a lightsaber. One and the same, really - at least before the purges started.

I don't think that the people hunting the Jedi would necessarilly care too much about about what happens to the light sabers.

Ah here we disagree. If one is attempting to completly exterminate a ten thousand year old institution, you're more than likely going to clean up after yourselves. Salt the earth, burn the farms, kill everyone who knew them - totaly wipe them off the face of the earth. In order to do that, you are certanly not going to leave your target's most visible item intact.

FlipDog 2000
9 August 2002, 07:47 AM
Okay...so we've all ranted about carrying around lightsabers. But here are the facts about the hunters during the Rebellion. You had Aurra Sing, who would just kill you if you TOUCHED a lightsaber, much less weilded it with any skill whatsoever. That insane Cerean guy that kills poeple because he thinks they might be Force users, but its still latent. And then there are all of the Emperor's Hands who's sole purpose is to hunt down the enemies of Palpy. And last, the GrandMasterDaddy of them all, Lord Darth Vader who is an unstoppable killing machine.
The ISB and the Emp. Hands were actually in charge of hunting down Jedi artifacts and returning them to Palpy, or destroying them, so don't be surprised if you stumble on to a cashe of Jedi Artifacts, just be prepared to roll 4d6.

11 August 2002, 03:07 PM
I want to thank everyone for their comments...this has been very helpful...

And remember this particualr question was about where to find a lightsaber, in the early stages of the rebellion era....not about where to find a jedi...which would be another discussion all together...

So it sounds like the most popular would be ;
1 - someone who does not know what it is (junk dealer, etc).
2 - someone who does know what it is (dark jedi, collector, bounty hunter, etc.).
3 - a saber or parts of one in the remains of a battle (or crahsed ship, runined temple, exc.)
4 - a real jedi, who is hiding out, might have one...



15 August 2002, 02:55 PM
Ben Kenobi says in A New Hope, that lightsabres are still used in some parts of the galaxy. If some guy who lives in the middle of a desert on a planet that's as far from the rest of the galaxy as possible knows this, it shouldn't be that hard to for someone to find out where these places are. Perhaps in these places they are meerly tools used for cutting stone in a quarry? Not quite what they were intended for, but a lightsabre makes a great mining tool in the hands of a droid... ;) Failing that just have the stumble across some vauge reference to an ancient jedi storehouse on a distant moon. Then be evil and have the lightsabre be one of the "originals" that have a power cord attached to a powerpack on a utility belt... ;)

FlipDog 2000
15 August 2002, 03:52 PM
It doesn't make any sense that someone would just carry one around for no reason. Just to be cool? Its a good way to get killed.

15 August 2002, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by malphas13
be evil and have the lightsabre be one of the "originals" that have a power cord attached to a powerpack on a utility belt... ;)

A lightsaber on a chorded powerpack attached to a utility belt is still better than no lightsaber. I would take the ancient lightsaber and then modify it to carry the internal power source. It cannot be that difficult.

As for somebody carrying one around, I would have to agree that if you are carrying one and you don't know how to use it, you had better keep it hidden. People like Kenobi, can carry it around because as we all know, he can use it. Personally, if I was a Jedi hiding out on some remote world, I would not advertise myself to others by carrying one around. Not every Jedi was as good as Kenobi, and I still think that a few shots from four or more stormtroopers is more than enough to beat down many of the minor Jedi who may have escaped Vader.

One other consideration is how many people out there actually know what a lightsaber is? If there were only supposedly 10,000 Jedi, and a Jedi is hiding on some backwater world where not many people have even heard of the Republic or Empire, would most people think it is a hydrospanner or a droid deactivator? Think of all the beings spread out across the galaxy and the minute amount of existing Jedi after the Clone Wars. I really doubt that most people would know what a lightsaber looks like (unless you activate it in front of them) if you go further out and away from the Outer Rim. If my character was good enough to use a lightsaber, say if I was a level 15 Jedi, or a Jedi with a good 11D in lightsaber with an additional 10D in Control and Sense, I may carry a lightsaber around and possibly even in public......but it would be amongst other tools. I would have to be one bad a$$ Jedi to do this though.

16 August 2002, 11:06 AM
of of the same opinion as the '10, 000' bobbypins guy (sorry I can't remember his name after reading all these posts). I think Luke is a doofus as well, and he brings up an exceptionally good point about Ben Kenobi.

In my campaign the jedi is a young kid on a backwater planet who was trained in the basic teachings of the Jedi from an early age. Then when he was away from his planet (joining up with the rebellion) his home planet was destroyed. Rage, anger, hatred- all of these feelings well up inside him, yada yada he vows to bring an end to the Empire. His teacher in the rebellion is a low level Jedi from an old 1st Edition source. His philosophy is that a Jedi who does not use the force excessively will not draw the attention of the Emperor. My Jedi is young and impetuous, however and brings the full might of the empire down on their heads, getting his master killed in the process. So now how is he going to get training?

part II- I had him learn instinctive astrogation and he feels a calling from the force while he is stranded in 'OTHERSPACE'. He follows the path and in the outer rim territories comes across a shipwrecked Jedi Master who has been attempting to manipulate a prehistoric planet into building him a new hyperdrive for the last thrity years or so. He has an aprentice who has rebelled against him, and the panet is in the middle of a civil war. My Jedi had to make a moral decesion on who was evil and who was good, since both of these Jedis had dark force points, and neither had turned to the dark side yet. Suffice to say this led to a terrific battle (I had the Darth Maul fight song going on replay for about two hours) and a very satisfactiroy explanation on how he is able to continue his training and build his own lightsaber in a Rebellion era campaign.

BTW- I based the planet on a turn of the century Japan, with a warrior caste and a xenophobic hatred of outsiders. I was reading James Clavell's Gai-Jin at the time.

20 August 2002, 07:53 AM
I think I tend to agree with the bobby pin analogy. We saw in EP II that if you lose your lightsaber there are extras for you to use. I would imagine that the Jedi had stockpiles of lightsabers (and robes, utility belts, and any other number of jedi stuff). Granted Palpy would probably find most of them, but I imagine there are still some of them out there.

Also, with the way that Obi-Wan talked about them in ANH, I kinda thought that (at least in the beginning) the Jedi were not the only people to use them. Eventually the art (and want) for using lightsabers was lost and only the Jedi still bothered. This being said, there could be a wealth of sabers out there just waiting to be found.

I'd say that your PC could definately find a saber if they just do enough searching. It would make a great storyline to follow for a while especially considering all the anti-jedi cruising around that might take an interest in your PC if he's not careful about who he talks to.

25 August 2002, 01:04 AM
If you really want the possibilty for "finding a lightsaber", this scenario could be used, and should provide a challenge for your Jedi character, that is if your player is in the Rebellion Era. I apologize for this being a long post, but it may give you an idea as to how to give your PC a lightsaber....without just handing it to them.

Here is how it all unfolds:

1) Thirty years before the Battle of Yavin, the Republic was very much alive, and so were the Jedi. The Jedi were the guardians of peace throughout the Republic, except for those who strayed from the path of the light side of the force. The Jedi took care of their own and did there best to monitor those who left the Order and bring to justice those who took advantage of their Jedi abilities for the uses of evil. One such fallen Jedi was Trembal Komar. He was a Padawan who executed a pirate by choking him with the force. Witnessing the death of three women and one child at the hands of the pirate was more than the young Jedi could stand. When Jedi Master Jovic Dahnn, Trembal's mentor and master, arrived and tried to stop the young Padawan from killing the rest of the pirates, Komar was over taken by anger. He lashed out at his master, but was beaten by his Master's skill with a lightsaber. Komar was taken into custody, and was to be escorted back to Coruscant to face disciplinary actions after full review of the Jedi Council. This never happened. The transport which was taking Trembal and Dahnn back to Coruscant was caught in an ion storm which forced the ship to make a crash landing on an uncharted world.

2) Many people died on impact, including Jedi Master Dahnn who was responsible for saving the lives of many of the passengers by leading them to a safer area of the ship for withstanding impact. Trembal, who was in a secure cell when the ship went down was unscathed. With the power in the ship off, he easily made it out of his cell. While he did fail to recover his lightsaber (destroyed in the crash) or his master's (he could not get to where Master Dahnn was killed), he did manage to do horrible things to the three guards who tried to stop him from escaping. He choked the one armed man to death, and as the two other men tried to stop him, he sent a wave of the force into them slamming them against the bulkhead of the outside of the ship. He stole the spare power recharger coupling and made off for the horizon on the forest world. He would need time to think about what he was to do next, but he was not going to allow the several dozen men and women to leave to report to the authorities on Coruscant, especially the Jedi Council. He was not going back there.

3) Some thirty years later, your PC is traveling through Wild Space when he experiences an electrical disturbance (Ion Storm). His ship is ionized, but not nearly as bad as the ship which was forced to crash land thirty years previously. He must land his ship on the nearest planet in order to perform repairs. To his surprise, he manages to fly right over the crashed Corvette, and lands in a small community not far from the crash site. People rush out to greet him. They beg him to save them and for and to give them news. Depending on what type of character he is, he will tell them about how the Republic fell and about the Empire. He may not even tell them which side his loyalties are tied to.

Though he may be able to save some of them, he will not be able to save all of them. Risking running through the Ion Storm multiple times to make several trips does not sound like a good idea, but one man, a young man, suggests that the PC and several others go after the dangerous man who was responsible for them being stranded there in the first place. The dark man who had run away with their means of powering the ship must be found in order to save them all.

4) I would make this very difficult to do. A task worthy of a Jedi trial. Trembal has had thirty years to get really bitter about not knowing where to go. He has become powerful in the darkside.....and a little insane. Your PC may be able to talk to Trembal and even persuade the crazy dark sider to give up the power cell. There is no Jedi Council anymore, and nothing really to hide from. Maybe they can reach some sort of deal.....then again probably not. If there is a fight, Trembal knows how to Force Grip or Telekinetic Kill, and possibly, if the player pisses him off enough, use Force Lightning. Several of the other people in this group will probably get killed, but should your player survive, he can go back to the people with his prize: the power coupler.

5) For saving them all, the mayor and son of the former ship's first officer presents the PC with something that he did not even know was nearby:

"Out of respect for the dead, and for the man who is responsible for saving our parent's lives while sacraficing his own, we did not touch or use this weapon of justice, but we did keep it visible to all as a reminder that we did owe someone our lives and we did have much to be thankful for. I think he would have wanted you to have this. He saved our lives, and you are worthy of it, after all, you saved our lives too."

The man hands your PC Jedi Master Dahnn's lightsaber. A beautifully crafted saber with an elegant green blade which hums peacefully when ignited. For service and salvation of a group of people, your Jedi deserves a lightsaber. In time and practice, he should be able to make one in its image as another test of being a great Jedi.

Good Luck!!

25 August 2002, 12:17 PM
It just occoured to me don't give him a saber give him a gungan sheild. S/He can modify it to be the shape and size desired (buckler-geat sheild) and use it to deflect blaster shots and projectiles. I'm pretty sure they can deflect sabers too and then learn martial arts. Mabe use a force pike or stun device along with it.
If you're intrested in the training saber idea then you can find stats in the new jedi source book.

26 August 2002, 08:19 PM
First of all, the post by Krad-edis was just really impressive....

I might use that...

The post on giving a gungan shield, and asking a jedi to become a martial artist....clever, but uh....

The jedi has finally made it to 6th level, and is no longer looking for a lightsaber, but is trying to find crystals to make his own...

But that might be another thread....