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24 July 2002, 08:37 AM
This may seem odd but I was wondering if any webmasters out there would like to help out. I am a member of a Role-Playing group based out of Northwest Indiana. We will be hosting a gaming convention in October and I'm looking for web sponsors. I know "web sponsors?" you ask. Well I thought it would be good exposure to actually have some of the best web sites to sponsor or at least participate some how at a convention. Since I'm a big Star Wars fan and have been running D6 for about 11 years (I'll pick up d20 after all of the bugs are worked out, like Windows XP) and I wanted to throw this idea out to this part of the gaming community first. I appreciate any comments (except on my spelling) and your time. For more information on this convention go to htp://the-hangmen.org and read about Gallows Con 2002. It's still in the works (the web page) but it should have enough info for now. We'll be happy to post links and the like for all of our sponsors. Thanks.

The Great Adventurer

Armage Bedar
24 July 2002, 04:13 PM
Go ahead and email us at staff@swrpgnetwork.com with details.