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24 July 2002, 11:15 AM
I think that the only real problem with this site is all the rules preventing system specific posts and submissons. Often a player that has a cool ship/race/planet/anything is not familiar with the other system. They always have to find someone to do the conversions for them. It would make the system run much smoother, and would generate many more submissons. As long as submitters title it D20:Ugly or D6: Ugly or whatever.
Anyone who agrees with me please reply and leave your username.
I think we can get the rules changed if we get a lot of replies. If anyone sees anything wrong with this, please say whatt.

Signature 1: joshuadivine

24 July 2002, 11:44 AM
People complain about this all the time, but we are a dedicated dual-system site. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. Submissions might go up, sure, but there are many advantages to being dual-system that outweigh the advantages of being single system. Besides, if you ask someone to help you with a conversion, isn't that encouraging community.

I'm sorry, but the rules won't be changing. We allow submissions to our site based on the concept that everyone will find them useful; if we changed one policy, why shouldn't we just change them all? Perhaps we should just start letting anyone post anything they want to the site, regardless whether it's crap or solid gold. Maybe we shouldn't adhere to any formatting standards, making everything hard to read. Maybe we shouldn't have any standards at all.

I don't think so.

24 July 2002, 11:49 AM
Im sorry but I must agree with Moridin. While I would like to see single-system submissions, this would just not adhere.

24 July 2002, 02:35 PM
Moridin is right. Requiring entries to be dual system increases quality and maintains balance between the two systems. Besides, there are plenty of holonet users (like myself) who are familiar with both systems and would be happy to convert stats. Just post a conversion request in the appropriate forum (D6 if you want conversions to D6, d20 if you want conversions to d20), and you'll be flooded by replies (if not, PM me and I'll do the conversion).

Reverend Strone
24 July 2002, 03:02 PM
As a d20 player, I once felt as you do Josh, but I discovered it's very easy to find d6ers happy to help out and convert material for you if you ask politely. I actually had to turn a way half a dozen folks who offered to help me out. I'm sure it works the other way as well.

Since then I've really enjoyed working with my d6-literate buddy Krad-edis to create new items for the Submissions section, and it has encouraged me to really think through my submission ideas before sending them. Honestly friend, it's not a major burden at all. I think you'll find it can be a constructive and fun process, and introduces you to folks you'd otherwise probably never meet.

For that reason, and the valid ones mentioned above, I applaud the policy of only accepting dual-system-friendly submissions. It's an asset, not a drawback.

Armage Bedar
24 July 2002, 04:31 PM
First of all, thanks for your comments -- regardless of whether we agree or not, they're always valuable to have.

I don't agree with you here. Moridin, Jedi_Staalis, and Reverend Strone are quite right: conversions are *not* a big deal. Not only are they fairly easy to do if you know how, but the HoloNet gives you a pool of members who know both systems to help you if you don't. And most importantly, conversions require some degree of d20/D6 "cross-pollination" -- exposing people to both systems who would otherwise never have anything to do with one system or the other. It's win-win all around, as far as I'm concerned.

If you're dead-set against conversions, though, you can always submit your work to DLOS, run by Matt Richard. To my knowledge, they do not have a dual-system requirement.

(Oh, yes, one more thing: while Moridin and I do believe strongly in the voice of the members in affecting decisions, this is not a democracy. We own the site, we pay the bills from our own pockets, and while *everyone* has a say in what we do, good or bad, the final decision comes down to us. Petitions, where people can just "sign" their name and do nothing else, are less interesting to us than individual opinions, in the form of posts. Just thought you'd like to know :))

25 July 2002, 09:41 AM
I agree with most of you, I like the dual system content you can find here. I also agree with josh cause I'm still waiting for rule conversion of stuff. So conversion isn't as simple and easy to find as it sounds.

25 July 2002, 12:31 PM
I am beging to see your point. Granted, I am not totally brought over, but thak you very much for adressing the issue. It made alot clear to me. I am glad we have such an active Admin.