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Kas'ir Faywind
24 July 2002, 02:04 PM
No stats needed i just need ideas on how to get revenge.

Basically this Sith gets embarrassed by a jedi by having his leg almost chopped off. Now this guy's pride has gone whacko and his sole purpose is to get revenge on this jedi.

Stuff i have so far

1 Doomsday type sith thing to take out a planet

2 He has a cult of followers to help him

3 Bounty Hunter

4 A weapon that jedi_silent_bob made on d20 forums.

anything that gets in his way shall meet the same fate. Right now my mind is stumped and empty (summer government does that)

proxima centauri
24 July 2002, 02:09 PM
I would have the Sith be patient, and hire some guy to hire the PCs for a special mission, only to end up in a trap where the Sith has a major advantage, like, they could end up in an arena with vicious beasts, angry crowd and the Sith to enjoy seeing them die.


Kas'ir Faywind
24 July 2002, 02:54 PM
ooo thats a real nice idea. could be used for a close to final showdown. i like it thnx take that on to my list

24 July 2002, 03:25 PM
If your Jedi has an apprentice, why not have the Sith try to corrupt her and turn her to the Dark Side, maybe not in person, but through another subtle means...

Also... you can kidnap the Jedi's friends and have him rescue them into a dangerous installation that becomes a trap...

The Sith can also defame the Sith... or make him decide between two morally questionable choices... like the Green Goblin did with Spiderman in the recent movie: he had to choose between rescuing the innocent people or rescuing the love of his life... ;)

24 July 2002, 07:41 PM
Have the Sith corrupt a young power-hungry apprentice of the Jedi to join him by giving him these crystals that give him an added 3D to all force abilities (2d10), but at the expense of this, unbeknownst to the Jedi, after using 3 crystals the Jedi will fall unconcious and become subjugated to the Sith, and have the Sith use him. Make the Jedi pretend he's still a Jedi to get close to your enemy...

This has happened to me....I was the power-hungry apprentice...

The only way tp break free is a Very Difficult roll against Willpower (Wisdom) and a purge of their system with Detoxify Poison.

That corrupted Jedi of mine made it out though....he is now Darth Cassed :D

evan hansen
25 July 2002, 05:10 AM
Well, if you want to be exceptionally dark and twisted about it, think about how the Sith would manipulate those around the Jedi. Sith are masters of maipulation -- probably more so than anyone else in the SWU.

Have this Sith start playing his friends against each other -- and against him. Have any known family members up and disappear, then create chaos all around. If his master is still alive, have the Sith begin messing with the Master's mind.

Personally, I'm not a fan of superweapons. The Death Star came and went -- twice -- and that's enough for me. :-) Besides, it was part of a larger military strategy Palpy had in mind. It wasn't one superweapon for the sake of a superweapon. It was about militaristic, galactic-scale domination. Since this Sith wants revenge on a single person, the Sith should focus on making things around that one person as strange and scary as possible.

Have a series of clues lead the Jedi towards the Sith eventually, but use this as an opportunity to tell an amazing (complicated) story. Have fun with it. :)

The Admiral
25 July 2002, 06:21 AM
Sith taking revenge? On a player? That's SO my speciality!

I'd take a somewhat oblique course;

Sithy does a little research.

Sithy gets himself a ship. A little one will do fine. He only needs to pootle about.

Sithy find the Jedi's family, and chops ALL their legs off. And the legs of their pets. Possibly their furniture too if he's a little demented.

Sithy tracks down any friends the Jedi may have had before being taken by the order and chops their legs off. And their family's.

Sithy tracks down anyone the Jedi has contact with (non-Jedi) and (I think you might see this coming) Chops their legs off.

Sithy doesn't stop cutting legs of people even vaguely associated with the Jedi but NEVER attacks the Jedi directly.

Maybe he leaves a note or a message with each.

Anyway, basically, the Jedi in question will have one hell of a time. They're supossed to leave all of that gubbins behind. So how's he possibly going to get authorisation to hunt the Sithy down? It's ONLY personal. Leaves the Jedi with few options, one of which is to defy the Jedi order.

Sithy can really start to play then, fiendishly working in the background, running circles around the Jedi until either there's a big confrontation, or preferrably, the Jedi gets kicked out of the order and sent off to some bleak hell hole to consider his true nature. That'd be especially cool since everyone who might take the former Jedi in have had their legs cut off and are probably not best pleased with them.

25 July 2002, 07:47 AM
Be sneaky and evil.
Like get the sith a special ship that is basically about as big as a dark trooper suit of armor coat it with special camoflage (chamelian like) and make it good for survival in space. Have the sith launch out an air lock and latch onto any ship with the Jedi aboard and then go into a meditative trance. In the trance he can cause the Jedi to see, hear and feel things. He can make the ship seem haunted by causing things to fly around. The sith restocks when they land and chenges ship when they do. It'll drive the Jedi nuts. The Jedi may even find himself tempted with the darkside and eventually fully embrace it. Then Have the Jedi seek the sith out and beg to learn from the dark master the response to which is a savage attack.

Kas'ir Faywind
25 July 2002, 08:31 AM
This has started to get me thinking and broaden out the campaign some more which will be really good in the long run. But i have one simple question meaning no offence.

Besides being a really nice idea Admiral do have some fetish with legs being chopped off?

Lord Diggori
25 July 2002, 09:00 AM
Great suggestions :D

I think Kas'ir it all depends on what type you Sith you have: the brooding schemer like Palpy or a direct battler like Maul.

The latter is easiest. He'll train for a while, gain a few levels, then suddenly return and maim the Jedi, his friends, cut off R2's wheels; you know the fetish B)

The schemer is much harder but more dramatic I think. He frames the Jedi for murdering someone the Jedi has had problems with in the past. The Jedi is expelled from the order and is stigmatized as a civilian. Schemer reveals this to him and manipualtes things to further incriminate the Jedi as he tries to prove his innocence.

This could eventually lead the former knight to the darkside and he eventually becomes the Sith's servant.

The Admiral
25 July 2002, 09:14 AM
Kas'ir; not as such no, but since it's revenge for having HIS leg amputated, I figured de-legging's an ideal form.

Diggori; I would think it next to impossible to frame a Jedi. Ultimately, they answer to the council, and anyone good enough to be on the council would certainly be able to sense a Jedi lying.

"Do it did you?"
"Do it he did not."
"Good. Can I go now? 'cos I have a hot date."
"A date."
"Dinner with friends."
"Dinner alone."
"OK, OK, I'm gonna go home and ogle the Twi'Lek's in the Nova Catalogue."
"Asteroid catalogue."
"Asteroid it is, yes!"
"Now can you please stop staring at me? I don't deserve this shabby treatment!"

Kas'ir Faywind
25 July 2002, 09:41 AM
Ok just checking :)

Thnx for your help. And Lord Diggori the guy was a battler but after such an incident he is more of the sadistical man that plans. His humanity is decaying as he just starts thinking about one thing and one thing only.

The Admiral
25 July 2002, 09:48 AM
His humanity is decaying as he just starts thinking about one thing and one thing only.
Where he can find another Sith Lord who has had the OTHER leg cut off so they can share the cost of Sith Boots,,,

Lord Diggori
25 July 2002, 10:39 AM
As I said it would be a hard option, but do-able? Yeah, in three general ways.

Neutralize the council by having the media get wind of this "crime" and raise public questioning. Control a few notable journalists with the darkside. The Council will back the Jedi but will the Supreme Chancelor or Senate back the Council? "For the Council's sake, on sabbatical perhaps, you should go."

Make the Jedi believe he is guilty. Set up an "accident" that claims many innocent lives. "How was I to know the fully-loaded slaver ship had a touchy reactor?"

Harass Jedi until he cracks and does go darkside. "I'LL FIND THAT BASTARD IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!"