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29 July 2002, 03:11 AM
I like to bring in characters from the movies to my games, and now it's time for Obi Wan.. But who the hell is he anyway?? Does anyone know where he comes from? If he knows his parents? If Ben kenobi is really his name, or if he IS called Obi-Wan.. If his parents were Jedi? Stuff like that.. Any input is welcome..


29 July 2002, 03:39 AM
His full name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Ben" is only used by friends. Only few is known about his parents. It is probable that they were not sensitive to the Force, as well as his brother, Owen. It's not known where he grew up, but he his supposed to be born on Tatooine. He was given to the Jedi Temple at an early age, when they discovered his sensitivity to the Force. There he was first trained by Yoda, and later by Qui-Gon Jinn, when Yoda became a member of the High Council.

I recommend the first book of the seires "Jedi Apprentice". There you can read some more details about Obi-Wan's youth. Although not many facts are given either, it might prove helpful. It's a thin book which can be read quickly. :)

Chris Curtis
29 July 2002, 05:35 AM
You're right that Owen Lars was originally stated as being related to Kenobi, Deck (half-brother, I think). However, with the release of AotC, that's obviously been changed.

(Personally, I think it works a lot better story-wise to stick with the Kenobi relationship. But I guess we also have one more movie to see more plot development in this area as well.)

29 July 2002, 06:13 AM

you know, wanting to use obi-wan in game but having little information is not a bad thing. It's your game and you as a GM can make any number of decisions as to what Obi-Wan was like by remembering who is in the films. Who we are is just a progression of what we were- ie, we grow up. Just think about where we see ObiWan in the films and what could have made him what he is.

Obi Wan is confident- even as a padawan, he is self assured. it looks like he lectures Qui Gonn a few times.

Obi Wan is ethical- he chooses duty over emotion in most circumstances. Except for possibly his duel with darth maul, but one could argue that it is every jedi's duty to confront the sith.

Obi Wan is heroic- he does extraordinary things in the quick of the moment, from jumping out windows to hitch a ride on an assassin droid to spiriting away twin children of his own apprentice (yet to be seen).

Keep thinking about everything Obi-Wan's character is, and you can easily come up with situations that may have molded him to be that way. Perhaps Obi-Wan gained his confidence by overcoming odds early in his career. Perhaps he became ethical by witnessing what happens to unethical people (perhaps his parents were mobsters and he vowed never to be unethical like them).... etc. etc.

5 August 2002, 10:28 PM
If Obi-Wan was born on Tatooine, how could he be discovered. Qui-Gon makes it apparent that Tatooine is not in the Republic and therefore not seen as a place to find Force Sensitives, thats why Anakin was not taken for training. i suppose there could be a story of a Jedi finding obi and sensing his talents, and taking him for training, but if Tatooine is not part of the Republic, and the Republic has no business on Tatooine, why would a Jedi be there? Wait, I forgot, Jedi DID end up on Tatooine, didn't they? oh well.

5 August 2002, 11:33 PM
Look at how stoical the Jedi strive to be. To be like that, emotional bonds to a homeworld and to family have to be severed at a relatively early age. More than likely, Obi was taken in by the Jedi Order at a very early age. He probably has no memory of his real family or his homeworld. His family is the Jedi Order. His home is the temple. Chances are good that most Jedi grew up in this matter.

Notice they said a 9 year old Anakin was too old for training in Episode I. Notice in Episode II that the group Yoda is teaching seems to be primarily 4 - 6 year olds, and they're already handling lightsabers. If they're trained enough to be given a lightsaber (even if it's only a stun saber) at that early an age, they've had to have been training for at least a year prior to that, I would think.

It's even stated in the EU that Jedi children are very easily corrupted by the Dark Side, especially in the first two years of their life. To this end, the Jedi probably took Force-sensitive children soon after their birth, possibly the day they are born, or maybe after a couple of weeks. They then kept the child in the temple, raising it to be a Jedi since before it can even talk.

I think Obi-Wan's background would revolve around the Jedi temple, since he probably grew up there. That leaves it open to your own imagination to decide what kind of things he did at the temple, because you know that, Jedi or not, children will be children.

The Admiral
10 August 2002, 08:50 AM
I concur with Seghast. Kenobi's homeworld would probably be found in the Jedi Archives, but be of little interest to anyone.

I seriously doubt it's Tatooine though. There's absolutely no reason to assume he's from there. When he's reading off Tatooine's info on the Royal Yacht, there's no suggestion of recognition at all. That said, if he doesn't know where he's from, then obviously, he'd have much the same reaction.

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