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Jim Williams
29 July 2002, 06:30 AM
Does anyone know, or have an opinion, of what happened to the Yevetha after the Black Fleet Crisis? In my RPG, I'm going to be exploring the New Republic as a political entity and would like comments or definitve answers from sources I'm not aware of.

Also, as an NJO reader, I'm wondering when the Chiss and the Yevetha are going to come into the fray.

My thoughts on the Yevetha pretty much go from U.N.-style observation to military occupation. I'm sure they herded them back to their home system and dismantled their fleet, and I'm (pretty) sure they didn't exterminate them.

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
29 July 2002, 01:55 PM
Well I thought that the Chiss situation was summed up in Dark Journey and Rebel Dream.

As for the Yevetha - I don't think that the NR would have made them disassemble their fleet due to the blow that the NR Naval Forces dealt them at the end of the BFC.

I would surmise that the NR just told them to stay where they were originally and play nice and nothing bad will happen. Some what like the peace that the Remnant and the NR have at the end of the HoT duology. Extermination is a possiblity that would be out of the question for the NR to pursue.

29 July 2002, 03:02 PM
from what I read, all the yevethan war ships where destroyed, some taking NR ships with them in kamikazi attacks. This includes their starfighters and maybe many of their transports. I am still wondering what happened to the Black Fleet itself, and its "Clones" or the ships the Yevetha copied bolt for bolt. They said the imperial survivors where taking the ships to the empire (what there was of it at that time) yet you hear nothing of the three SSD's the Yevetha had in the later books (hand of thrawn duology and NJO make no mention of them as far as I know).

As for what is left of the Yevetha, the colonies they had taken where "cleansed" of their original inhabitants, so the yevetha that moved in could stay there without any real trouble. Especially since they would likely attack any NR reps that showed up.

I am inclined to believe that Yevetha space is sealed off. Under more or less permanent intridiction (and I don't mean with the cruisers of fame). No one is allowed to go in, except NR patrol ships, not that anyone would want to even try to trade with the Yevetha, and no one is allowed out unless they can prove they have a damn good reason too. I serieously doubt the NR or any one else in the galaxy is willing to trust the Yevetha after the tricks they pulled. I also doubt that the Yevetha would welcome the YV. They are just another dirty non-yevethan.

However, it could become an interesting story arc to figure out where the Black Fleet ran off to. Did they end up in the core not knowing that the Imperial Remnant is out on the rim? Are they forming their own secret empire much like the Emperor did in Dark Empire? Imagine all those ships coming out of no where, all souped up by the Yevetha to perform at 120% or better, all wailing on the YV. mmmmm unseen destruction *gurggle*

Jim Williams
29 July 2002, 05:19 PM
Thanks guys. I was pretty sure all's we were left with was the end of the BFC to answer the Yevethan question. I also know this isn't quite a gaming thread, but I did think of one other thing. I remember seeing D6 write-ups for BFC ships, etc., but it was in a journal or something. Anybody know if there are d20 or d6 BFC stuff posted?

And is it just me or, like Dark Empire, NJO writers would kind of like the BFC to fade away? I can understand after the continuity problems with Padme not being a Fallanasi, but I'll always love the BFC for showing the entire New Republic at war preserving what they fought so hard for. The scene with Ackbar ripping into Starfighter Command for not taking a recruit of suspected origins was priceless.

Anyway, thanks again, and also to anyone who knows the possible whereabouts of BFC support materials.

Troy Henist
30 July 2002, 07:01 AM
I agree with Zanus that the Yevethan space was closed off and only NR recon vessels would have been allowed in, so they could keep and eye on them. Also I assume there would have been a power struggle with Nil Spaar gone.

As for resources for the BFC, check out Cracken's Threat Dossier. It contains a fair few details on the BFC, ship stats, fallanassi powers, Yevethan stats, etc. Quite good, all for D6 mind you.

As for D20 here is a link to some of the 5th fleet I have converted to D20, feel free to use and modify as needed.


Check out here on this site too, I know they have the K-Wing, might have some others as well

30 July 2002, 11:20 AM
I haven't gotten the impression that either the DE series or the BFC has been ignored or attempted to be ignored. Quite the opposite. Kam Solusar (sp?) is originated in the DE series, and he is still around. and acouple NJO books mentioned the BFC by name as well as the fleet set up they had. I think the part writers might be trying to ignore is the side show with Lando and that living ship he was on. I didn't really like that part of the story. I honestly don't know why every writer thinks they have to include Lando in their stories

22 August 2002, 04:14 PM
I can think of one hitch if the Black Fleet never made it back to the Empire - lack of crew. Star Wars is generally okay on massive automation projects, but my memory tells me there weren't really enough Imp prisoners to keep ALL those ships in good repair.

22 August 2002, 06:07 PM
Thats an interesting point. But the impression I got, the Yevetha where really good at repairing and rebuilding things, they just couldn't design large ships of their own besides their thrust ships which wheren't really that big comparitively speaking. The prisoners where used to keep an eye on the finner points of the Imperial designed ships that the Yevetha could not understand for whatever reason. Basically the prisoners where brought on as a sort of outsourced contractor and designer, in a way. Again, that was my impression. It could simply be one of those things that was open to interpretation, cause the Yevetha seemed to be filled with weird personallity quirks. They could rebuild things making them better, but they could not make their own original designs. I dunno.