View Full Version : Help needed - new characters, new setting.. any sugestions ?

30 July 2002, 01:26 AM
Greetings Gentlebeings.

I'm starting new.. campaign with new characters. As a setting I choose time after the battle of Endor. Maybe week, maybe month.

As for the characters... well For sure, I know, there will be a Kid (and I have my own plans for this character), propably some kind of smuggler OR bounty Hunter and as for the third character I have no idea.

Any suggestions, any plots worth to use ? I checked Timeline, and it looks like S'siruvi Invasion is close....

Maybe someone will drop me some ideas ?

evan hansen
30 July 2002, 08:40 AM
1 - It would help (help me, at least) to know more details about the backgrounds of each of these characters. The characters can often generate at least a short plot line from their backgrounds alone. AND that will let you tailor your game to your players, which most players enjoy.

2 - Do you own Truce at Bakura? If not, pick it up. That'll be a good basis if you're going to deal with the S'siruuicantspellthisafteryearsofreadingnovels Invasion.

3 - There's really going to be a lot of turmoil from the death of the emperor. Maybe have them start by working on a single planet, and that planet begins to have riots, etc... They could work as peacekeepers or perhaps they get charged with finding out who is inciting these riots (maybe some gangster is inciting the riots for profit). You get the idea.

Just a few thoughts. :-)

30 July 2002, 12:38 PM
Well, I think what you want to do depends entirely on whether you want lots of action in your games, or more roleplaying and intrigue.

Barring the use of information from books, here are some really general suggestions you might think of:

The Empire is in the midst of full blown collapse. Obviously the Rebel Alliance is going to get have to really get the ball rolling on getting other planets to rise up against the crumbled Empire in order to increase the fall of the Empire. There will certainly be Imperial forces that are NOT going to give up the game and go home, so to speak. So the Empire will still be trying to hit these political excursions to wealthy and industrial planets in order to stop those planets from joining the Alliance. Characters could be diplomats, rebel soldiers providing escorts, pilots protecting the newly established communication lines and shipping lanes, or even bounty hunters that realize the Empire is on it's way out and will begin to work for the Alliance.

For more action oriented games, you could have the Alliance making more bold hits on stubborn hold-outs of the Empire. The Alliance may also want to make a strike at the capital (Coruscant) in an attempt to take the "seat" of government in order to affirm their new control. There are certain to be highly loyal people to the Empire there, though, so you've got lots of opportunities for spy missions, missions to capture Imperial Moffs that are plotting evil plans, and large scale strikes against ship building or weapon building installations that are still pumping out Imperial war items. Also, the Alliance would need to really shut down the Stormtrooper training areas and TIE pilot training areas. Those won't be easy places to hit and could provide lots of combat.

So basically, it's up to you (and your players) to determine what style of game you're looking for. If you've got soldiers or pilots, you can choose combat or a mix. If you've got things like diplomats or other sorts of characters, you can add in more of the subterfuge or roleplay oriented adventures that would show how the Alliance was able to continue to force the Empire into decline.

Oh yeah, and if you have Jedi, you can always have Alliance intelligence learn clues about sinister Dark Side caches that the Emperor had. Those sites need to be found and destroyed for fear that new bad things could take hold. Of course those areas could be guarded by all sort of nasties....special stormtroopers, Dark Side Adepts, Force monsters....whatever.

Hope this helps give you some ideas.