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30 July 2002, 03:01 PM
Okay here is the deal. I have two players in my current game, and one is conspiring against the other. One of the characters is a Noble who is working to establish control of his isolated system. The other is a Jedi Guardian who was sent to the system to see if it would be a promising place for the Jedi to regroup after the fall of Yavin. Now the Noble is arranging vast plots to increase his power and keeps selling out the Jedi, because the Jedi can usually get out of the trouble that the Noble has caused.
The Jedi is starting to suspect that the Noble, who has helped him fight against the Vong on many occasions, is screwing him over. Once the Jedi decides that the Noble is evil, his morality circuit will short out and he will tare down all that the Noble has built in order to “return him to the humble and untainted way he was before the trouble started”. The Noble certainly won’t go quietly. How do I keep these guys from killing each other?

30 July 2002, 03:28 PM
Do you really want or need to keep them from fighting? I've run games where PCs were at odds, and even killed each other. As long as everyone stayed in character, all of the players understood that it was just a game and nothing personal.

In fact, it seems like your players may be setting up a whole story arc for you, and a good one at that. If you think your players can play their characters correctly and keep the conflict in the game, you may have an exciting and interesting few sessions.

proxima centauri
30 July 2002, 05:05 PM
Sometimes, characters must die for the sake of the plot. It is one great occasion for one of your players to start rolling stat dice again ;)

30 July 2002, 06:26 PM
Sounds exciting, how many darkside points has the noble racked up so far? I'd say he'd have a couple for setting people up (Jedi) for possible death. Things of that nature...

The DS points will also serve to remind the Noble of his own evil ambitions, and that in the end, the bad guys (in Star Wars) get it. :p

I wouldn't worry about it too much there, from a GM point of view. Be neutral, let them play out their drama, they are creating it, flame it for them abit. Raise the stakes for the Noble, make him risk more, and make it clear his LIFE and all will be on the line in order to accompish his deeds. If he continues along the same path, he was warned.

Perhaps other evil alliances (NPCs) may look to make a pact with the Noble. Make them *really* evil, this will also show the noble that what he is doing is pretty evilish (literally showing him a reflecting mirror). In the end the player themself should realize their character should lose.

If that doesn't work, have the Jedi trace the NPC contacts back to the Noble :D

evan hansen
30 July 2002, 07:00 PM
The simple answer: you don't.

I used to play in a group where I was a Jedi nearly all the time. Well, the most popular character to be for one of the other gamers was a Jedi Hunter. He was obsessed with being able to whip a Jedi's butt. This dynamic lead to some really bad power gaming (sadly, I engaged in this as well. Sigh.) Anyhow, the point is that I have first-hand experience with what you're talking about.

Essentially, this can't end. You *should definately talk to them* and explain the difficulty that they're placing you in. Hopefully, they'll continue to feud without such tense circumstances, they'll change their characters, or they'll suggest a solution.

More likely than not, however, they'll give you some line about how they can't change... or they'll say that they'll change and then not.

So in that case and if it gets really problematic, you have four choices:

1 - Let them fight it out legitimately, and someone dies.
2 - Get upset at them and throw GM hissy fits (which is what a lot of GMs resort to, understandably). I'd recommend against it.
3 - Force them to use new characters in a new campaign or in the same campaign -- just with a new twist.
4 - Use your GM cunning to kill the more problematic one off, assuming there is a *more* problematic one.

If you go with option 1 (similar to what Jedi_Staailis recommended), be prepared to ditch any notions of a plot. While I've always been a big advocate of freeform games and letting things flow naturally, I do have at least 3-5 major plot points in a campaign. Adventures are no problem to let people do what they want. But entire campaigns are another story. At least every few adventures, one or two key things need to happen to progress the plot. Or just give up the plot -- done that too. It really all depends on what you're end objectives are with this game. Give that some thought, and you should be able to determine a course of action.

31 July 2002, 03:00 AM
If I can help it I'd like to avoid an actual fight between the PCs. While the Noble is system-wide known for his skill with the blaster, the Jedi would wipe up the floor with him. But rolling up new characters is at least 50% of the fun. Thanks for the insight.