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6 August 2002, 07:36 AM
Well, the game I've been running this summer is quickly coming to an end, as everyone is getting ready to head back to school, so we're about to wrap it up with the Battle of Endor...
only problem is that several(most, really) of the players are Jedi who, through a D&D Deck of Many Things, got back to the Rebellion era... now I have found out that the players want to follow Luke to his meeting with Vader, and eventually up to the Death Star... I agree that this would be a pretty cool idea... however, I don't know what all I should do to make it a harder fight... cuz the way these guys play, the 6 of them should have no problem whatsoever taking on Vader and the Emporer... I was thinking maybe creating some high level Emperor's Hands, or somesuch... anyone have any ideas?

6 August 2002, 07:46 AM
would mix to much with the story ..

and how do you expect them to get into the deathstar? smuggling aboard thesame shuttle as darth vader and luke? (which probably would be detected by both)

6 August 2002, 07:54 AM
Here's a list over enemies you can throw in at the final battle:
Mara Jade B)
Some Inquisitors :(
A few Sovereign Protectors!!! :D
A group of Royal Guards :rolleyes:

6 August 2002, 08:03 AM
They can get into the Death Star in Darth Vader and Luke's shuttle, using Force Stealth and cunning. Or fly in using a correct transponder code (and fly casual ;) ), and conning. Simply use your imagination! (the player that is...)

And never mind the story. Create you're own story! ;)

Go Wipe Them Out..., All Of Them!!! :D

6 August 2002, 08:22 AM
I love the idea, but I wouldn't let them get involved in something as sacred as the final duel. But perhaps they can serve a different role. Maybe they discover that the superstructure Lando & Co fly into is shielded internally, and they have to shut that down to allow the rebels to succeed. Of course they would run into various obstacles such as Royal Guards, Emperor's Hands, Trash Compactor, or Vador's secret clone (Imagine Anakin all grown up without the disfigurement). But by letting them be part of the movie without changing the movie, they become part of the star wars Universe without changing it.

Of course, it is your Universe...

6 August 2002, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by shadow145
Of course, it is your Universe...

Of course, it is your players Universe too...
So if they decide to go after the Emperor, it's your decision if they have a chance. (I say: Go For It!!!B))

If they want to change the Universe, let them do so.

6 August 2002, 12:23 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, guys... I'll probably have Palpatine keep the Crimson Guard in the room, and have a few Inquisitors around... I'm not really worried about continuity, as that went out the window when they found the Sabacc Deck of Many Things... anywho... thanks for the suggestions!

6 August 2002, 12:56 PM
You are welcome! :)
Please, let us know how it turns out.

Emperor: "Strike him down and take your place by my side."
Luke: "Never! I'll never turn to the Dark Side!"
(Players enter the room)
Players: "Neither will we!"
(Emperor turns in surprise)
Emperor: "Huh?!?"
(Luke turns in surprise)
Luke: "Huh?!?"
(players ready their weapons)
Players: "Die evil ugly XXX!"
Emperor: "Guards!!!"
(Guards enter the room with weapons ready)
(Players start killing guards)
Players: "Ha ha ha ha!"
(Player gets Dark Side Point)
Emperor: "More Guards!!!"
Players: "Now old Palpatine, you will die!"
Emperor: "Argh....."
(A moment of silence)
Players: ".....I think he's dead....."
Other Players: "He should be, there is four parts of him....."
Still Other Player: "Hey! Did anyone see were Luke and Darth Vader went?"
Other Player: "...Nooo...?"
Player: "Damn! Luke must have turned to the Dark Side and is helping Darth Vader escape!"
Still Other Player: "Yeah! They are probarly on their way to a shuttle right now! Let's go kill them!"
(The players run out the door.....)

6 August 2002, 01:52 PM
I will most assuredly let you know how it turns out... we *might* get to it tomorrow, but we first must finish Tempest Feud... Thanks again!

6 August 2002, 06:24 PM
Just remember, when you have this fight, make sure you play the bad guys (Vader and the Emperor...maybe even Luke) INTELLIGENTLY! Use some of the super nasty Force Powers that they have, and use them often! Don't be afraid to use their rather copious amount of Force Points too. Those bad guys mean business, make sure your players get the point. :)

Kas'ir Faywind
6 August 2002, 08:58 PM
Are you d20 or d6? If you are d20 read this answer if not im stupid

Wizards did i bad thing IMO by not making main plot characters high high levels. If you look at DnD all the major villians and heros are 16-30 lvl mainly. I would seriously make vader lvl 22-25 and palpy 25-29. Dont forget that Palp and Vader have minions through sith lord prc make sure you give them some. also there is the royal guard. If they are gonna swing with the last Sith Lord make it hell for them it should be comparible to fighting an ancient wyrm dragon, i assume you can compare since you used deck of many things, and how they have the leadership feat and can have a mass of followers.

8 August 2002, 05:36 AM
Well, yesterday/last night we did a loong gaming session from 1 PM to 1:30 AM...

Let me begin with a rundown of the characters: A Human JG/JA/Noble, a Human JG/S, a Wookiee JG/S, a Rodian JC/TS, a Twilek Scoundrel, and an Ewok JG/S (remember - the game started in the future)

first we finished Tempest Feud, then the players reported back to their secret Rebel home-base-thingie, where people were preparing to head out to Sullust for the mustering of the fleet
Once there, they boarded Home One in preperation for the briefing, wherein they volunteered before Solo to lead the strike at the Shield Generator Complex... Luke walked in and volunteered to join them, so off they went...

The party lands on Endor and heads off towards the Imp. Base, encountering the meat trap from Return... the wookiee failed a will save, and went after the bait... needless to say, the entire group (except the Ewok) was trapped by the net... hehehehe... then the Ewoks showed up, and the PC Ewok pulled out his two lightsabres, and had the Rodian Move Object him a la Threepio... suffice it to say, they were taken up to the Ewok village, and shown to the Imp Base, where the Twi'lek tried to snipe Darth Vader with his (silenced) Sniper Slugthrower, but missed... At about this time, the wookiee and the Human JG/S had to leave, so their characters vanished... so, the ewoks showed them to the back door, and a fight ensued, whereupon, they notice that Luke is nowhere to be found... during this fight, the Rodian gets hit with a natural 20, confirmed with a natural 20, which was followed by a 19+9=28 to beat his Defense, so it was a DEATH BLOW, however, I allowed him a Fort save, which he failed, so the Rodian goes down for the count, whereupon he grabs the wookiee's character sheet...

After setting the Det Charges, they hear a low, throaty voice say "Gentlemen, consider yourselves under arrest." Turning around, they see Vader and about 300 Stormies... They are taken to Vader's shuttle, and as they get on board, they meet a clone of Vader approximately aged as in Episode II, who, when they get to the Death Star, decides to play with the Twi'lek's feet using Move Object... Vader and Aanikin take the PCs to the Emporor's Throne Room, and kneel at the foot of the stairs. The Throne turns around slowly, and a voice says "So nice of you to join our little party, my friends." The throne completes its turn, and Luke is sitting in it, with the Emporor stepping out of the shadows behind him.

The Emperor basically challenges the only human still with the group to a duel ("Strike me down!" etc...), and proceeds to slice and dice him...
Score: Sith 1, Light Side: 0

The Ewok then says that he will join the Emperor, if he can duel Luke... now, the Ewok is used to using 2 lightsabres at once, but the Emperor only allows him one... I pump up Luke's stats a little, and eventually, the Ewok decides he's gonna make a suicide attack on the Emperor, who is behind Luke, by jumping over Luke's head and stabbing the (he assumes) unprepared Emperor. As he jumps, both the Emperor and Luke zap him with Force Lightning, frying the poor guy...
Sith 2, Light Side 0

The Wookiee and the Twi'lek bolt for the Lift tube, and actually make it, then hide in an officer's quarters and start making a bomb out of powerpacks for their blasters... after the bomb is made, complete with a Deadman's Switch, they head for the Core... as they arrive there, they see the Falcon and it's Starfighter Excort swoop in and destroy the Core...
Sith: 2 Lightside: Infinity! Game Over! WOOHOO!

8 August 2002, 06:53 AM
That was great. Way to end the campaign.

So when the heroes are ressurected in clone bodies 5000 years in the future with all their intact memories transplanted as well, will they have to battle a universe run by the Vong?

It'd be fun to ressurrect them in each other's bodies, the Wookiee in the Twilek, etc.

But Seriously,congrats, that was creative GMing at it's finest.

8 August 2002, 10:20 AM
It sounds like a great game, and you sure gave the players a surprise or two... :D

8 August 2002, 10:31 AM
I assume this means that all but one of the characters is now dead? the one being the other one that disappeared and wasn't taken over by another player.

That is an interesting game. Kinda similar to something I have been plotting. Well, sorta. My idea more involves a whole new faction arrising before Ep1 and totally disrupting Palpies plans, but end result Palpy still gets Empire, Darth Maul never has that run in with Qui-gon and Obi-Wan (who also never end up finding Anakin) and thus survives, and a different Jedi survives the fall in place of Obi-Wan. I still haven't decided at what point I will put the players in though. would be fun to watch them struggle to keep up with the time line though >:D