View Full Version : PBEM Game Looking for 1 player to join

Dragon Fox 3
9 August 2002, 09:43 PM
Hey all. Been a while since I posted anything about my current PBEM game. I currently have 3 players, two GM characters thrown into the group for both to liven things up and to aid at times, but...I'd still like to have a fourth player. The campaign has been going on for a while, but you would not be jumping into the middle of it. It is set 4 years before The Battle of Yavin IV. Basically the last four years of "Rise of the Empire Era". Only in my little campaign the first of the last four years starts with last year of the Jedi Purge. The campaign will end prior to the opening events of A New Hope. The campaign is full of twists and turns as the Heros play the role of Smugglers, fighting two Sith Lords, the Empire, a Hutt seeking more power and wealth, and bounty hunters who will continue to chase them until defeated. I'd go into more detail but I dont want to give anything else away, nor do I want to tip off my players about any thing that they don't know about yet.

Character creation is easy, all you need is a species that either the Old Republic has found or the Empire (before ANH) has found. The Point Buy System is used for stats (a note, I still use the old Core Rule Book) with 73 as the combined total cost for stats. I need an e-mail address and character sheet. I shall make all die rolls (with exception of money) that need to be made, i.e. Bluff, Pilot, Forgery.

Now, even though I"m still stuck in the Old Core Rule Book, I don't mind if you use the RCRB, though I will need some detailed information on any skill, special quailty, feat, or equipment that you use. Or species. I myself use Nazgul's Okina-Rdea CGen found at www.okina-rdea.com Well that's all. If you're intristed my e-mail is in my profile. Or post here and I'll respond.