View Full Version : Ravens: New and Improved!

10 August 2002, 07:36 AM
First, my humble apologies. When the first Ravens webpage went up, I just wanted to get a webpage published. Well, it sucked. I quickly revamped it with backgrounds and actually put substance on it, but Angelfire is weird, and I wasn't able to publish my updated site. I want to apologize to the rest of the community for putting such rubbish on the net.

Ahh, but I found the light, and the Ravens are back! Now, complete with NPC and PC stats, as well as two, count them, two GM articles, and pretty link banners, the updated sight is ready for public viewing! www.angelfire.com/d20/brentgarripee/index.htm

Again, sorry for the delay, and enjoy! If you have comments/criticisms, email me, brentgarripee@hotmail.com