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10 August 2002, 01:14 PM
Campaign Idea
This is the main plot of a campaign I will DM in Star Wars d20, in the Old Republic times (it starts 10 years before the invasion of Naboo)
I will have three PC (maybe at start there will be only two and the third will join later on. At least one of them is a Jedi, and probably I will have a Scoundrel and a Soldier or something similar)

One day, suddenly, a Senator from the planet Reecee (Inner Rim) is gone. He has told nobody of his departure, and while also some of his guards are missing, most of his staff didn't know anything. His spaceship (a Corellian Space Cruiser) left Coruscand in the night, heading to Garos IV (Mid Rim) and has landed in the city of Garan.
The Senate Intelligence Service (SIS) tells the PCs to go and investigate. They will be given more information by a contact that works under cover there and that they will meet in secret.
The SIS pays the spaceship ticket to Garos and gives the PCs a code cylinder to encrypt information when they will communicate their discoveries to Coruscant through public HoloNet terminals.

Part I: Garos IV, Garan
After some city encounters (smugglers, false informers, rogues and thugs) the heroes will manage to meet the contact (Sian Tev, a Sullustan) in a cantina. He will tell them that the Senator's ship has been seen leaving the city to reach some abandoned Hibridium mining structures near the town of Thraie (on Mount Usca) near a Hibridium mine. He will give them some money to reach Thraie and to loan a used landspeeder to reach the mines, and tells them to find informations on that mines, which are suspected to contain illegal things.

Part II: Garos IV, Thraie
The PCs will have a few encounters in the town looking from the speeder and searching information abut the mines. There they will be identified by a Twi'lek agent of the "Silent Hands" (SH), a small criminal organization which now has control of the abandoned mines.
They will have a few chances to realize that she is spying them and stop her before she transmits the informations to the SH headquarters (if they capture/kill her they will find a recording rod with all the PCs conversations and their pictures); if they don't, she will try to kill them putting some explosive in their room. She will also jam the sprinter's engine that will need repairing before they can use it.
Sian Tev manages to give the PCs a map of the mining installations, but the map is largely incorrect because many things have been changed after the mines where closed.
In the mines they will fight some battle droids and some Rodians and Zabrak if the Silent Hands, and maybe also the Twi'Lek spy. They will also find the Senator's ship (with most of it's systems removed and so unusable) where the Senator's guards are kept captive. They will find out that the Senator has actually been abducted by the Silent Hands under commission of someone else (which they will have to find out). After some time in the mines (before the PCs will get to them) the Senator and most of the bosses will leave with a smaller ship (maybe a FireSpray) going to the small spaceport town of Rengo.

Part III: Garos IV, Rengo
The characters will get to Rengo and Sian Tev will join them there.
They will investigate for some time, probably with some bounty hunters and assassins from the Silent Hands seeking for them.
The Senator and the Silent Hand bosses will then fly to Aldovui, a small minerary planet in the Outer Rim near the Hutt Space.
The PCs will be encharged to go there; there are no SIS agents on Aldovui, so the characters will be given an improved commlink (that works via hyperspace) to communicate.

The party will now be of level 3 or similar

The following part is only sketched:
Part IV: Aldovui
the characters will find a major operative base of the Silent Hands (that they will have to destroy), and they will need to find proofs that the order to capture the Senator came from someone from Sacorria (Core Worlds). They will also be able to rescue the Senator and bring him back to Coruscand (foiling some attemts of other criminals to get him)

Now the party will be of higher level (maybe 6) and will probably have a small, ligh starship to travel around on loan by the SIS.

Part V: Sacorria
The characters now will have to find the crime lord that has organized all the plot (and that works for the Trade Federation, but doesn't know anything abut the Sith).

Further ideas:
The characters now will probably be considered agents of the SIS and face some other quests.
In one of those quests they will need to go back to Garos IV and they will find some deeper laboratories in the abandoned mines, where some powerful combat droids are being crafted (or something alike).

Any suggestions are welcomed: this is my first SW campaign.

Kas'ir Faywind
10 August 2002, 01:32 PM
After they blow up the installation the crime lord will probably have an open bounty on their heads to personally display on why you shouldn't mess with him. He Might not know anything about the sith but he could funnel some trade feration droids to his own defence or Silent Hands or get soem Dark Side marauders that work as assassins.

Ill post later if i think of naything else.

Nova Spice
11 August 2002, 08:59 AM
Sounds like a great idea in my opinion! The story is well thought out and interesting. Locations like Garos IV and Sacorria are a good idea since they are well known in Star Wars.

Two things I wanted to add, so you could give it a little thought:

1. As far as my campaign goes, my PCs tend to not want too much combat, so maybe if your PCs like using skills, role-playing, etc., cutting out a few of the encounters will be beneficial to the story? Although if your PCs love blasting things to oblivion, go for it! :D

2. In my current campaign, using the Revised Core Rulebook, my PCs are leveling very slowly. Luke is around 48 years old in the NJO and he is only level 18. I try to be careful not to level the PCs too quickly or it becomes another mundane thing, instead of something cool and fun! Although this once again may not be your PCs; they may like advancing quickly, so again these are just suggestions. ;)

Maybe a real cool side-twist would involve Sian Tev being a Silent Hand and secretly be working against the heroes? Anyway, this story sounds like a great adventure! All the luck to you and your players!

11 August 2002, 12:11 PM
some ideas thoughts:

hmm .. depending on how much we get closed to TPM ..

the players learn that the person that have arranged the kidnapping of the Senator is a highly positioned senator on coruscant (the kidnapped was opposing him) .. while its a wild guess (they have no real proof against him but are pretty sure that its him) they have to steal a SH ship and "contact him" about some matters .. to meet up somewhere (perhaps kidnapping one SH operative to help up with the story?)

then when docking with the bad Senator (we call him mr X) (characters have rigged the ship with sensors and microphones to gather more proof) they grab him and travel back to coruscant/SIS hq.

while flying down to coruscant the players discover that theyre not alone in the ship. a spy helps releasing mrX and jumping into a escape pod while 2-3 fighters come to blow the ship up. while their ship is cippled and near the brink of desctruction they crashland into a shopping complex .. and discovers theyre only a couple of blocks away from where the escape pod landed. so once again they have to go after him...
(out of ideas)

11 August 2002, 12:46 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions.

The side twist I wanted to have was that the Reeceean senator is in contact with the dark side, but this is so well hidden that the crime lord itself does not know him and think of him as an enemy (maybe he will be some sort of non-Sith dark force user). After some time they will find him as mentor of some Dark Side marauders organizing a big mess (and maybe kill the Socorrian crime lord while he was in forced exile on some barren planetoid after the PC captured him).
It will be cool.

Anyway I still need to work out a reason why the crime lord will kidnap the senator.

About non combat encounters: I will have non combat encounters, of course (actually I find them easier to prepare). My only problem are XPs: We won't be playing many sessions (we have a D&D campaign running, also, and few time), while the players would probably want to level a bit quicker, at least to see more features and possibilities for their characters.
I mean: in all the old trilogy all characters except luke gained no more than a bunch of levels: it seems that to get to 15 or similar you need to save the world a dozen times ;)

How do you handle XP for non-combat encounters (I think that the few words on the RCR don't say much) ? Do you have any suggestions on it ? (maybe giving a few examples of encounters that will be a Challenge for low level PCs)

When I'll finish to write down the detailed version of the campaign with the data I will probably put it online somewhere.

Kas'ir Faywind
11 August 2002, 12:50 PM
The OCR had rulles for exp based on adventure which i still use it works great for non combat adventures. Give extra XP to people who RP the best or somthing along those lines.

12 August 2002, 07:17 PM
Experience points in Star Wars is not the same as other role playing games Iíve played. The OCR has a guideline based on the length of an adventure. As the GM you have to determine that adventure length.
I like to think of each encounter as an event that should be rated, like a judgment at a skating competition.
Like the French at the Olympics it is hard for a GM to be impartial. So I suggest you rate the encounter base on 3 sets of criteria based on a 1 to 10 number, 1 being pathetic and 10 being fantastic. Add the three choices to your combat note sheet and jot the ratings down right after the encounter. You can figure the math out later.
1) Ask only one player to roll 1d10 for the encounter (this represents the character retention of the encounter or characters fate)
2) Did you have fun, rate it (1-no fun, 3-barely, 5-okay, 7-worth talking about, 9-worked out great for all, 10-gut hurts from laughing/ an encounter for the history books)
3) With reasoning (you had your emotional choice above) determine the level of Game success (if all the objectives were reached and everyone survived it should be a 10; if nothing was successful and one or more characters died, definitely a 1)
Take these 3 scores add them together and divide by 3 for an average.
Multiply this by 10 and this is the percentage of experience allowed out of 100% for that encounter.
To get the benchmark of experience points allowed take the average of the characters levels and multiply it by 1,000.
If one or more force points are used in the encounter add one to the average level.
For every dark point given subtract .5 from the average level to a minimum of .5.
Multiple the final benchmark of experience points by the percentage allowed. This final number needs to be and divided equally among the characters.
You could have multiple encounters in one game session and if you jot down the rating on your note sheet you can tally them up at the end of the sessions or save them for the beginning of the next one.
Also having enough experience points does not always mean advancement to the next level right away. Sometimes my characters have to find a trainer/master/mentor/guild-master/expert/guru/special computer/artifact/visit a planet/write home to mom/etc. before they can move up. Sometimes this in itself causes an adventure or encounter. Until they advance to the next level they can not exceed the level after in experience points. They can get up to 1 less than they need, but all remaining experience points are lost to the void.

Example: 3 encounters during this game session. 5 first level characters:
First Encounter: Player Roll: 5; Game Master: 7; Success: 9 =21 / 3 = 7 x 10 = 70%
Second Encounter: P: 8; GM: 7; S: 5 = 20 / 3 = 6.66 x 10 = 70% (round up to the next 10ís to keep it simple)
Third Encounter: P: 1; GM 5; S: 5 = 11 / 3 = 3.66 x 10 = 40%

First Encounter Experience reward: average = 1 x 1,000 = 1,000 x 70% = 700 / 5 = 140 points to each character
Second Encounter Exp. reward: average = 1 + 1 (force point used) = 2 x 1,000 = 2,000 x 70% = 1,400 / 5 = 280 points to each character
Third Encounter Exp. reward: average = 1 - .5 (1 dark point received) = .5 (minimum) x 1000 = 500 x 40% = 200 / 5 = 40 points to each character

For that days total session each character that participated received a total of 460 points of experience.

Just a suggestion.;)