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18 August 2002, 03:09 PM
Yo, I'm Starting a Play By E-Mail StarWars d20 game using RCR, I'm gona try and make this game as much up to the players as posible. If you could do it in real life (even if you can't:D), do it here.

Anything in the RCR, Alien Anthology SB, Dark side SB, ships of the galaxy SB, Rebelion Era SB, NJO SB, ETC, can and WILL be used in this game. Provided that the players are in the apropriate era (aka: nothing before it happens ;)). Shoot, be "specialized" clone trooper's if you all want, or droids for that sake"

Any species is up for use
Any Class, Jedi's Welcome
Be Rebelion, Republic, New Republic, Empire, Remnant, Free lance, Bounty Hunters, Black sun, etc, players can pick. Only thing is i want all PC's to be on the same alignment.

Preferably the players would be in a "commando squad" how this squad works and what it does and who it does things for, is up to the players before we start the game.

Private message me or post here if your interested

AIM: Raynor 86
ICQ: 45576560
YIM: lordlarek
e-mail: clark827@bellsouth.net


20 August 2002, 12:47 PM
Ok, so far i've got at least 3 people that want to play. Just to get this info out there, i'm gona start asking them about how they want to start (era, alignment, species, etc) So keep in mind, if you havn't goten a hold of me yet and want to play, then you may not have much input on the story bases.

but for those of you that have contacted me, i'll be getting a hold of you soon :D: