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19 August 2002, 11:39 AM
Just thought I'd share my beginning adventure and campaing setting with
everyone.. Maybe someone can use it themselves.. Comments are also very

Starting players: 2 1st level Jedi's.. One guardian and one counselar

General setting: 2 Weeks after the battle of Geonosis... The Republic is
scrambling to figure out what to do with the might of Count Dooku's
seperatists, and has turned to the Jedi's for an extraordinary request from
them.. Use the talents of the Jedi's to undermine and strike where it'll
hurt Dooku's operation the most..
The academy is in trouble though.. After the battle of Geonosis there is a
desperate need for Jedi Masters, and there's not enough to take all the new
padawans! As a solution the council decides that each master can take 2
padawans this time. The two pc's are placed under the same Master because
they have been good friends all through the Jedi academy.. This Jedi Master
has been chosen to be one of the groups that should work undercover against
Dooku - though all bad news has yet to be heard! The council considers it's
current crop of Jedi Masters to be too valuable to send into danger, so he
has to stay back while his padawans are doing the "dirty work".. Ofcourse
they have to stay as incognito as possible, because this kind of work is
not the usual thing Jedi's do...

It's not perfect Star Wars, but I had to make a few creative solutions for
this group to work.. At a later session 1-2 other players will join too..

The Adventure: The padawans are charged with the task of following a lead
to possible drug dealing connected to Dooku.. It would greatly help the
Republic to win back worlds and stop further worlds from joing Dooku, if
they can miscredit him with stories of drug dealing.. The only thin lead
they start with is that one of the major destination ports is right here on
Not really liking the idea of going into the lower levels of Coruscant,
they change out of their Jedi robes and head into the undercity..
They quickly gain contact to some low life deathstick gang that they try to
get to reveal their big supplier.. Ofcourse they mess it up and a classic
thug alley fight ensues.. They find on the leader of the small gang an
address to a mansion in the richer part of the local area.. It's located in
an area designed to look like a normal rich neighbourhood with big mansions
The mansion is your typical run-of-the mill drug lord mansion with lots of
stupid goons patrolling... A few sneak, hide, bluff and spot rolls later
they are sitting in the survaillance/computer central of the mansion,
downloading shipping lists etc.. In a moment of clear thought they get the
idea of erasing whatever the survaillance camera's has caught of them.. Two
well timed 1 rolls on their skill checks has them running around in the
mansion, chased by a group of goons! They panic and jump out a window and 7
meters down..
In the mansion they found out that a suspicious shipment of toys is
arriving from Nar Shadaa the next day!??! The shipment is coming from
something called Dondon Enterprises, and the name Dondon the Great is also
From the data they found they are led to a heavily guarded docking area
(huuuge area), but after some bluff and diplomacy checks they get hired as
lifters for the area.. Cleverly sneaking about the freighter as it heads
back to Nar Shadaa...
Arriving at Nar Shadaa they are spotted by a couple of guards.. These are
some tough guys and a deadly battle ensues.. They do beat them though, and
with a little interrogation find out that they are just a security force
employed by Dondon The Great.. They also learn that he is a Neimodian with
Hutt tendencies (behaving like a typical magalomaniac Hutt crime lord)..
Gambling that their faces are still unknown to him, they seek an audience
to confront him directly with the question about Count Dooku..
Entering his headquarters that are exactly like your typical Hutt
lust-paradise they confront him.. He becomes all weird at the mention of
Dooku, and drags the PC's to a room in the back.. Here he inquires about
the rumors.. He then tells the pc's that they have to earn his trust before
h can tell them anything.. And to do that they have to bring a certain
illoyal smuggler before him - alive.. He tells them that he can be found on
A chartered trip and a few bribes and diplomacy checks later they confront
the smuggler in Docking Bay 94 in Mos Eisley ;-)..
He jumps at the PC's arrival and immidiatly starts shooting and shouting
"Scum of Dondon's!" etc. They manage to calm him down and he tells his
Dondon is in reality Nute Gunray's cousin, and it's through that link that
Dooku has to do with drug dealing.. He is the only one who knows of that
link besides the other implicated people.. One day being a little drunk he
spilled his beans to some people at a bar, and the rumor started.. Everyone
knew who was their leak, so he became a hunted man.. He is promised
security by the PC's if he agrees to come with them to Coruscant and
testify infront of the senate..
They arrive unscathed at Coruscant when an unseen assassin places another
Kaminoan Saberdart in his neck! He dies instantly, but now they know some
solid places to start looking..

End of adventure..

Game length 9 hours including about 1 hour of different breaks..

What do ya think?


Reverend Strone
19 August 2002, 11:55 AM
Well, IMHO it sounds like great fun.

As it's an investigation/follow the leads kinda deal, you can get away with it being on rails to a certain degree, without the PCs feeling they have no impact on how things develop. I'd imagine things getting messier down the track, as they have multiple options on how to proceed, and that's all part of the fun.

Overall though, I reckon you've got a nice adventure here that seques tightly (and with a GM's appropriate measure of creative license) into the movies. It also feels quite fast-paced, which should keep your players feeling like they're moving along and making progress.

Were it me, there are probably a number of things i'd have done a little different- I'm not sure I would have had Dooku involved with drugs(he seemed 'cleaner' than that), but that's just me. Doesn't mean what you've done is wrong.

Bottomline- I'd enjoy playing it, so i reckon you've done your job as a GM well. Good luck and I look forward to reading how things develop.:)