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27 August 2002, 01:35 PM
Hello there guys, Iím trying to develop this idea into an adventure and would like to ask your ideas about how it could be played out, when I first thought of it I was designing it to a different system, but I think it can fit in a SW setting just as well.

Thanks in advance

Have you ever seen one of those desolated landscapes, ravaged and torn by war? Be it a city, a forest or something else? Think Hiroshima or Nagasaki after the bombs ... I was wondering then how this would be like if transplanted to a whole region of space.

To have such a part of the galaxy where nothing seems to survive, there is no life in the region, there is no functional electronic equipment in the region, there is only silence and death. For years the region was patrolled and studied from the outside by the military (maybe the Empire or the Republic), that makes sure no one gets inside it, as much from protection of the travelers as to the secrets from within the region. A zone in space in which not even the information from the remote probes have returned, much less the probes themselves.

Suddenly the boundaries of this region seem to be moving!, the `nothing' seems to be growing and soon enough another part of the universe is engulfed into oblivion. At the same time the military observation posts, that are kept on a safe distance (or at least they thought it was safe before the boundaries began moving), captured (or most likely received) a message from within the dead region. The unprecedented events didnít prompt the military to attempt another tripulated scientific mission inside the Ďnothingnessí, still weary of past attempts, but the head researcher still thinks it is possible to go inside.

In the lights of the above idea, a couple questions pop up:

1) What caused the area of space to become sterile to everything like this? In the beginning I was leaning towards a war, maybe a war from an Ancient unknown race, which might had powers beyond comprehension, could this have been the war that ended their lives? Perhaps they were connected somehow to the life in the region, and by slaying themselves they have utterly sentenced to death the region in which they were connected (The ultimate connection of a living community to the force). Or was it a project that went wrong, maybe a scientific research ... but then of what kind? Could it have been a project trying to recreate the origins of the universe that went the other way, or perhaps a failed attempt to control the force instead of tapping into it.

2) How the players would get involved in such a scheme? This part would be influenced by the era in which the adventure takes place, but mainly I was thinking that the players would be contacted by the scientist that believes he can enter the region and convinced to help him navigate into the dead region. He could either pay the players, which would be a mercenary kind of group (going in for the money), or could maybe make a trade with the Rebellion, swearing to defect and bring them some of the knowledge he acquired if they help him enter the region.

3) How would they enter the dead region? This is something that I didnít come to terms with yet, but was leaning towards something combining technology and the force (maybe a force like shield to protect the lives and equipment?) or perhaps something like a living ship (similar to the farscape ship) ... in any way it would have to be an untested technology derived from the years of study made upon the dead region.

4) What would they find inside the dead region? These would be have to be a desolated landscape, full of derelict ships and ghost planets. Iím not sure yet about what the players will have to do in the region.

5) How to stop the dead region from growing? I guess this will depend a little on the first question.

6) What does the message contain & who sent the message? This seems like the center question of the adventure which the players would have to investigate so that they could discover how to prevent the dead region from growing further.

7) What will the dead region be named? Dead Region doesnít sound like a cool name : (

I think this idea could develop into a very interesting adventure, but as you can see there are a couple questions that are bugging me. Do you guys can think of reasonable answers to these, or maybe you have come up with other questions that I have overlooked ... If you have any comments at all I appreciate : )


Consul Vido
27 August 2002, 01:56 PM
This sounds like an awesome idea.

1. Well as for what's causing it, perhaps there is an ancient "weapon of mass destruction" that was designed by a species of ancient beings that was designed to absorb/nullify all forms of energy (including that in living beings). This weapon could have malfunctioned or had unforeseen side effects that caused it to wipe out ALL life, not just that of the intended targets.

2. Also, if any of your characters are Force-Sensitive, they might have some form of vision or compulsion to enter the void.

3. As for the vessel they would use, perhaps some form of debris floated out of the waste, like maybe a ship, which somehow still functions, though it's crew was killed. Or maybe some form of interstellar microbes or something of that nature, but by studying these things, they would be able to determine what protects them from the deadening affect of the area and adapt it into some form of shielding or treatments that would protect the crew. It could be a specific energy wavelength is unaffected, or perhaps the microbes have developed an "enzyme" that shields their bodies from the damaging affects.

7. Perhaps something like The Life Void or Inert Space?

Those are some things I came up with off the top of my head. I might think of something else later. I really like the concept you are wokring on here. It has the potential to be a really intriguing and possibly suspenseful adventure for your characters.

Reverend Strone
27 August 2002, 05:26 PM
How about this deadzone is the result of an ancient war between long dead factions of some unknown alien race. For centuries it's been well known to everyone that you simply don't go there unless you never want to be heard from again. Starships don't work properly in there and you can get trapped very easily and never get out again.

For years this has been the status quo. Now there's a war on (Old Rep vs Separatists/ Rebellion vs Empire/ New Rep vs Vong- take your pic) and folks are getting desperate. A sketchy way has been found to protect a ship's engines from the deadening effects of the deadzone, allowing the rather desperate funders of an expedition (one of the sides in the current war) to send a research team into the deadzone insearch of ancient weapons and technology that until now has been unaccessable.

At about the same time as the research team looses contact and something goes wrong, the deadzone suddenly begins to expand. The PCs are sent in as a rescue team to do a number of things-

1- find and rescue the research team.

2- figure out what caused their system of protection from the deadzone's effects to fail and thus make the necessary changes to their own system to avoid the same fate.

3- discover the secret of the deadzone and potentially battle whatever dark forces may be responsible.

4- defend themselves from a rival group from the other side who are attempting to do the same thing.

5- figure out what happened to cause the deadzone to start growing again and put a stop to it.

Just some thoughts. It's more fun in my opinion if the heroes aren't researchers themselves, but a rescue team with a mission. That way they remain heroic archwetypes and not all techs. Just a thought. Hope it helps.:)

29 August 2002, 01:18 PM
Thanks guys, the ideas really helped

30 April 2004, 08:16 PM
that sounds really cool hope it works out

Rogue Janson
1 May 2004, 02:36 AM
Originally posted by Dallas
that sounds really cool hope it works out
Hope it worked out. That post was made almost two years ago.

5 May 2004, 06:30 PM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson

Hope it worked out. That post was made almost two years ago.

Holy crap! I didnt even notice the posts had dates!