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29 August 2002, 12:47 PM
This is something for those GM's with brain freezes when it comes to describing NPC's with some depth. The intention is for people to reply with some adjectives for the list of areas. After a lil while I'll compile the list and make it into an easy to reference sheet for GM's to throw in their binders. Here we go...just write something in for any or all areas.



Facial Features:










29 August 2002, 01:07 PM
Figured I'd start things off...having a bit of trouble differentiating between Temperment and Mentality...basically think of it like this "How do they act?" and "How do they think?"

Hefty, Chubby, Skinny, Emaciated, Lanky, Bulky, Built, Athletic

Rags, Fancy, Exquisite, Robes, Uniformed, Crisp, Filthy, Simple, Gawdy

Facial Features:
Big Nosed, Almond Eyed, Scarred, Burned, Wrinkled, Droopy, Rigid, Stern, Pouty, Pointy

Braided, Knotted, Dreaded, Short, Long, Mohawk, Shoulder Length, Cornrows

Blind, Deaf, Mute, No Depth Perception, Poor Hearing, Poor Sight

Ambitious, Forgetful

Rancid, Sulphuric, Sweet, Pleasant, Sickening

Gruff, Harsh, Timid, Passive, Aggreeable, Disagreeable, Loud, Quiet

Hunched Over, Rigid, Leaning, Head Held High, Nose Upturned

Angry, Hostile, Moody, Depressed, Arrogant, Mischeivous, Self Righteous

Slicer, Cook, Construction Worker, Henchman, Pickpocket, Smuggler

Hobble, Skip, Drunken, Wobble, Militaristic, Hurried

Kas'ir Faywind
29 August 2002, 02:21 PM
Body:Sexy, Curvey, Slim

Clothing: Slumish, Skimpy

Facial Features: Freckled, Dirty, Long-Faced, Full of Glee(sp?)

Hair: Bowl-cut,

Mentality: Suicidal, Maniac, Lustful

Smell: (this is just wrong :))

Speech/Voice: British, Scotish, Munchkin like

Bah im at loss my creativity is close to none right now :(

30 August 2002, 11:52 AM
Originally posted by Kas'ir Faywind
Smell: (this is just wrong :))

Hah, perhaps but from what I've heard, and seems true to me, the sense of smell might be the most powerful way to draw people into something, be it a novel or gaming session. Theres just something about "Jabba was large, fat folding at his neck, his presence permeating a sickening scent of salty sweat, butter, and urine." That just makes him seem SO MUCH more repulsive. I have to go gag now.

Mad Tech
3 September 2002, 01:08 PM
Body: lumpy, greasy, sticky, headless, flaming, burnt

Clothing: greasy, sticky, burning, missing, transparent

Facial Features: ghastly, horrid, lumpy, melting

Hair: burning, greasy, sticky, scalped, flakey

Handicap: Italian, Polish, Middle Eastern

Mentality: vacant, oblivious, blonde, retarded

Smell: god-awful, dead opposum, dead rancor

Speech/Voice: like nails on a chalkboard

Stature: squashy, trapezoidal, gnarled, lumpy

Temperament: as gentle as O.J., as lovable as Manson, as likable as Saddam

Trade: baseball cards, comic books, Darth Vader Pez dispensers

Walk/Gait: quick, running, scared, into a bus

Durian Keldrona
3 September 2002, 01:55 PM
Body: Muscle Bound

Clothing: Military, officer, noble,

Facial Features: aqualine nose, hook nose

Hair: military, bald

Handicap: cyber eye, cyber hand, cyber leg


Smell: sweet perfume, Musky, Musty

Speech/Voice: nasaly

Stature: short, lanky, tall, stocky

Temperament: angry,

Trade: politician, mercenary, smuggler, freighter captain, dock worker


Lord Diggori
3 September 2002, 02:30 PM
Let's see:

Body: Powerful, Stocky, Barrel chested, Lean, Voluptuious, Thin, Bony, Average, Height, Aprox. weight

Clothing: Formal, casual, work scrubs, and colors, condition, spot checks fro certain insignia

Facial festures: Hawkish like a Vor, Devilish like a Devaronian (i.e. any alien I have a picture of handy) and or Eye color, hair color, notable scars. The expressions I act out.

Hair: Straight, Wavy, Kinky, Curly, Dredlocks, and length, general style, current condition if needed (caked with dirt to freshly shampooed)

Handicap: Cyborg <fill in the part>, limp, facial tick, other things I act out (a NPC without a left arm I put my arm behind my back when I play him).

Mentality: I play this out, hamming it up.

Smell: Best to use food combinations with in-game references
He had a musty aroma, like over-ripe Mandellian onions and hot, Fosto mustard. Recognizable but still alien.

Speech: I act this out. I'm good at voices.

Stature: see Body

Temperment: see Mentality

Trade: Bureaucrat,Tycoon, Law- ( man, woman, or being ), Freebooter, Jack-a-nape (?), Up-and-comer, Peddler, Big-wig

Walk: Precise step, swaggering, nervous, rushed, saunter, march

7 September 2002, 06:35 PM
Ok, lets see...

Body: muscles (wreathing, rippling, sinewy, strung and wiry)

Clothing:satin, torn and tattered, ragged, skin tight, patched

Facial Features: (BTW Love the alien allusions Lord Diggori) Jagged and sharp, leathery and tough like old tree roots, cold icy eyes and well bold outlines like a wintry wind upon delicate lungs, faceted eyes that seem to peirce and reflect the stars of the whole of the universe in thier dark pits of eyes, ...seems as if there is not enough flesh to cover the weathered bones of his streched features, his face seems to mimic that of the feared mandolorians with slits of eyes, nose, and mouth. (give the PC's big, long Tolkienesqe descriptions, knocks their socks off.).

Hair: thick rich braided beard full of grit and the color of sand

I'll have more later, now I must sleep...

P.S Trade: Free-wheelin entrepeneur (complete with handlebar moustache :D. )

8 September 2002, 05:16 PM
Body: Lithe, agile, athletic, well-proportioned, muscular, slim, curvy, powerful, husky,

Clothing: Bulky, ragged, worn, crisp,

Facial Features: Sharp angle of brow, delicately rounded chin, pointed chin, rosy cheeks, starry eyes (or starry-eyed),

Hair: Delicate strands of fire-gold hair, rough and tangled, unruly, neatly braided at the nape, clean cut,

Handicap: Walks with an unhealthy limp, staggers due to an obvious leg injury,

Mentality: Half-crazed, manipulative,

Smell: Like wildflowers, sweaty, repulsive,

Speech/Voice: Deep and powerful, rumbling, roaring, soft,

Stature: Uncomfortably hunched over, shoulders slumped lazily,

Temperament: Foul-tempered, cool and calm,

Trade: Slicer, government official, bantha herder, local law enforcement,

Walk/Gait: Limping, rushed, hurried,

10 September 2002, 12:53 PM
I've used quite a few of the suggestions, those that I did ommit were mostly do to format issues. I didn't include much in the way of describing aliens in specific and have ommitted a list of species. Wizards has a handy chart however for quickly generating Alien Commoners over at their site that should help in that area nicely.

Anyways here you go...the sheet is provided here in Word format...also available in Rich Text Format so that any browser should be able to read it and hopefully maintain its formatting...and lastly in Txt Format which is absolutely going to murder the columns. The list is 1 page only and has adjectives listed in alphabetical order, in various descriptive groups. There is well over 500 adjectives at your fingertips here. If anyone has any suggestions for words that should be included or excluded or any suggestions at all for that matter PLEASE contact me. Thanks.

Microsoft Word Format (View it in MS Word for ideal formatting) (http://www.umit.maine.edu/~NilAdmirari/swdescribeword.doc)
Rich Text Format (Can be viewed in most everything and hopefully has maintained its columns) (http://www.umit.maine.edu/~NilAdmirari/swdescriberichtext.rtf)
Text Format (Can be viewed in basically everything but the formatting is gone) (http://www.umit.maine.edu/~NilAdmirari/swdescribetext.txt)

10 September 2002, 05:42 PM
Thanks NilAdmirari, good thread and good compilation at the end :) Very handy.

Weren't mine good enough? :P

11 September 2002, 04:33 PM
I used quite a few of yours Great Horned...many of them I already had on the list but due to you I know that I added: manipulative, sweaty, delicate for facial features, limping, and rumbling I believe.

11 September 2002, 10:02 PM
Yeah its alright I know some of them were there :)

I was just giving you a stir ;)