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FlipDog 2000
2 September 2002, 07:37 AM
Well, I thbink its absolutely great that we have so many new members of the SWRPG Forums, but I have also noticed an increasing number of new members that seem to be acting like , please forgive the term, morons.
I mean, I know we can all act immature and stupid at times (Lord knows I have a +10 in immaturity) , and sometimes post completely pointless posts. But I have also noticed a constant rise in the amount of constant stupidity posts. And its not only the new members, it can sometimes be us "veterans."
For furthur elaboration on the topic, I am talking about users who decide to either change the topic, just for the heck of it. Sometimes its completely flaming or purposely starting an arguement. I remember when I usedto get repremanded by the mods for that.
So, this is just one man's rant, but I would like to see some more meaningful posts more often.

Nova Spice
2 September 2002, 08:27 AM
Heh, Flip I know where you're coming from as far as meaningless posts. It can frustrating to post a thread and then have someone reply with an unfulfilling post, but unfortunately, thats bound to happen every once in a while.

As far as veterans being morons, I suppose you could lump all of us in there together because I know we've all done something stupid at least once during our tenure here! :D :p

I suppose the thing that irritates me the worst is a one word or one sentence reply to a very in-depth discussion. It seems like whenever a very thorough and deep thread is being discussed and someone replies with a one word (one sentence) response, I raise my eyebrows in confusion. IMO, why even reply when all you're going to do is say: "Yeah."

I think everyone will agree that more meaningful posts are something everyone would love to see, but for the most part, the posts are very well-thought out and good on the boards. Every now and then someone will reply with a completely mind-boggling response leaving you flabergasted at what was going through their minds at the time, but that has been rare of late.

So in reponse to your post Flip: "Yeah." :D :p

evan hansen
2 September 2002, 02:06 PM
Well, something that I think often becomes a problem with lists, boards, and other communication media like this is that the more and more users you have, the more and more you open yourself to all the things the outside presents. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it's bad.

On the whole, it's proven to be great here. The different gaming styles, the breadth of gaming experience, and the thoughtfulness of most members is pretty amazing. But with the positive comes the negative. You have to take it all in stride, I guess.

A lot of times, folks new to a list or board will presume they know more than the people on the board. You tend to get a lot of flames or arguments that way. I know that when I first joined Jae Walker's SW-RPG list like 6 years ago, I assumed right away that things people were saying were wrong. I'd quote rules, make inflammatory remarks, etc... and I got put on review for it. :-) But I learned, after reading from older members, that most of the time the *thought* that goes into a post is the most important part -- not whether you're right or wrong. A lot of newer folks have to take the time to learn that before they can begin to be really useful.

And, of course, there's always the age factor. A lot of 14 year old kids are more mature than most of my friends, but a lot of them aren't. I've "known" Armage for 6 years now, and he's been a rock of useful criticism and feedback (not to mention a stat generating machine) pretty much the whole time. But is everyone that age going to respond like that? Not a chance in hell. Quite the opposite, really. I was a 16 or 17 year old punk when I first joined up on that list. And I screwed up a lot of things, including accidentally crashing the whole listserv with a flamewar I started. Needless to say, I changed my attitude a bit.

But, in short, things like this are to be expected in an environment like this. It's kind of on us, the users, to filter what we need and what we don't -- what we consider helpful and what we don't.

Either way, may the Force be with you. :-)

3 September 2002, 06:48 AM
I don't know where I fit into the whole newbie/veteran scheme of things, but I definately see where you are coming from with this rant Flip. What bothers me the most I think is the repetition by some of the newer members. The same topics seem to come up again and again and again. People really should read the FAQ's and check for old posts on topics before they go and post on it again. Then add in the moron factor and you are cruising towards a total waste of discussion space.

4 September 2002, 09:14 PM
Since we're venting...

What drives me nuts is when 5+people say the same thing in response ot a factual querry. I am not talking about questions of opinion, but rule and media refernces.


Question: How do you do "X" according to the rules?

Answer 1: in the RCR on page 55 it states "blah blah blah..."
Answer 2: Yea what 1 said you "Blah Blah Blah..."
Answer 3: In our game we go by the rules so we do "blah blah blah...
...and so on and so on.

Come on folks...read the full thread before you reply...post counts mean nothing so there is no point in padding by repeating others.

Ah...I feel better now...

5 September 2002, 04:44 AM
Yeah, I really hate it when people repeat stuff that has already been said before ... like:

When one guy says, "The book says Blah Blah Blah"
and then three more people say the same thing ...

I really hate that, don't you Dr. Worm?


What really annoys me is the ppl who jump into the Hotshot Quiz answering before reading the rules ...

5 September 2002, 07:40 AM
Often I wish Holonet had a "split topic" feature. That way, certain posts could be split off into another topic, thus fairly well preserving the topicality of both. PHPBB has this feature, which is nice -- I don't know if vBulletin (which Holonet runs on) does or not. In any case, I've never seen it used.

Sometimes, though, someone going offtopic isn't out of malicious intent, but a reaction to someone else saying something interesting that's distinct from the main thread. This board is friendly enough that people sometimes just get chatty.

And as for multiple users reacting to the same factual question -- many times I've hit the Submit button, thinking I was the only one to answer the question, only to find that two or three others had submitted their answers about the same time as me. It happens. :)

FlipDog 2000
9 September 2002, 05:44 AM
I would have to agree with everything that has been said here. To one extent we can all act like mature, civil people. But every now and then, we hop back to the days where we didn't care what we said or did. Gosh, I know that I have made some stupid comments, inadvertantly derailed a thread, or even offended some people. But as I have found more and more "mature" posts, I have tried to model how I reply (all though not all the time, you have to have a little fun:rolleyes: ) like every one here. So, despite the fact that I don't want the responsibility, I think it's our duty as "Veteran" members to set an example for the newbies, no matter how young or old they might be. So, good call guys.

Donovan Morningfire
9 September 2002, 08:03 AM
No matter how bad you think things are here, these boards have almost always been a near model of civility and clear-thinking compared to the some of the other message boards I've seen, either as a lurker or a member. (Most notable being the WotC D&D Boards; a truly evil place.)

Flipdog does bring up an excellent point. A lot of the newbies seem to be acting, to a lot of the old warhorses, like newbies.

Then again, I highly doubt we were all model Holonet citizens when we first showed up on the scene. The overwhelming mindset here is one of civility and overall clear-thinking (though we all have our moments of incredible denseness). To be blunt, the newbies either get with the program or move on. There's the capacity for brillant insight or degenerate nonsense in each of use, vetertan and newbie alike.

While I freely admit I prefer seeing at least a paragraph of response than one sentence, sometimes saying anything more than that one sentence is unnecessary to the poster's view. I've had posts were it was just a sentence or two, but that's all that was needed to get the point across. (Granted not many, as I do seem to be quite long-winded, as a lot of others can attest.)

On Dr. Worm's point, unfortunately not everyone holds to the standard of "saying something only when you've got something to really say." Again, that's a difference between some of the newer members and us old-timers. We've learned when to shut our yaps ;)

But again, there are new members who are veterans of other message boards, and have learned civility and the value of speaking when you've got something to say. So just because somebody's new don't dismiss them out of course.

9 September 2002, 09:23 AM
* she finds it funny that Nova and her are the oldest people in this thread, and they are just under a year & a half old here ... hehehehhe *

Chris Curtis
9 September 2002, 09:39 AM
Originally posted by VixenofVenus
* she finds it funny that Nova and her are the oldest people in this thread, and they are just under a year & a half old here ... hehehehhe *

No you're not. I'm the oldest person on this thread. At least, now I am... :D

But, back to the thread at hand... I'm personally of the opinion that people shouldn't respond to threads unless they really have something to say. Simply posting a "yeah, me, too" isn't very useful to anyone.

In fact, that's the very reason I refrained from posting in this thread until now. I really had nothing new to contribute. However, seeing a chance to prove Venus wrong (even if her statement was true at the time ;) ) was just too good to pass up.

(Gee, did I somehow just make myself a negative example in this very thread? Oops.)

Matt Richard
9 September 2002, 03:15 PM
Dont worry Chris, that's probably the first time you've done something like that ever.:D

Anyway, the mods do have the ability to split threads, but that option is usually used for if the want to split and merge some posts here and there (i use it often for the dlos forum). A more effective option is taht the mods can "clean up" or edit posts, which make it much simpler than spliting and merging, etc.