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Tony J Case, Super Genius
3 September 2002, 09:46 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen -

After countless hours of long deliberation, our team of hand picked judges has rendered a decision on the first round of contest winners. Although the competition was fierce, much like Highlander there can be only one in the end.

So, the winner in the Starship category is Ugavine, AKA Sithspawn, AKA Simon Paul Holden for the Kuat Drive Yards Royal Funeral Barge. Of course, I do have to give mad props to Brett and The Daft Baroness. Both were great vehicles, but sadly I only have one magazine to give away.

Both can be seen on my page here: http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/hearse.htm (http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/hearse.htm)

and here: http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/baroness.htm


Anyway, now on to the September contest . . . .

The Category: Best Weapon
The Prize: A copy of Tempest Feud

In honor of this month's prize (being an underworld intensive module and all), we take a run on the shady side of life: the best Weapon write up. Best weapon can mean anything - from hand to hand up close and personal to a starship mounted Planet Buster and anywhere in between. Ranged, melee, grenade, a keen lightsaber - it's all good.

Contest runs for the next month (Sept 30th), and the same rules apply as before (http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/contest.htm to fresh your memory)

Good luck!

3 September 2002, 11:09 PM
I have several things I would love to enter in the september contest, but alas I am not familar enough with the D20 system to acurately convert my D6 weapon stats to D20. will this be a problem, or will D6 be ok?

Tony J Case, Super Genius
4 September 2002, 02:54 PM
Since I ran into the problem of people not fully versed in both systems last month, I've gone and relaxed the restriction that any entries MUST be in both systems. It would be nice, but not mandatory.

So, there are a couple of options -

One of course would be submit just the one set of stats. That would be just fine.

The second would be find some assistance around the forum for help in the conversion process. I know there's at least a couple of folks willing to lend a hand to folks not up on the other systems.

4 September 2002, 03:22 PM
Cool thanks! I'll pull some stuff up as soon as I get a break from work.
Be seeing you