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5 September 2002, 02:01 AM
Hi everyone !

I'm looking for some ideas for scenarios or campaign for an all Jedi group. My two PCs are about the level of Jedi Knights (D6: 6-7D in Force skills), and they live during the New Republic Era, around year 14-15. One of them is a human male, Alex, and the other is a wired female (wired is a race I created, it is a kind of near human, living in the Unknown Regions). Alex is currently being taught Jedi skills and powers at Luke's Jedi Academy, and is now in charge of teaching to a "young" (she's 17) apprentice (NPC) (it is in fact a kind of trial for him before becoming Jedi knight). The wired female, Presea, was taught her Force skills by her mother, and is now wandering in the known galaxy. During play, they encounter a small swooper gang on a planet, and the leader of the gang (NPC) choose to follow the PCs (he's in love with Presea, but she isn't).

I'm looking for ideas for scenarios, but I don't want to use the Dark Jedi plot, which I already used in the last campaign. I thought about using the Black Sun, but I don't really know how.
My PC have sometimes worked for the Republic (they were asked for it), but it seems they prefer to stay independent.

So, if someone has a good idea for me, let me know...

5 September 2002, 10:21 AM
Well, I have some ideas that I have already posted, and in the effort of brevity, I have included the link for the start of a campaign here (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?postid=97852#post97852) . It is a post by me, "28) The Darkest Night". Read through that and it will give you a little more info on the ideas for the campaign.

My next post after that one is going to be the continuation of this game, where the War Computers begin attempting to build a new class of Capital Ship, one with unrivalved power in the SW universe. They plan on using this themselves. But I think just about everyone who is anyone would like to get thier hands on it.

Another diabolical step in this is that the disease that was killing people from the adventure is actually somehting else entirely. It is actually a form a micro-nano-machines which, now that the computers have human biology down, the computers can use to control the minds of those infected. (It will take a while before the computers get to the point where it is not still killing people.)

Feel free to use this just a a starter idea. Hopefully it will help get you on track. Also, towards the end of the post that I have attached above (in front of #28), are some side quests which you might find interesting. It is always good to break up a long campaign, especially when your baddies need time to make stuff.

5 September 2002, 10:59 AM
I bet there's alot of neat stuff in the NJO sourcebook (I don't have it) ;)

That being said, you can use pretty much any adventure idea if you want to avoid force-plots. I've had fun with unusual monsters and Jedi, some of the beasts (or create your own) are really neat and can present a really big challenge for Jedi. As for the beasts existence you can have be an encounter on some world anywhere, or add plot to it, these beast were created by somebody, somewhere, for some diabolical purpose.

Other plot/opponents might be like the Criminal Organizatio: black Sun, or any other pirate band, Hutts, etc. Heck, just having them run around a sector in an attempt to keep the peace between warrign factions would keep them real busy.

Hmm, better yet. Just put everything I said and lump it all togethr with twisting plot themes and I think you have yourself a campaing. Heck, that's the way I build 'em. hehe :p

A criminal organization is sponsoring the development of a "war-beast" for profit in the escalating troubles between the two nearby independent systems.

The Jedi Must:
(1) Keep the peace, a hard thing to do as the syndicate is trying to stir it up, as well as other political factiosn that may, or may not be working together.

(2) Investigate the reasons behind the unrest, first a politcal organization, later maybe the syndicate (try to hold out this info till near the end). Try to start the "strange beasts" as appearing to be a separate episode with a "false" reason behind their mystery. Later they learnthe beasts are being specifically developed...

(3) Solve the mysteries of the "beasts", who REALLY is behind it all, and bring it all crumbling down around the villains ears!

Twists include, spies, Imperial remnants, Dark Jedi (yes, maybe a witch or an adept, but ONLY as a red-herring, hehe since you used this plot last time it'd be real good to throw your PCs off the trail if they get to close to figuring out the syndicate!), pirates, and more!

Have fun, hope that helps a bit to generate ideas. :)

Tony J Case, Super Genius
5 September 2002, 04:23 PM
I've done quite a bit of All-Jedi gaming - true it was in the old Republic era, but I'd be willing to bet that the basics still apply.

I guess my first question would be - where do you want the overall story arc to go, provided that you even have one. I've found that if you have the end to move towards, then working backwards is fairly simple.

Did you want a big 'save the world' arc? You mention something Black Sun related, so perhaps busting up a crime ring (long term undercover work could be all kinds of fun) might be one way to go. Staying away from the Dark Jedi thing is fine - but how about some kind of artifact hunt? A collector of rare antiquities is after the lost Sith tombs of Bornfondil and the vast treasures within - so the characters have to beat him and his minions there.

Once you pin down the general thrust of the story, we should be able to proceed from there. . .