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6 September 2002, 08:27 PM
Alot of people on these boards have been trying to say just how effective certain superwaepons would have been against the Vong. I started this thread to dispute some of those, but I would much appreciate any extra input I can get. OK here we go...

Seom people seem to think the Death Star would have done well against the Vong. Well the Vong's dovin basals have prove that they are able to shield them no matter the intensity of the laser. This is proved by the effectiveness of the stutter shot employed by the New Republic. The coralskipper dovin basals can't distinguish between strong blasts or weak blasts, but it still shields them against all the blasts until it gets tired out. After one encounter with the death star, the Vong would probably be able to shield themselves from it. Obviously this only serves to reduce the effectiveness of the superlaser, so the Death Star would still be effective as a mobile staging point for attacks against the Vong.

Next is the Sun Crusher. The big downfall for this one is pretty obvious, it could never be used once the VOng got close to the Core. The Sun Crusher would destroy too much of an area to be used effectively without harming youe own holdings.

I don't knw a whole lot about the Galaxy Gun or the Eye of Palpatine, but if anyone has any thoughts on those I'd appreciate the input, thanks.

6 September 2002, 10:05 PM
I personally would not so quickly put down the superlaser possibility. From what I have read the Dovin Basals have a certain limit to how much energy they can handle, thus why the flutter attacks worked at first. One super laser shot, at full power, would take quite a few Dovin Basals to totally absorb. What I think would happen, at least for the first time, considering the durration of the shot (to me, if I remember correctly, it was noticably longer then average laser or turbo-laser shot) a basal would put up a void to suck it in and almost immediately be overwhelmed and proly have something akin to a seizure as the rest of the energy slams home. maybe not outright kill on a larger battleship analog or mothership, but it would definetly do some considerable damage.

What I think the Vong would end up doing to counter this, however, would be to put smaller ships around the large, more importan ship, and have those smaller ships use their voids to 'pull' the super laser beam away from its intended target, possibly/probably strking the smaller 'interceptor.'

Sun Crusher could still be used in other ways. The blast can be used to really mess up a vong ship. A bit overkill, but then so is a superlaser. Plus the 'indestructable' hide of the ship could just smash through vong ships like made, until it meets a void.

Eye of Palpatine was just a really big powerful ship. I don't think it really counts as a superweapon, to be honest. Plus it was from a crummy book. "Blah!" I say.

Galaxy Gun might be interesting. It's projectiles where hyperspace capable, self correcting, shielded, and as large as a medium to heavy freighter. Launch one of those at a vong flag ship or mother ship, and you could proly knock out half to all of a vong fleet. Basals would be hard pressed to stop something that big, especially if you give it the same combat data/comands as the torps, to blow when a void is detected. BIG BADDA BOOM!

Personally, I would like to see someone build a simple ship bristling with anti-starfighter batteries, and a super laser comprising the bulk of the ship itself. It would be more mobile then a death star, alot easier to hide, and would be cheaper to build and maintain (and risk losing). Use that to really scare a vong fleet a few times, then sacrifice it when the vong get wise to its use so that you can strike at a seperate vong target elsewhere in the galaxy.

7 September 2002, 03:16 AM
What about the world devistators? How would they work with the vong???? Or te Pulsar station idea mentioned in Isards revenge?

7 September 2002, 06:43 AM
I agree with you, Zanus, the Eye of Palpatine was in a very crappy book, but I do wanna try to defend my view the superlaser vs. the Vong. The reason the stutter shot worked aginst the vong is because the Dovin Basals couldn't tell the difference between a full power blast or a low power one. It shielded them no matter what type of shot was directed their way until the stutter shot tired them out. I'm not saying that a coralskipper can use its Dovin Basal to absorb the superlaser, but the Vong capital ships have multiple larger Dovin Basals. I think that if they directed all of them to shielding a superlaser blast it could absorb it, and it would probably not tire it out as much as the turbolaser stutter shot used by Republic capital ships. The only thing that seems to tire the Dovin Basals is rapidly repeated firing. Another note on the coralskippers Dovin Basals, the reason I don't think they could take a superlaser shot is because the void projected by their dovin basals isn't even as big as the laser produced by the Death Star superlaser.

7 September 2002, 09:10 AM
From the albeit few books I have read of NJO (waiting for Star by Star to come out in paperback so I can read them all in order) one thing I did get was that the dovin basals could only handle so much energy before they started to ware out. I dunno, maybe I read it wrong or something, but that was what I gathered from the discription in acouple of books.

I wasn't suggesting skips be used to screen the larger ships, I was thinking the gunship analogs or frigate analogs. I figured the skips would be trying to take the superlaser out of commission.

World Devastators would be interesting, but I have a feeling they wouldn't last to long, since they have to get right on top of their target. I also am not sure of the metal content of Yorik Coral, so I don't know if the devastators would be able to put it to much use.

What was the Pulsar Station idea? It has been awhile since I read that book and don't remember that mention.

7 September 2002, 11:37 AM
The pulsar station, was supposed to be a small planetoid (smaller than the Death Star), that used the superlaser from the DS, but in the same way it was used in ROTJ, with many focusing points, and each is poewred enough to obliderate a capital ship.
EG DS2 has 10D in planetary scale damage per blast (16D total output per day for the core), pulsar Pl Laser would have each at 2d (which translates into 8d cap scale), which 'should' be enough to blow up most cap ships.