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8 September 2002, 09:07 AM
Alright now I'm planning on pulling in a funny NPC for my all jedi group...any suggestions on what has worked and what hasn't worked for any of you?

8 September 2002, 10:04 AM
a gungan? :)

8 September 2002, 10:48 AM
A gungan can work...I embelished upon the gungan provided in the Gamer's campaign setting for Bartyn's Landing. His name was BoomBoom and he was kind of like the gruff, grizzled, quick moving mechanic type guy. Knew machines, how to race em, how to fix. Was amusing at times, if for no other reason than to see a gungan in a non-lame non-ridiculous sort of mindset.

Kas'ir Faywind
8 September 2002, 11:14 AM
A slightly old english(or american if your not from the USA) accented man that has a slight memory loss.

"Where is the warehouse sir?"
"Well lets see, we used to take the ole landy down 4 clicks till we got to the canyon....or was that the plateau... Yes it was the plataeu thats where we haggled with the jawa 40 standard years ago for this droid" *pats a rusted cane* "then you turn right...or was it left ah thats right its a left. after a few hours you start to see the mountain....ahhh the mountain that reminds me of me late Cindy she was a lovely gal........."

Or just put in someone that talks like Randy Savage
"Don't raise a finger to me Jedy ill put you in a finger for leg lock"
"Ill send you home to mommie with a rolling ddt!"

8 September 2002, 12:37 PM
Currently I play with a Sluissi mechanic that is very excitable & jumpy. He slithers around the ship fixing things and can habitually be found curled about the magnacoils in the back of the ship for "warmth". In combat he can be a cross between hysterical and tends to "bang" on things to get them to work properly. I have pretty good success there.

Another NPC I use is an independent little R2-slicer droid. He refers to PCs as "not-stupids" & anyone he doesn't know as "stupids". Considers breaking & entering systems as "fun" and gets bored easily. Ususally plays with something on ship or messes with local planetary computer systems on a whim. Droid logic through & through, makes for fun conversations. :)

A few more Ideas I haven't used yet:

(1) A poor lonesome force-sensitive Jawa who has "adopted" one of the PCs as his would-be mentor. Absolute adoration, and will do anything the PC tells him to (beyond leaving his side for too long).(Optional: secretly delving into the darkside and has aspirations for ruling the galaxy)

(2) An irritable pregant female wookie who is in trouble and needs the players help. Then as part of her wookie life debt adopts one of the PCs who saved her as the foster father of her child (the father being dead) and who must help her give birth in the ritualistic style (insert imagination here :p)

(3) A poor, dumb, simple Trandoshan that acts more like a big & strong puppy than anything else. Hangs around the PCs because he likes how they smell...(A poor degenrate of an inbreeding Trandhoshan lineage). (Optional: An escaped experiment in using Trandoshan genetics to *sniff* out force-users :D)

(4) A female Kel Dor pacifist that preaches non-violence but can't help but get herself beat-up regularly. Always sniffling and looking like she's in serious need of help. (chased by a mob, a gang, or annoyed officials). Falls in love with the most violent PC and tries to "save" him from his disastrous way of life.

8 September 2002, 01:00 PM
Personally, I wouldn't recommend going with straight humor and insanity. While this can be funny, such characters destroy the realism of a game, something I usually work very hard to establish.

In my opinion, your best approach is to create someone with a personality that could realistically exist, but have it clash so strongly with your Jedi that it ends up being funny.

1) A character that insists that the Force does not exist, despite regular examples from the Jedi characters.
2) If you're playing Old Republic, you can drop in a character that's romantically interested in one of the PCs (ideally, one who is uptight and serious about being a Jedi), not knowing that Jedi are forbidden to have such relationships. Then let the Jedi squirm in trying to find a way to convey this without breaking the NPCs heart.
3) A character that has delusions that he/she is a Jedi and routinely wanders around talking to everyone about the Jedi and the Force. All of the "information" will of course be incorrect, much to the frustration of your Jedi.

8 September 2002, 01:41 PM
1) A character that insists that the Force does not exist, despite regular examples from the Jedi characters.

LOL, Jedi_Staailis, despite striving for realism, this idea caught me as funny when I imagined the NPC as a Monty Python character :p

PC: See? I just moved that rock with the force.
NPC: *quick response* No you didn't.
PC: I just did?
NPC: Do what?
PC: Move that rock!
NPC: Oh, cmon you were standing here the whole bloody time. *guffaw*
PC: No I moved it with the "Force"...
NPC: *laughs* Are bloody mad? The "force" woohoo.. *look of indignation & disbelief*
PC: Look, I'll do it again.
NPC: Oh sure, moving the rock with your mind, look who's the looney! *rolling eyes and making funny gestures*
PC: See, there!
NPC: Where?
PC: Right there! *points*
NPC: What, that?
PC Yes, that!
NPC: Oh, sure like I haven't seen THAT one before. REAL original, pfaw. I bet you know lot's of THOSE tricks.
PC: *hits NPC WITH the rock* ;)

8 September 2002, 08:37 PM
We have Bob, the perverted Tusken Raider. The only reason he's in the military is that the other Raiders told him that girls love a man in uniform. Any time there's a battle, Bob is cowering in a corner, whimpering. During mission briefings, Bob has a bad tendency to sneak off to the bathroom with his porn datacards. The only way to get him to fight is to threaten to destroy his porn.

Trigger and I are also considering bringing in (in the grand tradition of Austin Powers) Mini-Maul!

8 September 2002, 10:38 PM
when I suggested a gungan it was more of a suggestion to avoid. look at the NPC comics in SW and see what worked.. the idoit gungan (jar jar) just annoyed everyone. moral of the story, the stupid side kick doesn't really work well with star wars.. 3PO and R2 however? PUUUUUUUUUUURE Gold

9 September 2002, 07:27 AM
I have a regular pair that show up every once in a while in all my games-

Bill and Ted.

Simply put, my players loved the movies and will do anything for these two.

Ted: We totally trashed that AT-AT.
Bill: Yeah, it was heavy metal!
Bill and Ted: Excellent! [air guitar]

Or if that's not your cup of tea...

Bob the prophet and Mr Ed- a pair of wandering space refugees who are always around. In actuality, it is Ed who is the force adept, not Bob. However, as a scoundrel, Bob is adept at miraculaously dodging attacks. Often makes dire predictions of the PCs and when asked... "What? I've never seen you before in me life, bugger off! Woe to you o evil doers!"

evan hansen
9 September 2002, 07:36 AM
It's interesting to see what other folks do for humor in their games. I've been (slowly) working on a GM supplement that has some characters, ideas, etc... in it to deal with that type of thing -- to kind of share the things that have worked for me more than anything, I guess.

So, actually, if anyone out there has a character or place or planet or adventure or whatever that they wouldn't mind sharing (I'll only do editing for clarity, grammar, and formatting -- no content changes), I'd like to put it in the supplement. Full credit to the author, of course.

9 September 2002, 08:21 AM
Ted: We totally trashed that AT-AT.
Bill: Yeah, it was heavy metal!

Haha...as funny as this is I think I'd, AT THE LEAST, need to change the names. Two moronic combat hungry soldiers or scoundrels might work well though.

A character that insists that the Force does not exist, despite regular examples from the Jedi characters.

Yes, this has some serious potential to be both funny and annoying at the same time.

Jedi: "There look, that rock is levitating because I am using the force."

NonBeliever: "The force?! More like the farce...they sell levitation rocks in nearly every fancy shmancy magic shop I've ever been to. You ain't fooling me with your petty parlour tricks."

Jedi: *force grips NonBeliever*

9 September 2002, 08:26 AM
when I suggested a gungan it was more of a suggestion to avoid. look at the NPC comics in SW and see what worked.. the idoit gungan (jar jar) just annoyed everyone.

Not all Gungans need be stupid though...Chiang and others just spent far too much time developing this entire species that I think we at least should be obligated to ATTEMPT to rescue the Gungans with some relatively decent representatives.

9 September 2002, 09:11 AM
Great ideas, I may borrow a few myself.

I've used a C3PO type character, but you have to be prepared to talk at length about nothing.

I had a female mechanic throw herself at one of my players, the results weren't that humorous though, until her ex-boyfriend showed up.

What worked pretty well was a friendly dog who would do various things like steal sandwiches or sit in players chairs before they could. Chew on data cards, soil the speeder. But the dog was always smiling, grinning, and generally nice to the players, just a little mischevious. If they get attached enough you can have an adventure based on finding the runaway dog.

9 September 2002, 09:31 AM
I have a Gungan NPC in my campaign, as well, whom all the players like. He is more or less the complete opposite of Jar Jar. Smart, capable, and a little on the violent side. He's badly in need of some social conditioning, because he keeps reaching for his blaster during "negotiations," and the PCs have to step in to stop him.

I also have a "fearsome bounty hunter" who shows up to harrass the PCs every few adventures. He is completely inept and always gets defeated in short order, yet invariably manages to escape to fight another day. He is always good for a few laughs.

9 September 2002, 12:14 PM
One of my PCs has an Ithorian named "Bolkrin" (he made it up). I had him start out as a radom NPC that my PC met. He offered him a job and it rapidly mutated into a slave (this PC is a sith BTW). Now he spends any of "Bolkrin's" money, enters him in wrestling matches (and bets on the other guy :D ), stands behind him in combat and makes him run into battle unarmed. Now, the only reason i'm letting him do this is because he's a sith and we need some comic relief.

But here are some ideas
-a serious Gungan (often turns out to be funnier :D)
-an uncivilized Ewok (you know often rips out wires from ship, doesn't hold lightsaber away from face)
-a mute Jawa
-Gammereons (very obvious)

Sherman Shipyards
9 September 2002, 11:53 PM
Might I suggest putting a Star Wars version of Dragon's Nodwick and his employers in your campain. Or out right borrowing can be fun to. D&D 3rd edtion stats are at Nodwick.com (http://www.nodwick.com)

I also have a NPC I simply call The Stupid Gungan. He is increadably lucky (he can not be shot or killed by any means), and increadably stupid. His sole redeaming value is he likes to play "Head you win, Tail I lose."

10 September 2002, 04:40 AM
I introduced a power-droid ("Gronk... gronk...") who thought one of the PCs was its mother (faulty logic circuits - you know how rough Tatooine can be on a droid... ;) )

10 September 2002, 12:13 PM
I have recently made a new PC character who is supposed to be a failed Jedi. Lots of brooding, drinking and generally being a pain in the ass. But the funny part is that I am making him alergic to Wookies. And one of our players is a wookie, but the GM and I aren't going to inform him. I will just start sneezing and get miserable whenever I am in close quarters with him. That could make for some fun if you introduced an NPC with an alergic reaction.

I'll let everyone know if it works out :p

Moff Neomen
10 September 2002, 01:58 PM
My two most amusing NPCs were Squisher and Ortugg...a ghol (homebrew baboon-like race) and a Gamorrean, respectively. Neither spoke Basic, and both had the intelligence of a retarded cabbage :D. They would occasionally show up and make obnoxious fools of themselves...they were great fun to roleplay (especially when they got into an argument). Even played them as PCs for a while in a short-lived campaign :D.

Other amusing NPCs were an insane computer AI named Durandal...one of the PCs installed him on the ship in order to do autonomous functions, but he was a little...shall we say...capricious :D. He would screw with the character's minds, be arrogant, and was constantly plotting for galactic domination.

One of the crew members on the character's ship near the end of the campaign was named That Duros Guy...a Duros foreman who despite being a great team player, a shoulder you could lean on, and a dispenser of wisdom, he was unassuming enough that noone remembered his name ;).

And, of course, my namesake Moff Neomen...a whiny, nasal-voiced, squat Imperial Moff with a thing for superweapons, supervillian cliches, and running away whenever the characters showed up. A kind of comic-relief villain mostly :).

10 September 2002, 02:17 PM
I gave a repair/protocal droid a problem with decimals points. He kept overfilling fire suppresant systems, under and over paying docking port officials, giving wrong directions, etc. nothing dangerous just annoying. The problem was inbedded in its main droid brain, only a replacement would fix it. Repair rolls only suppressed it for a little while.