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10 September 2002, 06:10 AM
Me and some of my new friends are going to start a new group for a new game. I was goingt to GM myself, but now I'll probably let the other GM take care of that job until I get my new computer...I don't really now what he is going to run, but I was going to start a TALES OF THE JEDI game. It's were the Sith Empire is still around, but a little bit different. During the times of the Sith Empire, people like Mace Window and Plok Klun didn't exist yet, yoda wasn't born yet either.

They do in my game...also they will run into the Sith, which haven't been seen in about a millina(or however you spell that). This is the time before the rule of two came to be. The rule that there will onl be two, a master and a padawn...sound interesting? I hope so, I'm sure I'll get a lot of ppl responding to this, so if you want to play, pm me before it's too late, we mihgt go as high as around, hmmm...20 players.


10 September 2002, 08:17 AM
Silly question: is this play-by-post, play-by-email, via a chat client or table-top? If table-top, where will it be located?

10 September 2002, 09:33 AM
I sent him a simlier thing via PM I di not think I should have sent it via the bourd so that others can see the answer.