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11 September 2002, 08:47 AM
I was wondering how many Star Destroyers are at large in the galaxy 2 years after the Battle of Endor.

And what was the strenght of the New Republic fleet by that time? And where would it be majorly stationed?

I am running a game where a rogue Imperial Admiral is blockading a spacedock near Malastare and would like to have sugestions about the resistance from the New Republic it would find.

The PCs have high connections and are calling the High Command - Ackbar, Wedge and the likes.

André Gordirro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11 September 2002, 09:17 AM
2 years after Endor...hmm, I think that puts it around the start, if not a couple novels into the X-wing series. Wedge would be tied up if you want to keep to proper novel line (rogue admirals where common enough that it really wouldn't disrupt anything). Plus Wedge really isn't part of the high command, he is just a war hero.

I think you could safely triple the strengh of the NR fleet from what there was going into the battle of Endor. They had at least two ISD's at that point too, but one was used in the first X-wing novel, so be careful about that (again, if you care) You can find info on the two NR ISD's in the Dark Empire source book, they had some tweaks done to their design.

As for SD's under Imperial control...Hard to say. Remember, after Endor there where alot of splinter warlords, many taking a number of ISD's for their own. Plus attrition, and SD's simply getting lost for a variety of reasons.

At the height of the Empire, supposedly there where more SD's then could be counted. At the time of the Hand of Thrawn Duology, there where a few hundred, still a sizable force, but nothing compared to years past. I would say a couple thousand, but they would be spread out all over the place. If a Warlord can manage to get his hands on five to ten, he is doing pretty darn good for himself, and will 'proly control several star systems. A "Rogue" Admiral might get two or three, plus several smaller ships, Carrack class light cruisers, Dreadnaughts (not of the Katana fleet), Escort carriers, Lancer Frigates, Neb-B's, maybe a Intridictor (unlikely 'cause of their low production, same goes for Lancers), and any number of other ships that are not often talked about.

This is my own estimates based on the novels and WEG sourcebooks of the time. You could have the "Rogue" Admiral running around wth his own black squadron if you wished. It would, realistically, make the high command more hesitant to do anything about the admiral, and make the PC's job alot harder, but it is your choice ;)

11 September 2002, 09:42 AM
great help Zanus

the campaing I GM has Nien Numb as a PC character, as much as a war hero as Wedge :) that's why he has Ackbar's and Wedge's comlink number to call in an emergency like this.

I think the High Command can dispatch a Mon Cal cruiser to the spacedock being blockaded - and even the Wraith Squadron (are they already active 2 years after Endor?).

The Rogue Admiral is just regaining power and proclaming himself an Warlord - so he still doesn't have a small fleet under his belt. Maybe some backup the party is not aware of but still is just his SD (and full compliment of Tie Defenders) against the party's Skipray Blastboat.

Tough odds I say . ..

Nova Spice
11 September 2002, 06:06 PM
and even the Wraith Squadron (are they already active 2 years after Endor?).

Negative, they haven't even been thought about yet. That's at least another year and a half or two down the road. However, other squadrons such as Green Squadron (from ROTJ) could be used. It doesn't have to be the Rogues every time. In fact, if you're striving for continuity sake, the Rogues won't be available since they are too busy with the Isard/Coruscant situation, so another squadron beside the Rogues and Wraiths could be just as interesting.

Nien Nunb sounds like a great idea IMO. He is a rarely used character that really should get more credit for his accomplishments. Heck, maybe even Lando could get involved since he and Nien are business partners?

11 September 2002, 06:47 PM
nein nubb as a PC... h,, don'yt really like that, but.. whatever floats your boat

11 September 2002, 09:29 PM
Sometimes using Movie/Book characters can be fun. I knew one guy who forgot his character sheet to a game, so they let him play Han solo. He did really well RPing him, cocky comments (with prompt equipment failures) and all.

Pash Crackens A-wing 'Wing' (three squadrons I believe in this case) would be fun to see, although Pash himself might not be with them, since he worked on the Corouscant thing. I think that is the right name, someone pls correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, they are an elite squadron, and there might be a fair bit of info on them in the Thrawn Trilogy sourcebook (he and his wing where mentioned in the last book of the trilogy, if that helps).

I think the NR could spare more then one Mon Cal cruiser. POSSIBLY two, but more then likely there will be a large force of smaller ships with alot of fighter support, or they would soften things up with repeated fighter raids (which the alliance is best at) picking off the admirals support structure and his picket ships, and weakening his fighter support while an NR task force gathers a few systems away. smuggling runs of medical supplies and food, and needed parts would also be tempted until the task force can move, possibly setting up ground works to help the task force when they make their move.

A couple Dreadnaughts or Alliance assault frigates (heavily modified Dreads), a good number of Neb-B's and Corellian Corvettes and Gunships, and a number of other old or new cruisers and heavily modified freighters would be the most likely assembled force. And never forget that the blockaded planet might still have some system patrol craft they are holding back incase a full bore invasion takes place (your discription leads me to believe that it is simply a blockade, not a take over), and hyperspace capable patrol craft would also be used by both sides for fleet pickets and patrol types. Of coarse, this is only if you wanna go crazy with detail and thoughts on how any of the fleets work. The players might not necessarily need to consider all of this. Heck, their best bet is to make their plans as if they are not harassing the blockade, and that their is no support coming from the planet, that way they can be prepared for the worse possible scenario, or something like it.

Again, my take and thoughts on it. Hope they help and good luck with the game! :)

11 September 2002, 09:43 PM
great sugestions Zanus, tks

and Nova

actually Lando IS involved... he is the party's patron - half the PCs are his business partners and the other half is hired hands

he uses them to do his dirty work for him - either as con artists or enforcers.

we have great fun with this kind of "scoundrel approach" to the Star Wars universe.

the party met the aforementioned Rogue Imperial Admiral when stealing some formula for Lando - who wanted it to sell to a higher bidder through his shady connections. that's when Nien Numb's heroism kicked in...

I will throw some support of the NR fleet (as Zanus sugested) after the PC's ship plus some A-Wing support sweat a little.

The Admiral is blockading the spacedocks to steal the same formula Lando also coveted. So the party has to play heroics AND do not let the NR government know of their real assignment :)

Nova Spice
12 September 2002, 02:17 PM
Wow, sounds like a top-notch adventure idea Gordirro ;)

It sounds to me like you've got a real winner going on with this adventure. I'd love to sit in on something like this. Perhaps, as Zanus mentioned, Pash Cracken's squadron could be involved. However, I wouldn't use Pash since he currently is in Rogue Squadron. I believe in Wedge's Gamble, Pash mentions that Ace Squadron (his unit) was moved under Commander Varth's Wing after Pash joined the Rogues.

Anyway, my personal take on the New Republic's response to this warlord would consist of the following:

-Mon Cal Cruiser (MC-80)
-Three Corellian Corvettes
-Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser (see The Truce at Bakura for pic)
-A mixed fighter wing (consisting of X-wings, Y-wings, and A-wings)

I hope your game turns out well. Sounds like great fun! :D

12 September 2002, 09:31 PM
Now see, that is one thing I don't understand. Just cause this really cool idea for a carrier appears in Truce at Bakura doesn't mean all Alliance/NR carriers are of this design. I am sure they got a fair number of Escort carriers from imperial defectors, or from captured/damaged ships, and there are plenty of other ships they could modify into carriers. I guess i am just saying thing should be looked at with a bit more imagination. Nova, I am not trying to flame you, your thoughts on possible responce force just struck a cord in me.

One of these weekends I am gonna have to go on a rampage and do up stats for all these different ship types floating around in my head to help add more variety for the Rebellion era, carrying over into NR era. I think Dark Horse had it right with the Dark Empire series. They showed ships that no one has bothered doing much in the way of stats on, and showed some good creativity in some of their designs. 'nuff of the thinking everyone always uses the few ships shown in the movies or mentioned in the books (although there have been a few that did come up with there own, X-wing series included).

Ok, sorry for that, but I had to get it off my chest. Have a nice day :)

13 September 2002, 06:18 AM
Wow, sounds like a top-notch adventure idea Gordirro

Thanks Nova :)

Actually this campaing is a lot of fun. My group is composed of 12-year old RPG veterans and casual Star Wars fans - so we play a lot of things in a light spirit in opposed of hardcore seriousness. I'm the only hardcore SW fan so I have a lot of laughs with the things proposed by the group. I have a great time playing Lando as a NPC from time to time.

And Zanus:

Your suggestions were very useful and will add a spice to the next gaming session I did not foresee :)

And this kind of thread proves that the New Republic Era DESERVES its own supplement. For me it's the best era to play: you still have the Empire around, new enemies like warlords and crimelords, and you still feel the Classic Trilogy mojo in the air - no matter how cool Episode 2 was, it's still not the same SW I grew up and love so much.

Grand Admiral Trez
16 September 2002, 10:51 AM
under imp (counting variouse warlords and payrolled pirates) control about 36 i bleive thats Imperial class not countin the Vic's or Int's

and wraith squad way after 2 yrs and you forgot about "Dinner" Squadron the only squadron with 0 losses and 0 defeatsB)

Nova Spice
16 September 2002, 04:24 PM
under imp (counting variouse warlords and payrolled pirates) control about 36 i bleive thats Imperial class not countin the Vic's or Int's

The Empire controls only 36 Imperial-class Star Destroyers two years after Endor? During the time of the Battle of Endor, the Empire controlled nearly 25,000 Star Destroyers. During the New Jedi Order (21 years later), the Empire still maintains close to 200. If the Empire only had 36, then the Rebel fleet would have smashed them into oblivion with ease. :D

16 September 2002, 09:31 PM
I am gonna have to agree with Nova Spice on this, that figure quite a bit low. Even considering production of replacements, the NR and other forces where destroying ISD's faster then they could be replaced, so the Empire more then likely would have been overrun pretty quickly at that rate.

That one big warlord, (Zinj? something like that, had the SSD) might have had 36, which, for a warlord, is quite a good sized fleet, not counting smaller ships. Could you please give the reference you are thinking of Grand Admiral Trez? I am not trying to put you down or flame you, just get an idea where you are coming from with that figure.

Wasn't "Dinner" squadron the squadron Hobby formed to play the part of Rogue squadron durring the "Bacta War"? Or was that something else? It has been to long since I have read the series :rolleyes: