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15 September 2002, 05:26 PM
Alright I've begun working on a custom GM Screen, Ideally 3 letter size pages, portrait style, side by side. Using Excel and Adobe Indesign I've started laying out tables and page listings for important stuff. I've mainly just listed important things relating to general gameplay, starships, and vehicles. My question is this...what would you like to see on a GM Screen, or what have you seen before that you found incredibly useful? What things seem to just waste space and never get used?

Wade Trenor
15 September 2002, 05:44 PM
Grenade scatter is ALWAYS something to put on the GM screen. It's such a pesky rule to find, but depending on the game and the characters playing, you may have to know it (or have access to it).

Synergy bonuses would be a good idea if you play D20. I know they were removed from the RCR, but it does say that they are up to the GM's disgression. If you have a copy of the OCR, then you can see what all the synergy bonuses were.

Challenge codes and experience points (again for D20) are a good thing to put up as well.

evan hansen
15 September 2002, 06:03 PM
It really depends on your game, I suppose. We were always very loose with things like grenade blasts, starship combat, and most of the other really tedious things to remember.

But we really used the WEG wild die a *lot* and we'd sometimes have predetermined things that might happen if you rolled a 1 then a 6 on the wild die. We made a list of twelve things, and if you rolled XYZ you got ABC negative thing that happened. Now, this obviously had to be done pretty broadly since a 1 and a 6 on a Perception roll would be very different than a 1 and a 6 on a blaster roll. But you get the idea.

You may want to include a list of skills/attributes if you make a lot of NPCs on the fly. I always did that when I GM'd and I found it priceless to have a list of potential skills that this newly created character could have. I'd write the dice levels down on a napkin if I had to, but remembering the full, entire, huge list of skills was difficult.

16 September 2002, 01:22 PM
advices for d20
1) main skill check DCs
2) cover and concealment
3) material harness and hp
4) Actions that provoke AoO

in general
- vehicle combat rules
- starship

Other things to have ready
- statblocks of some minor NPC such as guards, rogues, ...

17 September 2002, 04:04 PM
Did anyone get this project up and done? If so I would like a copy please :)

18 September 2002, 05:41 PM
Wow...I'm pretty surprised by alot of the responses...AoO stuff is in there already...umm where in the OCR do I find the synergy bonus stuff? BTW the screen will be finished by next Wednesday.

Durian Keldrona
18 September 2002, 10:02 PM
I got an indesigne 2.0 doc with kabyoshis<sp?> tables that i imported. i could likely post up here.

Wade Trenor
19 September 2002, 04:24 AM
To make it easy, the format is 5 ranks in the skill on the left gives a +2 synergy bonus to skills on the right.

Bluff - Sleight of Hand, Intimidate, Diplomacy and Disguise [Acting in Character]

Computer Use - Demolitions [Explosives with Computerised Elements], Disable Device [Electronic Security Systems] and Repair [Computerised Devices].

Disable Device - Demolitions [Disarm Explosives].

Sense Motive - Diplomacy.

Gather Information - Computer Use [Gathering Electronic News].

Handle Animal - Ride.

Tumble - Jump.