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16 September 2002, 10:32 AM
1) what is the significance of staves and flasks suits? Sabers is equivilant of the spade/sword in a poker deck; the weapons of soldiers. The dimonds and coins are to represent the loot of war. The club is a poor man or holy mans weapon. And the heart I would guess would be the deciding factor of a war lieing in the souls of the supporters.
Now in star wars you can say that the saber is either the sword or the club as it's a Holy weapon of sorts. But it seems to me the Flask especially seems vauge in it meaning but then the staff as well. What kind of flask, or staff are we talking about?

2)this breaks into the reason of my intrest. How (pictorally) would one represent them?
I like the online game I've played, but keep thinking how i'd design a deck (which I might do).
The saber cards one could do a saber, crossed sabers, or the correct number of sabers for the card. Then the command cards of sabers (this is harder), I like the idea of people for this one. Commander, Mistress (I've an idea for this one; the dual saber weilding bald female sith from art of Ep2) Master and ace. Yoda Dooku Maul Annakin Mace? In the original series these are faces that are forgotten, but even if I did use them who goes where? Which is better Ace or master?
Coins is simple 'til you get to the command cards Who represents them? The buyers such as Watto or whould this be a place for the droids who are commodities?
What kind of staff to use. Gaffi, the Gungan... anything else. These are all rather location based. Would a Naboo know a gaffi or moister farmer know a Gungan staff. Then whose faces get used for these?
And the flask. What kind are we useing? and who will be representing them?

And the face cards. There are the traditional ones but I like the ones used in the online game better. There value changes with time and location. and it's more setting based.
Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Dark Jedi, Sith Lord.
Idiot, smuggler, bounty hunter, Rancor.

The Jedi and sith can be easily done with choice of characters; it's just who do you want to pick. The smuggler is harder, as a rule they stay away from recognition, and there are so many no names to choose from (Random racial scoundrels). Bounty Hunters easy Madalorian armor is a symbol of Bounty hunters and Mercenaries in any era. Maybe replace the rancor with Beast and use images of Krayt dragons or the like. and Then the idot card (useing Jar Jar or any gungan won't do, Han wouldn't know who that was and to label a specific race as idiots seems too Biggoted).

It does occur to me that with two of each face card more then one choice can be used. And generic figures can be used. But I tend to like the idea of Mythological figure haveing a role. Like Placeing Darth bane as a Sith Lord along with Sidious or vader. Dark jedi could be maul not so much in name but the appearance was memorable enough to make it into myth.

Any thoughts. I have more but I'm on my way to an appointment so I'll be back for your thoughts and to add more thoughts and questions of my own.

17 September 2002, 05:23 PM
I'm really just looking for peoples input on how to make a deck of sabacc cards that you could almost believe came out of a locker on the falcon. You have to figure there are decks of them not every game could involve a computerized table and chip cards. Also there must be game variations like there is more then one game of poker.
If I use sabers for sabers, who do I use for commander, mistress, Master and Ace
What do I use for staves and flasks, or for that matter star wars coins, and their command cards. I really need some advice.

Wade Trenor
17 September 2002, 05:35 PM
Recently, there was a thread that actually had the entire deck posted in zip form. Unfortunately, I can't remember what forum it was on, but hopefully someone will drop by to give us a hand... :o

17 September 2002, 08:35 PM
God bless e-bay. I went to it and searched for tokens and found a picture of a pile of tokens that would work for coins (no visible markings, so ambiguous but artistic in the treasure hord splashed on a white back drop) with minor editing. and a perfume bottle or two that work for flask. Light saber replicas may work I'm still looking for images of a complete light saber blade exteneded on a back drop, preferably white, with no hands. And I think I just need an image of a Gungan staff with an energy ball in it. With those four, some judiscious editing and a plan for rank cards and face cards I may be able to make an entire deck. It will be the best I can do for now, hopefully they'll look close to photographs. I do want the chance and the patience to try A project I'd love to do. I have seen a book called shoebox holography on line ($22) that claims to show a way of making holographs quickly easily and cheaply useing pocket laser pointers and shoeboxes and other easily aquired items. Given that and some props I'd love to make a set of holographic cards.

24 September 2002, 12:25 PM
Do any of you savy sabbac players have house rules you use to determine the outcome of Sabbac in your games? The RCRB has the gaming skill, but I always looking for ways to make the card games a more interactive and pivotal plot device.

24 September 2002, 07:51 PM
go to I-won search engine get an account (you don't have to use it or have an account to use it but if you do...) so that you can get free entry tickets; for ignoreing their banners; into a number of drawings for cash prizes. The search for sabacc rules, or sabacc. Some are how to role play it (one like poker dice), and some have actual rule on how to play a real version of the game (useing tarot cards and or a custom deck). Then there is always the swaggariffic deck and rules for it on the swag page. and I believe the Weg source book that put out the rules has a blurb at the end about roleplaying it.
If you make your own find a thick paper (oaktag or construction might work, print out th deck, and useing 1) heatless laminate 2) three inch wide clear packing tape, cut the cards into rows first and then cover. it's difficult to imagine making cards wider then 3 inches. or I hear it's possible to 3) buy laminate and iron it on.

26 September 2002, 03:15 AM
Perhaps this will help, powalsh.

Click Here (http://starwars-rpg.net/swag/gallery.php?cat_id=33&action=images)