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17 September 2002, 06:59 AM
Here is the situation. The 4 PC's are friends with an npc Jedi Healer who has called for a MedCorps team to help with a small epidemic in some local non-human villages. At the end of my last session, the Healer asked the PC's to meet the MedCorps ship & lead them into the system (It's Cularin from Living Force), since jumps to it can be very tricky for pilots without experience in the immediate area. When the PC's arrived at the "rondevous," the other vessel wasn't there.
Due to the ever-popular hyperdive mishap, the Bel'Nr is now in a deep canyon on a small planet in an obscure nearby system. The planet's climate is desert, more like Arizona (USA) than Tattooine. I have planned as "encounters" 1 tangle with a local critter, then getting into & out of the canyon with the Medcorps people. I am also considering having the Healer's padawan, another npc, go along--then get sick. Not with the plague, just something everyday, but close enough in symptoms to make these non-drs. worry that their friend & the local Force-users were wrong that the plague couldn't be caught by non-reptilian species. Or perhaps it would be better to make the patient a PC?
My main questions are:
1) how do the PC's locate the Bel'Nr? I've been thinking either their sensors "know" the other's ship's signature (either they were given it be fore the mission, or ask for it in order to do the search), or they have communications with it.
2)Any ideas for other things to happen, or is this enough for one session? I don't want this to stretch out very long in game time--unless it's the PC's fault:)
3)I plan that the Bel'Nr be a little too damaged for them to repair in a timely fashion, so the medics & supplies have to be crowded onto the PC's vessel. So, if someone knows how to figure what their ship can handle over the specs, please let me know--bk & pg# for any existing d20 rules on this would be most useful (sorry for getting a bit system-specific here).
(Later, the PC's could come back for it--they're always wanting or stuff or credits to buy it with--& find others there 1st...)

17 September 2002, 07:19 AM
Well, thats an interesting situation you got them in there. Lets see what advice I can get out of my head :)

1: You could always do the infamous 'SOS' signal from the Bel'Nr, and the PC's happen to pick it up while they are out at the rendevous point. They might have to 'search' for it, using some Computer Use rolls, but that should help them along the way and be relatively minor.

2: You have one encounter and then getting the MedCrop off the planet. If this is all you wish to happen, then so be it. I would have some random charts ready in case the PC's wish to 'explore the planet that pulled the ship into it' though. Never know what they might do or think of.

3: What is the PC's vessel? If its a transport, they have plenty of room within the cargo bays to 'store' the MedCorp and equipment they bring. This is assuming the MedCorp came in another transport of approx. equal size, and not some corvette or what not.

As for the NPC catching a cold, I would go with that. It could terrify the PC too much, and also have that PC's player start asking why he didnt get a Fort save, yadda yadda. Easier to just give the NPC that, and remind the PC's that the Padawan's care was put into thier hands. Then let them freak while finding a way to make him better...

Just my suggestions.

17 September 2002, 09:01 AM
Sounds like you have the basis for a good adventure. I guess I have a few suggestions:

1) Perhaps the ship sent a hyperspace beacon to the meeting point as they crashlanded. It would be something like a small pod (too small for a passenger) with hyperdrive capability and a message attached, maybe a hologram, giving the SOS. I got that idea from the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy. When they arrive at the meeting point the beacon either arrives after they get there, or is waiting for them and transmitting a signal. Simple computer use check on sensors should do it for finding it.

2) One critter encounter is good, but if you wanted a second encounter your could conjour up some hostile natives. Throw a bunch of thugs and a soldier at them, trying to raid the medcorp ship for supplies.

3) I guess this really depends on the size of both vessels, and the med crew. If the Med crew is too large to start you could have a few die in the crash (or killed by bandits) until their numbers are low enough to transport. Or you could have the PC's choose who gets to leave, and who has to stay behind until more help can arrive.

I would give the cold to a PC. With the PC's it could give them a challenge as they try and perform skills and combats without passing out from fever. If you want let them try and make a fort safe but fudge it so he catches it anyway, or make the DC really high (it is a cold, after all). I guess the only catch is thet the Med Crew should be able to figure out what it is and give the PC two aspirin and call them in the mornin'.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

17 September 2002, 11:42 AM
Ok, the pc's ship Calypse (designed w/ Okina-rdae) is actually classed as a starfighter for 1 crew, 6 passengers & 14 days of consumables. Bel'Nr has 8 total on board & I hadn't figured how much space their supplies or at least the most essential take up (I probably need to do that). I haven't found any rules in my references, but I'll look again.
I'll likely go with a variant of Shadow145's suggestion & have the crew who could have fixed the ship be the ones that died, & a pc can handle the repair, so 1 of the pc's with atrogate/pilot can fly it to Cularin. (I don't think the group realized one of them would have to be at the .Bel'Nr's helm even if things had gone as planned.) Or, I will let the pc's decide who leaves when. Maybe the MedCorps people won't like thier decision & will require some persuading that the pc's way is the right way.
Both of you had good arguments for who should get sick, but I'll likely go with the padawan. He's only 13 & might even cover up the earlier symptoms ("it's allergies") & therefore the pc's could worry he had time to infect them. (Ask for a Fort save or 2) Plus I just remembered something devious--last session they used the Calypse to transport some of the victims. If I play it right, they can feel guilty that maybe they didn't do a good decontam & so it's all their fault that the boy got the plague & what'll their Healer-friend say about their carelessness8o ?
Thanks for the help, if you think of anything else, post it.