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evan hansen
18 September 2002, 07:21 PM
So here's the deal, as some of you may have already heard...

Tim "Nealos" Salam has given most of his responsibilities as webmaster of starwars-rpg.net over to me. As you'll see, there's been a minor update to the site already to reflect SWAG and the transition.

As you'll also note from the news update on the site, Chris Curtis is really going to be a co-webmaster on this now. He's one of the most valuable members this community has, and he'll definately be a huge help.

In the near future, look for:

-- Efforts to get the Journal up ASAP
-- Getting Tim's new design (or some minor variant) up and running
-- Adding a couple more hosted sites as he talked about previously
-- Who am I kidding? There's no end to stuff we can do/need to do.

I hope everyone shows continued interest, and Tim, Chris, Chris B., myself, and everyone else associated with starwars-rpg.net is thankful for your patience thus far.

But now it's time to rock and roll! :)

(Comments, thoughts, complaints, ideas, suggestions, etc... welcome. Post away!)

Nova Spice
18 September 2002, 07:26 PM
I think the word: "enormous" was a bit of an understatement there evan! Wow, as a matter of fact I had no idea Nealos was handing the site over to you. Congratulations first off! Second of course is good luck!

You're going to be one busy fellow! But, you've got my support! I look forward to the new sw-rpg.net! ;)

ij thompson
18 September 2002, 07:34 PM
Wonderful news! I'll be looking forward with anticipation!

Though you might want to read over the announcement about SWAG - are the artists really as hungry for you as you say they are? ;)


evan hansen
18 September 2002, 07:42 PM

Oh my. Well, it's fixed. Thanks IJ. Sheesh.

For those who missed it, here's what I accidentally typed:

09.18.02 Starwars-rpg.net would like to announce the launch of the Star Wars Artists' Guild (SWAG) website. The Guild is a group of artists dedicated to creating art for the RPG. They have already filled over 100 requests from gamers like you, and they're hungry for me.

Obviously, hungry for "more."

I'm the George W. Bush of SW-RPG -- can't even speak or write the English language properly. ;)

18 September 2002, 08:36 PM
Congrats on becoming webmaster of starwars-rpg.net. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

And may you be ever free of typos. :D

18 September 2002, 09:38 PM
Originally posted by evan hansen
The Guild is a group of artists dedicated to creating art for the RPG. They have already filled over 100 requests from gamers like you, and they're hungry for me.



:D :D



Whew...that was funny...heh.

ij thompson
18 September 2002, 10:32 PM
Just thought you might like to know ASAP, Evan! :p

Congrats to you!!!

Matt Richard
18 September 2002, 10:41 PM
Congrats on your selection Even, you will do just fine, and we will all forgive you for your SWAG slip - this time :D

we got SWAG opening
DLOS redesigning
starwars-rpg.net getting in full swing
Journal comming out soon

I dont know but, this community is looking better and better everyday...

18 September 2002, 10:45 PM
What exactly IS the journal?

I keep hearing about it.. and the link on the site says "it's coming back"... and I've heard about it "coming back" ever since I registered in February... but I've never seen it! Can someone take a moment to fill me in?

evan hansen
19 September 2002, 04:38 AM
What is the journal, eh? Good question!

Think about the old WEG Adventure Journals or the SW Gamer or something in that vein -- except it's fan-created.

The Online Journal is a submission-based journal, as the name indicates, that used to be released with those fan submssions as the sole content. It had editorials, articles, adventures, characters, snippets from upcoming homebrew supplements, etc... Quite literally, it was just a journal of fan-based material that fit into certain categories. You can read more about those categories and a little about how the journal was broken apart on this page http://www.starwars-rpg.net/journal/submissions.cfm at starwars-rpg.net

I'm honestly not entirely sure what the staff has in store for the new, upcoming journal. From what I've heard from them last evening and this morning, however, it looks to be getting near to completion.

Hope that answers your questions sufficiently.

20 September 2002, 09:34 AM
Congrats Evan, I know that you and Chris will do exceptionally well for the site and the community as a whole.

22 September 2002, 12:50 PM
Hello all,

For those of you thinking, "Is Nealos quitting the site?" or "What's up with this?," here's some explanation.

Evan offered to help me out on the site, as SOOO many of you have done so in the past. I countered his offer with the suggestion that he simply take over the webmastering duties altogether, seeing as he has the time and the willingness. I think the offer may have surprised him a bit, and he said a resounding YES!

I didn't even discuss the offer or decision with Ryan and Chris Boudreaux, co-webmasters up until lately. Recently, Ryan let me know we was receeding into the shadows for an indeterminant time. As for Chris B., he has a very demanding job (as I do) and has always been sort of a silent partner, supporting us in the decision-making process and payments for the server costs.

Long story short - Nealos, Ryan and Chris B. aren't quitting the scene, we aren't "giving up," or any such stuff. This is all about the domain...

As a community site, not only does starwars-rpg.net deserve a webmaster that has the time to put in, but those duties also deserve to be passed through the community. In this case, it's gone to Evan Hansen, one of the founding fathers of SWRPG web sites. I trust him, he has a great passion for the web and SW, he's been a long-standing and VERY respected member of the community since it's inception (far before starwars-rpg.net ever arose).

In short, I trust Evan will do the same job I did - look out for the community and keep the site enjoyable visit after visit. I also trust he'll have better forethought than I did and pass the reigns when he reaches the point where time is scarce. It may never happen, but most likely it will some day as it did to me. Who knows? Maybe I'll rediscover a bunch of time in my life in the near future and be able to re-join Evan and support his efforts.

For now, though, we're in great hands. Thanks to Evan, and the many others who throw in their gracious time and efforts, we will still have a great home on the web. There are a lot of people I would have wanted to email and tell before I went public, but then I thought, "Don't make this a dramatic thing." Fact is, the site is a community site and nothing is different - it's in the hands of the community.

As for me, well...sometime in the future, I think the SWSRC is due for a MAJOR rehaul in content and design. :) I am NOT disappearing, I am NOT quitting the scene, and for as long as the starwars-rpg.net domain is alive (which is indefinite since I pay for it!), I can always be found at swsrc@starwars-rpg.net.

Take care, and May The Force Be With You.