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20 September 2002, 08:41 PM
Got an adventure hook, and I thought I'd share.

This one is for a rebellion era game, but could work during the fledgling New Republic. Rumors have spread to the rebellion/republic of a planet wide plague breakout. The planet you use doesn't particularly matter. Probably easier to make one up. Anyway, the Empire is trying to cover it up just enough to let the other side know that they aren't going to do anything about it. Being kind, compassionate, in need of soldiers, or just out for a reward, the heroes go to the planet with Rebel support and medicine in order to secretly aid the people of the planet.

But as you might expect, the disease is a trap. The Empire knew the rebels couldn't resist trying to help these people, and are waiting to capture whoever they send so that they can interrogate them. For the sake of the adventure, it's probably best that whoever you send as a representative of the republic diplomatic core be someone important who has some knowledge of a matter of republic defense or their latest offensive tactic, or just a list of operatives or something.

After the initial encounter with the Empire, the mission MUST go on. Somone contacts the players and informs them that it was the Empire who spread the disease in the first place in order to set the trap. They tried to tell everyone else on the planet, but nobody believes propoganda these days. They do, however, know where the players can find the both the proof, and the recipie for the cure.

From here on, the name of the game is infiltration. The players have to get into the Imperial compound, steal the evidence and the cure, and get out. The rebel team doesn't have many soldiers on the planet, and can't bring in more reinforcements without drawing attention, so it's up to the players to handle this one.

How it ends is up to you, and them. If they get the cure and the evidence, then they can turn the planet against the Empire. Obviously this is the best outcome and should bring the biggest reward. If they only get one, they might gain a lot of support on the planet, but maybe not enough to turn it completely. Some reward, but more if what they got was the cure, because that's more important than the evidence (the evidence won't save any lives). If they don't get anything, then a lot of people die, and the rebellion goes home empty handed. This is the worst possible scenario. No rewards here.

21 September 2002, 07:47 PM
You should probably add this to the 1001 Adventure Hooks thread thats been going on at the top of this forum. It seems to be the one stop catch all for adventure ideas.