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21 September 2002, 12:52 PM
NB: Note sure where to post

I also think that you think I'm mad, but anyway. Every year when a Star Wars film comes out, my school does its own version of it (This year was "Attack of the Clone" - how original). My point is that some of the important characters of the films have similar names to my school teachers. Here's what I'm on about (Film names in red, School names in green).

"The Phantom Menace" => "The Phantom Dennis"
This is due to my Headteacher being called Dennis...
"Darth Maul" => "Darth Balls"
... Balls - Mr Dennis Balls is my Headteacher.

And that's not all.

"R2-D2" => "R2-Lihou"
A P.E teacher at school is Mr Lihou, who is also rather small among the rest of the teachers. Hmmm.
"C-3P0" => "C-3Perrio"
A Cookery teacher.
"Jabba the Hutt" => "James the Hutt"
Ok, may not sound like the real Jabba but this Maths teacher is slightly larger than the rest of the teachers.
"Yoda" => "Yo-De Feu"
Another P.E teacher, but not as small as the master himself.
"Obi-Wan-Kenobi" => "Obi-Wan Kebibby"
Now this isn't the best name match but was the French teacher used as a basis for the Jedi Knight
"Jar Jar Binks" => "Jar Jar Bisson"
Again, not a brilliant name match but could it have given Lucas the ide for the Gungan?
"Chewbacca" => "Chew-baker"
A Science teacher turned Wookie?

There are probably more but some teachers have left and I can't remember if they were characters or not.

Anyway, did George have a vision that this would happen and based his characters around my teachers? Or is it pure coincidence (especially with my Headteacher)?

21 September 2002, 01:29 PM
Yeah, you're right, I think you're mad! :D

ij thompson
22 September 2002, 09:13 AM
For one thing, I think a teacher named Mr. Balls has got bigger problems than rhyming with Darth Maul! :p