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22 September 2002, 04:21 PM
Alright my players in Orono DO NOT read ahead...everyone else please help.

I'm having some issues with getting my 1st level Jedi's off and away from Yavin during the NJO era prior to the appearance of the Vong. My initial idea was to set them up as Jedi Refugees but I'm again running into issues as to why they would flee from the order and still remain good wholesome, or at least somewhat wholesome, heroes. The refugee idea would be ideal since it would create an interesting situation where they might be somewhat scorned and shunned by some jedi or accepted and embraced by others...and then when times of trouble come, ie the Vong, I can create some shaky alliances.

The obvious idea, at least to me, is to have them kill off a Jedi in training at the academy, preferably by accident while remaining the true cause of his death. Trouble is how do I motivate the PC's to flee from Yavin...why would they go? And how do I get them to do that? I just need a way to push em. Goal being that I don't want ALL the jedi to hate them but I want the PC's to feel in trouble enough to flee.

Nova Spice
22 September 2002, 04:28 PM
Well sounds like you are in a position that I am currently in, however, I managed to create a small campaign within a campaign so to speal invovling the Jedi before the arrival of the Yuuzhan Vong. Heck we haven't even hardly touched Vector Prime yet! :D

Perhaps your Jedi PCs join a Master from the Academy (i.e. Kam, Streen, etc.) on a simple diplomatic mission to a world in the Outer Rim. When the heroes arrive, perhaps they accidentally kill one of the head honchos of one of the opposing parties in self-defense. This in turn causes an uproar on the planet and the parties basically go to war with another. Because of this, the PCs Master gets separated form the Jedi students and the two eventually get lost. The Master, whoever it may be, thinks the PCs ran off and considers them renegade Jedi?

22 September 2002, 06:26 PM
Not a bad idea at all...any advice on how to seperate the Master from the PC's? I like it though...might even make it so that the PC's do the "right" thing while their enemies twist the story and paint them out as the bad guys...before the PC's can get any word back they've already been judged by their own superiors as rogues and criminals...likely more the cause of the New Republic than the Jedi Order but a bad reputations a bad reputation. From here they gotta find proof to prove their innocense...I like it...make the Vong strike in the middle of the chaos and after the heroes clear themselves the information is spread so slowly that not ALL of their friends know the full story yet...leaving them in a situation where they still don't know who to trust. Like this layout alot actually...

but yeah any simple means to seperate the pc's from their superior? Then all I gotta do is create some sort of conspiracy theory conflict thingamabob.


23 September 2002, 03:58 AM
To get the PCs away from the Master, have Skywalker/Kyp (whoever his alliegence is to) call him away on some very urgent things. Such as;

1)They have been getting reports of wierd (*spooky*) events happening at the edge of the Outer Rim. Ships that people can visually see, but aren't detecting on scans. Local populaces on a few different worlds have seen things...etc...etc...

Have your Master brief the younglings on the possible situation out there before he leaves, which is a nice bit of foreshadowing, by the way. Then have him explain what needs to be done on the diplomatic mission, and assign the PCs to handle the situation, since it is JUST a minor dispute.

2) Have the master get a call from one of his old students, who has discovered something that could be a dark side force using population. Or a SIth cult starting out. I know that this sounds overdone, but the Sith reemerging as the YV attack? That is scary stuff; I mean, how many things can you fit on your plate? So, the Master must leave to investigate this cult, right now. This would give you an oppurtunity for another game once the PCs clear their name. (The Master calls the PCs, assures them that he never doubeted them, and needs their help in the destruciton of such and such cult). You could throw that in right as the Pcs are running scared from the YV.

One of those should work pretty good, I think. I like 1 becuase of the foreshadowing. If your players have read the NJO, they will all know exactly what it is, which could be great. Hope that helps.

Nova Spice
23 September 2002, 03:38 PM
Not a bad idea at all...any advice on how to seperate the Master from the PC's? I

No problem. During the uproar, a major fight and I mean MAJOR, ensues, perhaps in the streets of the planet's capital? The Jedi attempt to defend the parties from one another and basically are swept away as the parties collide with one another. Maybe the Jedi Master (whoever it may be) somehow is knocked unconscious for a brief period of time? This causes the students and the master to be separated. The master, knowing that the students caused the riot, assumes they fled for fear of punishment and is forced to return to the Academy with two missing students and bad tidings.

I hope this gets your game going Nil; "game block" as I call it, is something that can be real frustrating! 8o

24 September 2002, 10:18 AM
The master, knowing that the students caused the riot, assumes they fled for fear of punishment and is forced to return to the Academy with two missing students and bad tidings.

Haha...I can just see my PC's now..."HE THINKS WHAT?!?!" I imagine this scenario would lend itself much better to the strict Republic of ol' however since Luke in the NJO is essentially like, "So Kyp destroyed a planet under the influence of the DarkSide? Jedi these days...that rascal." Talk about getting away without a spanking. This should work well though...as long as I make my PC's really know that they did something wrong I should be all set...time to go read that great article on this site, "Tempting Player Characters With the Dark Side."

And yeah Axius I like the foreshadowing much more than the Dark Sider story, the whole done to death sort of thing aside, I actually have plans to bring back 2 characters from an old campaign my current players were in but I want to do it much later down the role as these old characters were 8th level in the time of the ESB when we ended the campaign...after 20-30 years...yeah they're prolly pretty tough these days.