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23 September 2002, 04:48 AM

I'm very new to SWRPG and have a question regarding a 1 PC one GM game. I understand that this is not an optimal number of players and have read the recent thread about 1 PC games with interest. Does this sound feasible :

We take turns at being GM, when a player is GM their normal PC becomes an NPC that works with the PC. This allows the NPC to earn experience and take part in the campaign (for continuity).

Also - does anyone have any suggestions for adventure hooks applicable to 1pc. I assume some types of adventure will be more suitable than others. The characters are either Jedi padawan or gungan scout.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

23 September 2002, 05:56 AM
the jedi one mission thing is easy-
in republic, the council gives out missions like candy
in empire, the jedi will try to hunt for jedi stuff like candy
in new republic, the jedi will be hunted by the vong like candy

the problem is...

a gungan scout. what really can a gungan do by itself.... perhaps a real nasty, smart and malicious gungan could be an assassin... or perhaps a ship owner doing transport runs... hey, that could work- make him an entrepreneur, perhaps the Jedi's friend who often ferries him between worlds and when the game switches sides, it reflects what the pilot did between trips while the jedi is training at the temple. They'll still be able to communicate with the other.

I'd still suggest finding just 1 more person... i know its hard in some places, but usually you can drag a few friends to sit in a play for a game. Trust me, most people are hooked on it... like candy. :D

And great name! Douglas Adams was the man...

evan hansen
23 September 2002, 08:52 AM
Well, you can certainly look, as Ravager suggested, for more players.

But if we're operating under the assumption that finding more players is just this side of "freaking impossible," there are definately ways to make the one PC game work.

I've always thought that paramount among strategies in GMing a one-PC game is to make the storylines focus VERY heavily on the characters. There has to be some sort of engaging reason for the one PC to care. Since there aren't any other PCs for him or her to grow to love or hate, the PC will need something to really engage him or her. I'd suggest that designing adventures and perhaps the whole campaign around the backgrounds of these characters or one of the characters in particular will be good. Then it becomes a personal story -- a truly individualized drama -- that's set in the Star Wars universe. How much cooler can it get!?!?! :D

24 September 2002, 06:48 AM
Thanks for the replies and ideas, I suppose we just have to play more and see if the 2 player thing works out.

Tannik Tulo
30 September 2002, 11:21 AM
One on one games eh. There great for building up your GMing skills
Character play intensive, infact every aspect of running and playing a game is more intensive. The GM can not sit back while pc argue, he has to provide all the other "Player characters".
Two other GMs suggested i do it, so i did. Before i went through it i wasnt realy a strong Gm by any means, But by god when i came out (12 sessions later) i knew what it was to run a game. players commented on how my NPCs seemed better thought out, how they seemed more realistic (even the ones that i had to create on the spot).
My grasp of the rules was much stronger, bully/ problem players could no longer "pull one over on me".
I had ran a game in every sense of the word.
Its my point of view at the end of the day i know, but it is one of the best way to learn how to GM. This goes for people who have GMed for years.

30 September 2002, 04:06 PM
In my experience, a 1 on 1 game is good for about one or two sessions, and should only really be used if no other players aren't available. These games probably wouldnt work too well with an extended campaign.

IMO, the best adventure type for a 1 on 1 game is with bounty hunters, such they are the most likely character type to "work alone."

1 October 2002, 04:44 AM
First i would have to agree with the others, finding more players would be the best thing. But if you canīt find any more people, you canīt.

For a plot-line i think you should have a look at some of the computergames for star wars out there. In partiqular the saga of Kyle Katarn (i.e. Dark Forces, Jedi Knight ...). In these games we se a lone hero working for the rebels, supported by his friend Jan Ors who basically gets him from place to place and provides him with mission info. The missions are generaly: infiltrate and blow up the imperial facility. But I think that a tough as nails mercenary with some back up from a NPC (Jan) on solo, stealthy missions could work just fine. The sessions could be anything from infiltrate the gangsters lair, to steal the new imperial ship prototype or infiltrate the enemy base and retrive data.

One other thing for this kind of story to keep in mind, is that the main-character would have to be better (d20 higher level) than normal for an adventure of this kind designed for a party of players.

well, just some thoughts, hope they help.

14 October 2002, 06:27 PM
I feel your pain, I've Gm'ed this way from the start, with PCs that belive they can split their attention between the TV and I. :( FEEL SAD FOR ME!!! sorry, *sniff, sniff* i couldn't help myself. If you ask around, the most unlikely people roleplay too. 2 of my best friends, that happento also be sports nuts, have some unknown roleplaying experience and would enjoy a Spycaft campiegn (sp?) for starters. :D I'm being saved! 8o