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23 September 2002, 08:26 AM
My PC's are getting a bit to overconfident in my campaign, after doing a personal mission for the emperor (They needed to get that added danger), they cold bloodedly killed leia (five times in the head at point blank) and then almost killing Solo.

So what I plan is that they are assigned to take out a Jawa resistence leader, on the Jawa's home planet (not tatooine) which is encrusted with warrens and tunnels. Amd as they are really deep down, the jawas start attacking from hidden crevices, and side tunnels, and just vanish when the PC's finally wise up. Then when they are unconcious or dying, they are taken to the Jawa King, and evicted upon pain of death.

I think this will really put them in their place, I will just have to see how they fare this weekend, against the bounties placed upon them :D aswell as a very angery solo and a very strong wookie, as well as a vengful Jedi. And if they really need a smack down. A very small green man....

thanks for your opinions, even if negative

23 September 2002, 08:36 AM
not terribly evil at all- in fact, that's pretty funny. jawas having kings. heh heh. characters being beholden to some jawa king.. heh heh.. until the characters get back to the empire and request that planet be demolished...

the really evil thing would be... make the 'leia' a duplicate or lookalike, since Leia is too smart for a group of imperial flunkies. have the rebels tracking these imperials and send their own hit squad after them. that is what i would do. :)

23 September 2002, 08:53 AM
I probably will save leia, or ressurect her somehow. But rogue squadron is wee bit peeved at them, as is Solo. They are activly hunting them down as we speak :D

23 September 2002, 08:55 AM
I like that idea from Ravager about the rebellion going after them, but why not add the empire as well. "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I" and all that. Their failure to kill leia would at least result in the Emperor sending one of his hands after them.

evan hansen
23 September 2002, 08:59 AM
Originally posted by JawaJoe
My PC's are getting a bit to overconfident in my campaign, after doing a personal mission for the emperor (They needed to get that added danger), they cold bloodedly killed leia (five times in the head at point blank) and then almost killing Solo.

Well, my big question is whether or not this action was in character. Obviously, I know nothing about your characters.

If they're doing personal missions for the emperor, one must wonder whether these characters are in it for the bounty or in it for the "fun." If it's within the confines of their character templates/backgrounds to be cold-blooded killers and if they were just kind of doing their jobs then I'm not sure The Wrath of the Gamemaster(tm) is necessary.

On the other hand, if they're supposed to be honorable bounty hunters who are concerned with more than mere money (a rarity in the Star Wars universe, methinks), they need a bit of a whoopin.

I'm always a fan of realistic consequences, so you might have your out in the other things you've mentioned. There's no way that Han, Chewie, and the gang are going to let them get away with this. So they have the biggest names in the galaxy hunting them now. That alone should be enough to get them the message -- and it's within the confines of the story so it doesn't seem over-the-top or like you're just out to get revenge against your players.

Best of luck either way. After hearing that gruesome story, I wouldn't want to have to GM them. :-D

23 September 2002, 09:15 AM
The character which actually killed her was a scoundrel, he earned himself several darkside points for that. The idea was to put the PC's in a moral dilema, obay the orders of the emperor, or kill a defencelss 18 year old girl. Plus, I am wrapping up an old campaign after the GM screwed up, and I really want to give them the hunted feel. the real evil is when they went to collect their six million credit reward they found out that after tax purposes they had just enough to repair the ship :D

Thanks for all the ideas, And essentially after they are on the run from just about everybody (vader doesn't like getting his family members killed :D) including the core characters, plus for screwing up the Jawa mission. but the real goal is to create the most cinematic adventure, with alot of the screen chracters and stuff, as the previous GM spent about 8 hours on a mystery that had only one enemy, I want them pitted against the best either side has to offer, and I find that pitting them against "themselves" ie scoundral vs. solo is alot better than having a sith as there are no force users in the group, and solo was one of the first to actually challenge the players. I don't really think its a GM wrath situation, just a "survival" challenge. We are still waiting for the revised core rule book in the mail so we will roll up new characters with the new rules etc.

Plus I just started a club at school so new players are incoming, so its time to terminiate this campaign

thanks for the prompt replies

23 September 2002, 10:19 AM
could always alter history a bit and send a certin old desert hermit after em.. hell or even a vengence bent darth vader :)

Tony J Case, Super Genius
23 September 2002, 02:53 PM
I wouldnt bring Leia back - it seems too cheap to me, one of the standard clichés brought out way too often in science fiction. "Oh, it's really just a clone you killed. All that hard work for nothing, and now the target is pissed as hell at you"

I'd leave her dead and play out the reprocussions on down the line.

23 September 2002, 03:56 PM
yes but it's wrong to kill important movie chars, perhaps they killed winter instead? they wouldn't be the first person to mistake the two

24 September 2002, 05:53 AM
Or how about winter mearly replaces leia in the rest of SW for the chracters, although the camapaign is coming to an end, after all how long can four level 3-4 characters survive against the combined might of the emperor and rebellion?
thanks for all the thoughts and opinions

Tony J Case, Super Genius
24 September 2002, 06:24 AM
Originally posted by BrianDavion
yes but it's wrong to kill important movie chars, perhaps they killed winter instead? they wouldn't be the first person to mistake the two

Nonsense! Poppycock! A character - ANY character - should be open to Mr Death at any time. Be they NPC, Player or main movie character.

If you don't want to kill the Main stars, then dont use them. But if you do use them, then you should leave the story open to all possibilities. To not do so is to cheapen the emotional impact of the game. If the players got a wild bug up their ass because Solo mouths off to them in a bar, and do everything they can to kill him - they perfom flawlessly as a team, all the dice fall in JUST the right way, they play smart and in character - for the GM to just step back and say "Nope, he gets away" will frustrate the hell out of the players.

No, I support the idea of killing Leia. I dont support the idea of bringing her back from the dead in a manner that cheapens the players accomplishment.

25 September 2002, 03:18 PM
It is quite possible that they didn't kill the Real Leia. Her mother ran around all the time with "clones" or look alikes to distract her enemies, why not Leia? Though I would go with Vader hunting them down for killing his daughter, that's just mean. ;)

Kas'ir Faywind
25 September 2002, 03:56 PM
Getting back to the topic at hand...

JawaJoe perhaps you are not being evil enough. But what you have there is a great great start. Might i suggest you add that to this handy dandy thread http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8510

While your at it might as well read those. Now those will get back at your players hardcore.

Now for the jawa shanangins you have planned.here are some better tactics. Any of them force users that are smart? then Have the jawas be a tribe that worships a force dampening Obilesk. All this object does is not allow FU's to detect any life on the planet. (i am giving this in d20 but you should get the idea if you are d6) If there are no force users have it grant a +1 competance to everything by a force user(make squad leaders level 1 FA/4soldier/xthug). Make them lead a squad of 7 Jawas(level 2soldier/x thug) make as many squads as you seem fit. They all have blaster carbines and hid in the crevices that you mention. Now for the kicker if your pc's try to recover these lost VP(don't know d6 equivalent) Jawas then lead Gorrilla tactics at night every hour or so they never get any vp back just keep losing more. For added fun have them wake them up with a nice stun grenade or if your really evil frag grenades. This of course they snuck in and tied the ship they were on down to a boulder or somehow disable it.

Once they start get really low they might think about getting in the ship and using the turrets and such. This can be solved by using dust storms. Have the "Shaman" take summon storm to create a dust storm clouding the pc's view the jawa use the mountains as cover to mass surround it. Once the storm ends or even during the storm the jawas start rolling boulders down the steep cliffs down on the ship to disable it. After this is done they all come out and demand (in jawa of course) that they must surrender or be destroyed. If they don't know jawa ah well, they get 50+ jawas all shooting at their already low health.

If they do surrender don't bother killing them straight out have one of the bounty hunters make a deal with the Jawas and have some nice toture with the rebels take place (they could just give information but if they do the empire will just slaughter them if they escape).

In the end they will have to a) play smart and actually think things out or b) die one of the many humiliating ways described above. Does this help?

EDIT: bah didnt know they were level 3-4..... might want to toen down the suggested character levels i gave to about squad leaders as level 1 FA/1thug and squads of 7 level 1 thugs.

25 September 2002, 09:30 PM
I use the movie characters as backdrop or cameo appearances only - and haven't done that since the first session (the PCs saw some kid and his grandfather being harassed by Stormtroopers about a couple of droids, and later they saw some ship blast out of the spaceport... what a piece of junk...)

In a session coming up they will meet Akbar and Mon Mothma, with Rogue Squadron being in the background (altho they won't physically meet them). I think the movie characters should be there to lend flavor and that "Star Wars" feel, not to let the PCs gloat that "We killed Solo and Leia!!! Yah-hah!"

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong... ;)

26 September 2002, 10:33 AM
I got pretty good at giving cameos of main chars that often my PCs didn't even notice until later when they slapped their heads and went "jeez! we just met someone famous"

26 September 2002, 11:58 AM
What you were planning on doing with the jawa's reminded me of the AD&D boxed game, Dragon mountain. It made you Never underestimate a kobold again...... Is there any starwars race similar, other than the jawa???

P-Za Lord
29 September 2002, 09:06 AM
If you plan to use the Jawa planet to whittle down their egos a little, you need to be well prepared. Like Ka'sir Faywind suggested in his post. You need to know your group and plan accordingly. If you think they are prone to stay in their ships and fly through warrens and caves firing off turbo-lasers, you need to mention at their mission briefing or in planet logs that the minerals lining the caves disrupt electrical systems.

Your Jawa scene has the making of a fine cinematic adventure. All you need are the right elements to give it the proper blend of action, adventure, and running away.

Say that they do go to a Jawa planet to retire a certain high-profile Jawa. They land at a bustling little trade center on the surface. The trade center is full of trinkets, droids, mechanical parts, fuzzy animals for pets. And there is a small squad of Stormtroopers posted here to keep order and protect visitors. Of course the Jawa they want isn't here. They can find out that he's in another town beneath the earth. So they hop onto one of the animal caravans or rail-transports that head into the side of a cliffs towards the next town. Maybe you mention that as they are gazing at the sky, perhaps for the last time, that they see the usual transports and cargo vessels coming and going, but just as the caravan or transport they are on disappears into the underground, the see the sleek form of a Firespray (Boba Fett, or some other bounty hunter coming in with his own agenda) drifting over the city.

So they reach the next trade center, of course, they missed the Jawa they were looking for by a couple days. He's deeper down, a in lower level town. Maybe they see a few 'wanted posters' placed by the Rebel Alliance with their pictures. But very few, small, scarce, and hardly recognizable, so they don't feel like they're in the spotlight. Regardless, one of the local Jawa bounty-hunters does recognize them. Since he doubts his ability to take them on face-to-face, he hits on a cunning plan the defeat/disable/destroy one or more of the PCs.

He approaches one, with a very nice droid, (maybe an assassin droid) something special that he picked up, and offers it at a really good deal. He implies that it has a few glitches and it should be obvious that it is missing some key components like weapons, or targetting system, but it should be able to follow its owner, and generally still works. The trader will mention that the key parts can be found at a good deal at the next trading center along the way. If none of your PCs are able to speak Jawa Trade Language then have him offer a protocol droid instead, offering it cheap since the droid only knows Jawa (trade language) and Basic, but that additional programs can be purchased at the aforementioned next trading center. Which is coincidently where the PCs are heading anyhow. Giving the excuse that his trading guild/clan/house can't do business in that area anyway, he is willing to go for the quick credit instead of trying to find the parts elsewhere.

The truth is, he has wired the droid with explosives, and holds the remote detonator. He waits until one or two are alone with the droid in a generally uncrowded area (wanting to avoid any civilian casualties, or legal difficulties) He will follow them discreetly if possible, the PCs can make Spot checks to notice him tailing them (huge penalty, since his Hide skill should be high and Jawa probably look all alike to everyone else, what with their little robes and glowing eyes.) So their new droid blows up at an inconvenient time, and the little Jawa runs in with a huge blaster set to Stun and unloads on anyone still standing. The Fortitude save for Stun should still be pretty tough for 3rd-4th characters, unless they're really beefy, like Wookies.

So assuming the surviviors want to go on, they begin heading to the next underground station, but along the way there is a cave-in, or some blockage that delays the caravan or transport they are on. There is enough clearance for them to continue on alone and the next station should only be about a hour ahead by foot. Otherwise they can wait 3 hours to clear the passage enough for the whole caravan/transport to continue. Investigating the cave-in (with some appropriate Search/Knowledge checks) shows that it looks deliberate.

Turns out Boba Fett did land on the planet. While the small bounties on the PCs probably don't interest him, he has heard that Han Solo (and Chewbacca) have it in for this band of princess-slayers. And Han Solo is a bounty that does interest him. He has heard that Han is coming after them and he is trying to slow them down long to keep them from completing whatever business they might have and leaving before Han Solo can find them, and he can find Han Solo.

Han Solo is in fact here looking for the PCs for a little 'discussion'. He landed at a different surface town and took another route to reach the station they are arriving at. They should arrive at a strangely-deserted, cargo-unloading dock in time to find a very upset Han and Chewbacca and anyone else you want with them. Blasters and thermal detonators should start flying back and forth across the area, and just before the players or Han emerge victorious, Boba Fett flies into the station with his jetpack and tries to disable Han Solo and Chewbacca, and the PCs might just be a little icing on the bounty-cake if he can disable them too. But in the ensuing chaos, Han, Chewie, Boba Fett, and the players should get seperated by explosions and falling debris.

Now the stage is set. The players can decide whether to continue looking around this underground maze for their original target, risking failing an Emperial mission. Or make a break for it. Or whatever.

Then the Jawa start scouring the area for all the intruders, using their many modified droids and other doodads to help bring the troublemakers to justice.

You should also avoid having Han, Chewie, or Boba Fett killed during the original fight. Even if a player scores a critical hit, you can have it destroy something dramatic instead of just killing the NPC. For instance, a player gets a lucky pot-shot against Boba Fett in the unloading bay ambush, you can say the shot strikes his jet-pack's fuel-lline sending the armored bounty hunter careening behind some pillars where a blaze of fire billows out. Of course, he lives, just inconvienenced. Same deal for the players. Make it an area with lots of stuff around it, crates of cheap droid parts, dim light fixtures that burst into showers of sparks. If it was a rail transport that brought the PCs instead of an animal caravan, you can have an occasional small transport move through the station quickly, either separating the combatants momentarily or providing a means of escape for the daring ones who wish to try and jump on.

But anyway, it sounds like you have everything planned out already in 'evil' GM style.