View Full Version : Location Idea: Jedi Training Center (Prequel/TotJ era)

26 September 2002, 08:32 AM
Here's an idea for a good location that I've used with Jedi Characters in a Tales of the Jedi era campaign (would be good too for a Prequel Era campaign):

Jedi Training Center: Located about midway up the skyscrapers of coruscant lies training center used by both novice and veteran jedi used to sharpen their skills. Upon first entering, it appears to be nothing but an empty warehouse. However, with the push of the button, sections of the floor rise and drop to create walls of a maze, as well as hills and pits. Within the maze are numerious traps (pitfalls, flames, turrets, automated fighting drones/droids - Including fighting drones with lightsabers to provide for some good lightsaber duels, also traps that require use of the force to pass - ie, a button on the fire side of a pit that must be pushed with the force to cause a bridge to rise from the pit, or a series of doors slaming and opening so quickly that only with the force can a jedi move quickly enough through them) that the Jedi use the train themselves against. The "maze" can be set for different difficulty levels, providing adequate training for Jedi of every level. Also, the maze and terrain are random each time, so that a Jedi cannot become used to the layout and predict the location of the traps. Fog generators and various lights and ventalation systems can generate just about any appropriate climate.

Some variations as too the use of the "maze":

- The Jedi must enter the maze, find an amulet of some sort hidden within, and get out.

- The Jedi enters without his/her/there lightsaber(s). They must find them and leave with them.

- The Jedi enters without his/her/there lightsaber(s). They must find them, then locate the amulet, and get out.

- Two or more Jedi compete to see who can find an amulet first and get out with it.

27 September 2002, 08:12 AM
This is great. I have done similar things before and it has never failed to entertain. I do half expect certain questions to come up though like, What's the objective this time profesor? or This isn't one of Logan's programs is it?