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29 September 2002, 01:20 AM
Ok, let me prepare myself ... :: puts on her ceremonial armor, a very thick helmet and a personal shield :: ... Now, I'm ready to ask these questions. Then after you answer me, you can all laugh me out of this thread. :D

:: time out ::
How do VPs, WPs and XPs work in the profile part? How are they figured out? How does one get points? Can they ever be lost? How does one gain levels? I'm sure I missed the explanation somewhere. It's probably been explained a thousand times already...
:: time out over ::

I'm ready! Go ahead... :p

29 September 2002, 04:38 AM
VPs, WPs and XPs are part of a complicated forumla only known by a few but people have been making guesses. I think there are some other threads in this forum about it.

The levels are what level your rank is, it's a combination of number of posts and time on the boards.