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2 October 2002, 11:49 AM
Hey all.

As you may or may not know, my personal website (WWW.raptorsquad.net) has become known for its high-quality original write ups and artwork.

However, we are trying to branch out a bit and breath more life into the site by way of original fiction. That being the case, I present to you, here, a few snipits of new fiction from our site. The links are below them if you are interested in reading the whole story ,and of course, I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for your time!!!!

From "Identity Crisis", where we learn how Raptor Squad came up with it's name:

The large deep brown doors swung open and his teammate Klux strode in. The younger man was dressed in a royal blue tunic and trousers and knee high black leather boots. His face was tanned, but the lack of sunlight on Garnib was quickly undoing that. His shoulder length-brown hair matched his neatly trimmed goatee and was pulled back in a ponytail; his lightsaber casually slapped his right thigh as he strode in and leaned against the conference table between two deep brown leather chairs.

“Whats up?” he said, crossing his arms.

Vic held up the bottle and shook it back and forth. “About to partake of Perfo’s little gift….want some?”

Klux held up his hand in refusal. “No thanks…but if you have something easier on the constitution…”

“Ah, some of that spit huh?” Vic asked smiling. He grabbed another tumbler and, after topping his off with the reddish-brown Rava, filled up the other with a non-alcoholic chocolate based drink and handed it to Klux. “Come on, lets go grab a seat,” Vic said and headed to the sunken lounge.
He stepped down and dropped into the deep gold colored sofa that ran in a complete circle around the holoprojector. Vic settled into the sofa and let it almost engulf him. He grabbed the remote control and pressed a button that lowered the main windows’ transparency level and dipped the room into semi-darkness. The holoprojector sprung to life and virtual fish appeared, suspended in the air above it; they dipped and swam lazily around in their virtual environment, oblivious to the two men watching their languid movements.
Klux stepped into the large circle next to him and took up a seat off to his right. Vic leaned down and hit another button and soon light Jizz music was quietly playing in the background.
“Ah, I needed this break Klux, this JIE paperwork is killing me,” he said taking a sip of the fiery-sweet Rava. A large blue creature was about to devour his virtual prey in front of him.

“Yeah, if we aren’t out working to tear down the Empire then we are here, dealing with other troubles.”

Vic cocked an eyebrow and looked sideways. “Other troubles?”

to read the entire fiction click here:

And this next is from out current gamelog, "Showdown on Clak'Dor VII" (complete with original artwork!)

I had just finished adjusting the low light settings on my helmet when Baal entered the small room the Bith had let me use. Grit had collected under the collar on my bodysuit and I was in dire need of a shower. I knew something was wrong when the big cat dropped onto a cot across from me and sat staring.
“What?” I asked when the silence grew thick.

“Why did you kill that sentient?” He asked. I was running a needle along the visors edge cleaning out grit. It always seems to get right where you need it the least. “I needed information, I admit, it was messy -but effective. His partner told us everything we needed to know.”

“No..” Baal shook his head, “I mean, there were other ways to get that information, we could have…we..”

I dropped my helmet to my lap and turned to face him. “What Baal? Use harsh language and threats? These guys were weequay…you ever face up against a weequay? They are tough..and they don’t screw around. We would still be sitting in there wagging our fingers and spewing empty threats right now if I didn’t do what I did.”
Baal stood and began pacing. “It’s not right…Life is precious. To kill in battle is one thing, warriors expect it, but to kill a prisoner…and unarmed…” I didn’t let him finish.

“Baal..spare me alright? These bastards would have killed you and me and ten Bith kids to get out of here if they could. Be glad I didn’t ventilate his buddy as well,” I stood up and holstered my LRB. I grabbed my helmet from the bunk I was sitting on and when I turned Baal was in my face, his green eyes level with mine.

“You and me are going to have to get this straight at some point Vic, killing unarmed sentients isn’t right..”
I returned his gaze and intensity, “Tell ya what, when you develop a more effective level of interrogation, I’ll be happy to have this conversation.”

We sat staring at each other for another beat. I motioned him towards the door and he turned. He was about to walk through the doorway when I flipped the charge button on my LRB and it whined to life. He spun, instinctively, and dropped his hand to his side. Every muscle on his seven-foot tall frame was taught and I could see he was poised to strike.

Want to know how it ends? Just click here:


Again, thank you all very much for your time!


2 October 2002, 12:58 PM
this is good stuff.... what are the submission requirements?

3 October 2002, 04:26 AM
Heya FallenAngel !

Thanks for the kind words! Are you asking about the submission requirements to post fiction to the Raptorsquad page?

3 October 2002, 06:22 AM
Bob, I'll be reading the whole thing, but it might be next week, as we're going to a con this weekend. I look forward to it. And I'll look over the site more thoroughly when I do. I did a bit of looking a while back & liked it.

3 October 2002, 06:25 AM
Hey thanks Ris!

Hope you enjoy the fiction and the site!!!

11 October 2002, 03:59 PM
Bob, I read all the gamelogs off the raptorsquad site. I enjoyed them a lot. I especially liked the latest, as it read more like fiction, rathe rthan a session recap. Maybe it's the 1st-person narrative. I really like that point of view, as well as that variant of 3rd-person that tells everything from 1 character's point of view. (There must be a name for that, but I'm a microbiology tech, so I never learned it...:rolleyes: )
And the illustrations were good, too. They made all of the chapters better. Did you do them all?

11 October 2002, 05:31 PM
Heya Ris!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, Im the guilty party responsible for the gamelog artwork. I think it just breaks the fiction up more and heck, everyone likes art!


I have indeed modified the writing style of the logs. The earlier logs were informative, but not very fun to read. We decided a few months ago to go with straight out fiction. The downside is the length of the fiction, as some of it weighs in at dozens of pages in length, but we feel it's worth it to present something that is enjoyable and entertaining. Given our current schedule we are hoping to start rolling them out weekly and more than likely in html AND .doc formats, for those who cant stand to sit in front of their comp for an hour.

Sometime after new year we are hoping to present our first novella, focusing on the "Insane Gunslinger" and former team member Ket. It should be a good read, with , of course, all original art.

Again, thanks for reading , your opinion means a lot!


11 October 2002, 06:36 PM
Reading, especially the old-style log format, also brought back some pleasant memories of a very long-running Champions game my husband & I played in for about 7 years. I did the log write-ups for those. We actually made use of them in later sessions to check info. Alas the campaign ended when the GM, a very close friend by that time, passed away. I'm sure that somewhere out there, he's nursing lots of broken ribs from laughing at my SW GMing attempts.

More on topic, I am writing--slowly--some fanfic of my own, with a little encouragement from Donovan Morningfire. The basic story is starting to take shape but is a long way from posting. It features my namesake npc Jedi as a padawan.

BTW, you can also thank/blame Donovan (& SWAG) for my interest in raptorsquad's site. After you finished his namesake's portrait, he sent me the link for it, which happened to be on raptorsqaud at the time. And I got curious enough to look around.

14 October 2002, 10:36 AM
Heya Ris !

Wow 7 Years? Thats fantastic! I can only hope the Raptor Squad group can last that long, (although, since we all "died" in this last game session...well, I wont spoil it for ya)...

I'm glad you dig the site! I like to think of us as "One of the Best Campaign Driven sites people aren't checking out"..lol...

But, we love what we do and hope there are others in the community who get a kick out of our crazy personalities and adventures.


16 October 2002, 05:02 AM
Bob, is the new chapter posted yet? "Died" in quotes is always a good way to get up interest. B)

Yes, 7 years is a long time. But what's amazing is he was using that mileu for a lot longer. That campaign was I of 3 that I know of set at various points on his timeline.

16 October 2002, 06:10 AM
Heya Ris ,

Unfortunately, no. We are actually ...well..heh, MANY gamelogs behind where the actual game is. The upside is that I am able, lately, to churn these puppies out pretty quickly. We have a big two-parter up on the board which should be rolled out as soon as my fiance' (Elfgirl) gets the artwork done.

However, if you want HOT TEAM MEMBER DEATH ACTION You wont have to wait long. Very soon some Raptor Squad members are going to make that final jump.

Dont worry though, I'll be doing everything I can to actually make the fiction readable and make the characters lifelike. Your feedback goes a long way towards keeping me motivated!!!!