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Prof. Tricky
3 October 2002, 05:06 AM
(rant mode:on)I'm ticked off when people look at a post(example:A note on hyperspace)and then are flamed by some random moron,and after trying to reason with the moron(or morons),are accused of trolling!!!!(rant mode:off)PLease stop.

3 October 2002, 06:02 AM
Prof. Tricky,

I'm assuming you experienced this first hand. Just as a peice of friendly advise, don't comment on the immaturity of the person who started the mess. That way, they have nothing to accuse you of misbehaving when you next report your problem with the thread by hitting the report to moderator button that each thread has access to.

I hope that helps.

Chris Curtis
3 October 2002, 06:34 AM
You were "accused" of trolling, Prof. Tricky, because what you were posting in that thread was trolling.

Stating your opinion and then acting as if it's automatically fact for everyone else while also shouting at everyone else that they're wrong if they disagree with you is both trolling and extremely bad form. I would also suggest that you refrain from calling Moderators "morons", which is what you've just done since that's who you're referring to. Doing so is no way to endear yourself to the community and keep in the good graces of the people who run this board.

3 October 2002, 07:45 AM
Prof. Tricky, I think you need to take a moment to realize what you are doing. You are posting comments or opinions on a public board where other people visit, and then insulting other members by claiming they are wrong in their opinions. Posting as you are is not conducive to a friendly atmosphere, and it becomes the job of the Moderators on this board to warn you of your actions. You then further your poorly thought out posting habits by posting a thread that resorts to name calling of a Moderator.

When you post, you need to realize that a great many people will read your words, and that those words may cause other's tempers to boil over. So before posting, carefully think of the words you use. Ask yourself if you are insulting another member with your words. Ask yourself if what you are saying is directly contradicting what other members are saying, and is doing so in a manner that will cause arguements. If either of the two questions are answered with a Yes, then you need to rethink your post, or simply not post.

We are not forcing you to post on this site, but we ask that if you do, you follow the rules of the site and not try to start arguements or insult other members. So please take the time to think about what you're posting before you hit that "Submit Reply" button.

In the future, rather than making a post that attacks a Moderator, take the problem to email or Private Messaging and either talk to the Moderator in question or talk to another Moderator or to one of the two System Administrators. You hurt any arguement you may have by making such posts, as you come across as irrational and prone to rash actions.

I hope this helps you out some.

Nova Spice
3 October 2002, 02:27 PM
Listen to Chris and Grimace; I viewed this "particular" thread myself and I have to agree with them. Just remember that this is a very, very public forum and with over three thousand members, there are definitely folks on the boards that will have a differing opinion from yours.

If you want some advice (which you may not), just stay cool and be polite to others, whether or not you agree with them is beside the point. I think Professor, that you will find that this board may quite possibly be one of the friendliest you will ever encounter. ;)