View Full Version : The Chaos Crew's Rebel Era Sourcebook contest!

Tony J Case, Super Genius
5 October 2002, 09:32 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen -

Despite a slight delay (a ton of overtime at work, donchyaknow), our illustrious judges at The Chaos Crew have final managed to find a winner in the Best Weapon contest. The competition this time around was fierce, with several rock solid entries - but in the end, there can be only one. And the winner is. . . . .

Jan Tolbara and the Lobic Arms AR-34 Assault Blaster Rifle! For the full write up, check here: http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/ar-34-d6.htm

(And just because Jan is from the Seattle area and I could save a couple of bucks on postage had NOTHING to do with my decision. None at all, I assure you.)

And now, announcing the October contest: The Best Bad Guy

Ming the Merciless, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Davros and the Daleks, Darth Vader - classic, memorable and unforgettable villains each and every one. This month's contest is simple - write up the best villain - bigger than life and completely over the top, fiendish and sinister, suave and sophisticated, colorful and grand. Let your imagination run wild.

(Sinister plot of world domination and fanatical army of ninjas optional)

For full rules and contest details, please go here: http://www.the-chaos-crew.com/swrpg/contest/contest.htm

And good luck to you all!