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5 October 2002, 07:28 PM
:( if i wasnt suposed to create a thread im sorry :( but anywho i LOVE this site but i was wondering if some ppl are working on pc game conversions for d20?... i have seen a few for galactic battle grounds (and i would REALLY love to see more) i hope to do some of my own. and well i would like perhapes to discuss and advise others (and u me) on these :) i use im services and i am open to discuss on forums as well and i hope that others and i can do so :)

Troy Henist
7 October 2002, 07:28 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if more computer game conversions were done, but I think it will be as and when the staff get the chance to do.

As I to what I would change the bombs to on a TIE Bomber. I would go for Ion Cannons. Means they can be used to disable ships that must not be destroyed.

Hmm....mind you I have just had an idea for a ship. What this space, or should I say the D6 Forum.

Also if you want help in creating stats for either d6 and/or d20 go to the relevant forums and should quite easily find people who would be quite willing to help you out.

7 October 2002, 02:00 PM
Crap i did it again :( i sorry for posting this in the wrong forum if the moderator wants to he can close the thread

again im sorry :(