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Terras Jadeonar & Raven
7 October 2002, 01:28 PM
Hey all, I was watching the new tv serries - Firefly as it just started not too long ago...

Anywhoo, I couldn't help but think throughout the show as how awesome and rich it is for Fringer & outer-rim campaign ideas it would make for.

You have freelance starships with crew and colony planets as well as a military space policing organiztion patrolling the boarders of space... a wide mix of technology from lasers to 6 round revolving slug-throwers.

the last Ep i watched had the crew of the firefly deliver goods to a planet, the colony throwing them a party, one of the local gals dances with the captain, puts a wreath over his head during the dance then stows away on his ship the next morning. while in mid-transit, the stow-away is found, reveals herself as his new bride, ala their dance was the wedding... :D as it turns out the wife is a criminal who's in the buisiness of con-art and escapes while tossing the ship & crew into a little lock-out delima ... That was just from one ep of watching it!!!

So talk about drawing campaign ideas from shows like this!

Jake Sunspot
8 October 2002, 02:49 AM
Wow, that sounds like a neat show. I don't know if this is the focus of the Thread, but I get alot of ideas from TV. Not necessarily entire adventures (as this episode could be a good one), but certain aspects of my campaign (scenes, characters, events) are greatly influenced by television, film and litterature. A great source of inspiration for me is FarScape, but I have also gotten Ideas from G.I.JOE (comics and cartoons), RoboCop, Pirate movies, even Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon. I will have to check out Firefly because whether it influences my games or not, it sounds like a cool show.

Wow, I'm tired. Hope I didn't ramble too much.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
9 October 2002, 03:28 PM
Well, that was the episode in a nutshell... there's lots of extra things that the new "wife" did inbetween trying to spend time with her new husband... she had a film of knockout toxin on her lips, tried to seduce the male crew members etc... as well as fix the pilots computer so that its locked into a course and if tampered with would totally fry the system, only option avail is taking the long way around it to fix it...

while the computer was "lock-ed out" , their delima was that the ship was headed right for a large electrical space net - metalic contructed ring & built in station with electron nodes arching current into the middle ala "net" that disables the ship on passthrough. The captain & his strong-guy crewperson who's fancy with a custom built rifle donned their exo suits and had to snipe the platform to disable it...

This is one serries i'm gonna keep note-taking on.. :)

[edit] I found the episode taled about above: Episode: "Our Mrs Rynolds" (http://www.fox.com/firefly/episodes/mrsreynolds.htm)

As for drawing inspirations, i'm gonna be gm'ing the 3rd campaign in our pbem game... yeah, theres tons of stuff i'm borrowing from for inspiration. think there's already a thread for plot-hoooks but i dunno if that's the same as one for drawing sources from...

But yeah, this thread is best suited for Firefly episode for use into game adventure idea discusion :)

So, ok folks, those who are watching Firefly, is note taking like i am, lets post those notes here :)

Tv Serries: FireFly homepage: (http://www.fox.com/firefly/)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
3 November 2002, 11:08 PM
Episode: A Man Called Jayne

In this episode, the crew of serenity is called to a planet with a simple job of "stealing" back some lost goods for their employer. The crew lands under the poise of clay-brick buyers while scoping out the area for the goods. In the town central they find a clay stature of their crewmember Jayne. That night in the tavern, one of the patrons pulls out his guitar and the whole bar start singing along to a popular ode to a hero of theirs "A Man Called Jayne" who stole money from their employer and dropped it onto them. A kid in the tavern notices Jayne and points him out, the town celebrates. And the company boss also catches wind of the news.

Jayne has no choice but to explain to his disbelieving fellow crew members the real story, or the relevant parts what happened that night. The gist of it is that Jayne did steal a large amount of money from the company, but was getting shot down, he had to dump the cargo to barely escape. Alas he's seen as a hero to the poor indentured townsfolk who work in the clay pits.

what is not revealed by Jayne is that he had a partner who he tossed out of the plane with the cargo. Unbenkownst to all but the company owner, Jayne's partner survived and was imprisoned in a sweat-box all those years. The company boss releases Jayne's partner and lets revenge take it's course during the town celebration.

During that celebration, Jayne has to make a speach about his generous givings, (he has to make something up, so he gives merit to the hardship the townsfolk undures). Jayne's conftonted by his disgruntled ex-partner who reveals his side of the truth, making Jayne look bad. The ex-partner throws a knife which a townsfolk runs infront of for Jayne. Jayne pulverizes his ex partner for it then fesses up to the crowd while knocking his own statue to the ground.

The Serinity crew use the celebration to skiff the goods they came for, load it up and is unable to take off due to a gravity lock under their ship. --> sub plot:

One of the crew of the Serinity, Sarah - has her own money making business on the side, she takes a shuttle ahead of the Serinity and wheels and deals her business with the company boss and his son. Sarah manages to convice the boss's son to release the lock on the Serinity. The son does and defies his father, is proud of himself.

Basically take the above, and co-conspire with a player or use an NPC in the party for the role of Jayne. The goods should be high in value, and tough to dig out. Let half the crew be caught up in the celebration side of things and half the crew scouting and recovering the goods. If there's a female in the party, she can befreind the boss's son.

(I've best tried to keep the nature of Sarah's buisiness dealing to an apropiate medium, which can be interpreted a variety of ways :) )