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Wedge in Red2
11 October 2002, 05:07 AM
Okay, this is much like the other threads that have been posted on food (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9805) and buildings (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9788) . Can anyone shed any light on the drugs used in the Star Wars universe?

I’ve heard of two:
Spice (various types) – the most potent type is glitterstim (I believe) from Kessel, and reportedly gives minor telepathic abilities for a short duration. Other lesser types just “open your mind”.
Ryl – from the planet Ryloth (the Twi’leks home world). I have no idea about it’s affect or much else about it.

And, of course, theres the farcical "Wookiebackie" mentioned elsewhere...

Any info is appreciated :).



11 October 2002, 05:47 AM
Arconians, the weird guys with triangular heads, can easily get addicted to salt. It apparently is an hallucogen for them...

11 October 2002, 05:52 AM
There are 2 others I can think of offhand.
1) Glitterryl[sp?]: A combination of--you'll never guess!--Glitterstim & Ryl. In addition to whatever recreational effects it has, repeated &/or overdosages (not sure which) cause severe longterm (but not necessarily permanent) memory loss. This makes it very handy to use on someone who is a problem, but not as big a problem as the consequences of killing them would be--ie, Jedi. See the Dark Horse graphic novel Twilight.

2) Salt (yes, I'm really talking about good ol' table salt, sodium cloride, NaCl): NaCl is a very addictive & dangerous drug* for Arconans--even shortterm use renders their bodies permanently unable to use Dactyl, an ammonia compound they must have to survive. Therefore, importing it to Arcona or its colonies is a major crime in the Prequel & earlier eras. IMHO, this law might have been repealed or just not enforced during the Empire era, as Palpatine cares even less about aliens than he does about humans/near-humans. The current Alien Anthology entry for Arconans discusses it, & probably any other sourcebook with an entry on Arconans (d6, d20, or even non-RPG)
*Note: Alternatively, in the "Young Adult" novel Jedi Apprentice#1: The Rising Force, it is described only as a poison--but that is undoubtedly due to the fact that Scholastic & LucasBooks quite rightly didn't want drug abuse in a SW book written for younglings.

BTW, if you or anyone else has info on medical drugs, other than bacta, please post it. I can use it for background.

Consul Vido
11 October 2002, 07:02 AM
If I remember correctly, Ryl enhanced a person's awareness for a short time, then, when they came off the drug, they were left sort of "out of it." So it enhances the senses, but after it wears off, it dulls the senses.

11 October 2002, 07:26 AM
well drugs technicly are a poisen :)

11 October 2002, 10:55 AM
deathsticks are probably drugs. i dont know what effects they would have though.

11 October 2002, 02:15 PM
glitterstim spice
ryll spice (illegal, 1 metric ton is valued at over 35,000 credits)
death sticks (treated Ixetal cilona extract that offers euphoria in exchange for a shortened life)

Kessel (glitterstim mining)
Nar Shaddaa (glitterstim production)
Mon Gazza (Galactic Spice Mining Guild)
Chryya (thriving spice business until Darth Maul tried to turn it over to the Trade Federation)

slythmongers: narcotics peddlers who traffic wares for disbarred pharmacists

11 October 2002, 07:03 PM
Originally posted by BrianDavion
well drugs technicly are a poisen :)

So all drugs are poisons?? What about Asprin or the drugs they give HIV patients to retard the process, like Erving "Magic" Johnson; are they poisons too??

In our game we have used deathsticks as cigerettes or cigars. Any other narcotics my GM just makes up a name and then we roll on. Seeing that SW is family oriented I doubt we will hear too much about SW Narcotics (unless of coarse, they are talking about behind the scenes, during filming :D )

12 October 2002, 04:44 AM
Originally posted by Kobayashi_Maru

So all drugs are poisons?? What about Asprin or the drugs they give HIV patients to retard the process, like Erving "Magic" Johnson; are they poisons too??
Actually, yes. Take chemotherapy agents for cancer. The traditional (older) agents are toxic to all cells (that's why they have unpleasant side effects), but is more toxic to cells which are dividing--and cancerous cells do a lot more dividing than "normal" cells. Therefore, in the correct dosage, the agent will kill (hopefully) all the tumor cells, but only a few normal cells. And it will be similar for HIV drugs--I just don't know enough about how they work to address them specifically. Any medical drug is a poison--it depends on dosages, among other things. Even aspirin--it can cause internal bleeding, and make children more susceptible to Reyes' Syndrome (a rare & nasty complication of viruses), & those 2 are just off the top of my head.
To bring this portion a little closer to the original topic, I think whoever created the Arconans must have taken the same toxicology course I did. We had a guest lecturer from the Poison Control Center who gave us a handout with about a dozen scary-sounding scenarios they got calls about & asked which ones were emergencies. Only one was--& we all missed it--a toddler who ate about 3 tablespoonsful of salt!

In our game we have used deathsticks as cigerettes or cigars. Any other [i]narcotics my GM just makes up a name and then we roll on. Seeing that SW is family oriented I doubt we will hear too much about SW Narcotics (unless of coarse, they are talking about behind the scenes, during filming :D ) [/B]
True, and that's the way I prefer it--well, I hope the people involved in the films steer clear, too. So far the only drugs that have shown up in my game are whatever's in my NPC Jedi Healer's medical bag.:) You'll notice, I was the one who wanted more medical drugs!
Actually, all the drug references in SW are EU, with the exceptions of death sticks & spice. In the case of spice, you can't tell just from the movie dialog that it might be something other than cooking spices that were being mined:D

12 October 2002, 08:02 AM
In Cracken's Rebel Field Guide there are two types of truth serums listed: the Bavo Six and the OV600. According to the text the latter is the more potent.

Nemo Sage
12 October 2002, 01:19 PM

In the first book of the Han Solo triliogy, there's a brief bit of exposition descriping the various forms of spice they're processing on ylesia. I keep a copy of it handy, just for referance.

Glitterstim, as previously stated, is mined on Kessel, and processed else where. Glitterstim comes from the webbing of giant spiders native to kessel. It induces a brief, euphoric, telepathic state. Its activated and starts to break down by/in light, so all glitterstim production and storage is done in the dark. Long term users tend to start getting paranoid, 'specially if they can't read your thoughts for some reason. During the Empire era, all glitterstim is the property of the Empire, hence why its so valueable to smuggle.

Ryll, is mined on Ryloth. It's primary purpose is medicenal, but it can be processed into several falvors of intoxicants and hallucenigenes. If you feed ryll to to the Gliterstim spiders, it produces Glitterryll, which destroys memories.

Carsunum, is a rare black spice that comes from the world of Sevarcos. It causes euphoria, and an increase in abilities. You become stronger, faster, more intelligent. After the spice wears off, the user becomes depressed, and listless. In some cases the Carsunum will burn out the users metabolism, killing them.

Andris, which is also from Sevarcos, is a flavor additive for food. For some people, it can cause a mild euphoria, and an increase in sensation. Think of it as the MSG of the Star Wars Universe.


Wedge in Red2
14 October 2002, 04:46 AM
Cool, thanks all for that info :)!

Two questions come to mind:

1) Are Death Sticks actually illegal (I know it'll likely vary depending on Era and location, but I'm just asking "in general")?

2) Where is Sevarcos that Nemo Sage mentioned?

Thanks again for the help,


14 October 2002, 07:43 AM
1. Yes, they're "illicit narcotics" -- see here (http://www.holonetnews.com/49/life/13328_1.html).

2. It quite likely hasn't been located on the map.
this planet was the second which orbits the star Lumea, and was most famous for its production of two kinds of spice: the common, white andris and the rare, black carsunum. During the New Order, the Empire established a penal colony on the planet, supplementing their production of spice while maintaining an air of seclusion to Sevarcos. Much of the planet was ruled by the so-called Spice Lords of Sevarcos, a group made up from the leaders of the various criminal empires based on the planet. Sevarcos was dry, arid world covered with sandy deserts. (SWJ2, SWJ12)

Wedge in Red2
15 October 2002, 04:51 AM
Cool, thanks Faraer! Gotta love the Holonet News!

I think Death Sticks will serve the purpose I'm looking for. Cheers :D!


17 October 2002, 05:02 PM
In the book in which Princess Leia is kidnapped and taken to the planet Nom Chorios, there is a section in which she recounts her aquaintance with a Rebel soldier who had tried many types of drugs. Things like sweetblossom, which is a sedative and can cause complete carelessness and unwillingness to move, with just a small amount. I wish I could remember the name of the book. Aha! I searched with google and found it. The book's name is Planet of Twilight. If you can find that book, it contains a paragraph or two of about 7 drugs and their effects. It also contains and awesome plot and is a cool story to begin with. Wish I had my book with me and could help you more. Enjoy!

18 October 2002, 06:39 PM
Now that I'm back at home with my books, I found the book and the quote.
"Glitterstim's all right if you're blue," he had said, his brown eyes dreamy, like a man recalling the great love of his life. "Everything takes on a rise, a buzz, a life, as if your whole body had been made new and your whole future with it. And for those nights when you've got an itchy anger in your soul against all the people who've robbed you or jeered at you, there's pyrepenol. Two shots of pyrep and you'll spit on the Fates that spin your life thread. When you're hurting for the girl who could saved you if-only, Santherian tenho-root extract's your poison: gentle, gentle, like the sun breaking clouds at the end of day."...
"But sometimes there's nothing that'll do it but sweetblossom. It's a good thing the blossom's not addictive," he added with a grin. "It could grind galactic civilization to a halt in a week flat. "....Blossom is exactly like sleep. A little of it--two drops, maybe--and it's like you've just woken up, before your mind is in gear to do anything: You just sit around in your pajamas saying, I'll take care of business when I'm feeling a bit more the thing. But, of course, you never do. Five drops is good for endless sitting, curled up, comfortable, thinking nothing, watching addercops spin webs or dust motes make patterns. Your mind is perfectly clear, you understand, but the starter won't engage. Seven or eight drops and you're paralyzed. Awake, but unmoving, unable to move, like those mornings when you open your eyes but your entire body's still asleep. A good way to get through--oh--days when things are happening to you that you'd rather not feel." - p.45-46 of Planet of Twilight by Barbara Hambyl.

Hope that helps!

Prof. Tricky
31 October 2002, 12:42 PM
In the tale "Lando Calrissian and the FlameWind of Oseon,it went into detail about a drug called lesai .It is a purple fungus harvested from the back of a rare lizard(Note:If ALL of the fungus leaves the lizards back,it dies),the fungus eliminating the need for sleep.A side effect is that the addict become somewhat apathetic towards life,and goes color blind

19 November 2002, 01:19 PM
That's the only drug I know of, if you find out any new ones, lt me know.--Arcome

Jett Darkstar
22 November 2002, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by Kobayashi_Maru
So all drugs are poisons?? What about Asprin or the drugs they give HIV patients to retard the process, like Erving "Magic" Johnson; are they poisons too??

Well, yes and no, depending on the situation. If you want to get really technical, drugs and poisons are both inhibitors: they interfere with some compound that a living organism uses in one process or another.

My biochemistry instructor once said: "The only difference between a drug and a poison is that a drug has a beneficial side-effect (numbing the sensation of pain, promoting healing by depriving pathogens of their ability to grow, or whatever); a poison does not."

28 November 2002, 09:58 PM
There is this drug that anja gallandro took in the young jedi knights series
it's called Kris it enhances your senses and speed

i think it would be appropriate to give it
+2 to Dex and Wis and -2 to con
it lasts for 30 minutes

also if your character ingests it he/she must make
a fortitude save DC 15 +or- 2 or be addicted
if addicted, Kris is required to be taken
every two hours if Kris is not recieved by then the character suffers -2 to melee and -4 to rng

Kris comes in capsules and held in small
durasteel packs filled with coolant
(Kris is useless unless maintained at 0 degrees)
oh yeah Kris is 1000 credits for a pack of 5

i hope this one helps

29 November 2002, 11:43 AM
Duo, where are those stats from?

29 November 2002, 03:17 PM
i er... i kinda made up the stats but... that's what happened to anja she was faster and more observant, and arrogant when she took the drug

29 November 2002, 03:56 PM
Here's my suggested modifications:
1) Strike the -2 to CON. Taking spice won't make you physically frailer, nor will it diminish your ability to dodge(Vitality).
2) Addiction is both mental and physical. And users aren't usually addicted after the first try. I'd make it so that users must make both a will save and a fort save at DC 8. Everytime they use it, the DC increases by 2. If they fail either save they are addicted.
3) Every 2 hours seems rather harsh. How about every 18 hours or they suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls.

These are just my suggestions as I think your version is a little to powerful. :)

30 November 2002, 12:42 AM
wow that's really logical, good idea i'm looking into more drugs in the books as i speak.
hmm... yeah i guess you're right about the 2 hours thing maybe the author just made it seem that she needed it all the time.

oh! i found another drug! Han solo's old friend used to take it
it's called Riole it seems that he pilots better when he takes it
addiction is another factor for this one too, gets hyper/agressive
if not taken in a while

30 November 2002, 08:53 AM
You might want to talk to another user on these boards, TalonRazorGM. He's making a sourcebook dealing with the underworld/criminal side of Star Wars. If you want to keep writing up stats for the drugs of Star Wars, talk to him and see if he'd like to include them in his sourcebook. If you need any more help with the drugs stats, post here with your ideas. Keep up the good work!