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15 October 2002, 05:40 PM
What from EP1 and EP2 have you brought into your games? I do not mean the mean any prequel or Rise of the Empire era games, I mean the Rebel era specifically (though I think that NR era is also ok).

For example,

Technology: My players are currently based out of a Trade Federation Battleship (well it is not mobile), one of them flies a beat up N-1 and one a Delta-7. I intend for them to be dragged into a pod race after they have gained some higher piloting abilities. Lastly I am entertaining the idea of using an Acclamator as a pirate ship (I am using Toney’s conversion, but judging from that they are almost perfect for this role).

Species: While none of my players are playing a species introduced in Ep1 or 2, I do use them in my game. I have not yet used a Gungan 'cause I fear handing out DSPs :)

Planets: I have not figured out a reason to push them towards an established planet yet, though the idea of stationing them near a gungan settlement for a while has come to mind. :D

People: I can drop references to people easier, or, for example I had a player considering the idea to play one of the padawans that Yoda was teaching. I think that using a ex-senator will be easier when I can point him/her/it out in senate chambers.

Ideas: The Clone Wars have been forever altered from where I perceived them to be before to where they are now. (Clones are the good guys – or from Galactic Battle Grounds: Clone Campaigns ‘Good guys wear white’) The idea of the jedi has been refined from remote mystics who aided in the protection of others – to THE protectors of the galaxy.

Reverend Strone
15 October 2002, 07:20 PM
Yessm, I've used quite a few. Here's a couple. More to follow.

My players (playing around 4 years before ANH) bumped into a washed up old Podrace pilot called Mars Guo when the rocked up to the small frontier Tatooine town of Vatchez's Cache. He was scraping a modest living together selling information and acting as a local guide. he was a braggart who spent all his cash in the local bar "The Slough" spouting about the good old days when he was a champion racer.

Mars was one of Anakin's competitors for those who mightn't remember

There's also a rather beat-up and heavily jury-rigged Battle-droid Bounty Hunter fitted with his own hueristic, autonomous processor running around after my PCs. Nick-named "The Roach", he works for a local Crimelord. He was rather unceremoniously offed by the PCs with an Ion Rifle.

Other than that I have a disgraced Kaminoan business woman running an underground weapons manufacturing facility with a small colony of Geonosian workers who escaped the Republic's repercussive actions after the Geonosis incident.

15 October 2002, 08:11 PM
I allow any of the alien species (I've had a player with a Dug character, as a Jedi no less, and another wishes to play one of Dex's race, as soon as I can find some stats to convert) illegal podracing, and at least three characters own Battledroid blaster carbines. I keep a list of the old weapons as second hand items the players can find or purchase, and they've faced off against a squad of pirates flying a Naboo N1 Starfighter. The prequels are all fine and good for me.

Reverend Strone
15 October 2002, 09:45 PM
In addition to those above, one of my regular NPCs is a Clone War veteran (not a Jedi or Clone or anything, just an old soldier would did his bit for the Republic).

As my guys spend a lot of time in the wildernesses of Tatooine and one carries a Lightsaber, they've also been attributed somewhat legendary status amongst the 'Tuskers' (Tusken Raiders), who remember 'the day the lightning came down to the ground and sought revenge among the living people of the sand' ie: Anakin's slaughtering of an entire Tusken tribe. This event has become apocryphal among the Sand People, and many of the tribes speak of it in hushed tones. The first time one of my PCs whipped out a lightsaber and started dicing Sand People, the rumour of 'the return of the one who wields lightning' began to spread.

I've also got an old Toydarian shisha grower who beetles around in a beat-up old pod cockpit module with a trio of speeder turbines strapped on. It's actually the pod cockpit that Gasgano flew in.

4 November 2002, 01:51 PM
I play in Rebellion or NR era and I've have yet to use anything thing from the prequals in my games unless it's something that can connect the prequals with the original trilogy (Imperial Royal Guard, Bail Organa and so on). Mostly I'm sure I'll end up using after the release of Ep3 so I'm sure how it fits together.

Presently I have restrictions on players being Gungans and Cereans. I don't think many gungans left Naboo since being "discovered". I am very cautious with players even saying they to a Cerean and always make them roll a 10 sided die to determine sex (only 1 and 10 are male {something Wizard continues to overlook8o :rolleyes: }) and then they have to roll a 100 die and get within ten. That just for someone to play a cerea.

Overall anything that appears as public information in the Prequals I will let my players in on.

Rogue Janson
4 November 2002, 03:06 PM
I don't think any prequel era stuff has come up in my Rebellion era campaign, although I might drop some in at some point, certainly I was looking forward to using a toydarian trader at some point. Oh, I did have a gungan spacer in at one point, mainly to really annoy one of the players, whose arrogant smuggler/crimelord was forced to do a job with him.
In the NJO game I play in, my GM uses some prequel concepts, but is wary about using prequel races which are never seen in the original trilogy or EU on the assumption they may have been exterminated/decimated. He is letting me start a Cerean though.

On a side note, I think randomising players' gender with cereans is a bit harsh - you don't make them roll a 4-6 to play a male human, and likewise, you don't weight your parties to match the exact make-up of alien species in the galaxy. As long as your players understand what things are rare and what are common, so you don't end up with group of caamasii soldiers or something, let them decide on their characters.

7 November 2002, 10:53 PM
<font face="Humanst521 Lt BT" color=#006060>I'm going to agree with Tem on this one. I've used bits and pieces of things from prequels - species and the like - but I'm a little wary about using a lot of things just yet, since we don't really know how things turn out. For all we know, Naboo could be destroyed, and all of the Gungans along with it. Wouldn't I feel stupid, then, if my PCs were stationed on Naboo in an NR campaign? I like continuity in my games... Most of what I've used has actually been related to the structure of the Jedi Order. I've patterened the new after the old, as far as I could without stepping on the toes of NJO writers (most of which I haven't actually read... with good reason). Also, the prequels have changed how I portray galactic politics, even in a post-Empire setting. It's a big galaxy out there... and a <i>huuge</i> Senate hall.</font>

26 February 2003, 04:37 PM
I think once Ep3 comes out and i can put everything pre-rebellion into context im gonna slide more of the pre-quel material into play.

Likewise my GM in our Pre-quel era gameplay has to limit himself to the first two until the 3rd one comes out. of course by the time we game our PCs to Ep3 section...the Original trilogy will be on DVD and Ep7-9:the Yuzov vong series will be in pre production(or at least one can hope)

i have a herglic as ive said before and i want him to hook up with a Kaminoan chick. whether my GM allows this i have yet to see, but it would be a pre-quel/rebellion crossover for sure.(we just watched Alderaan get destroyed)

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