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18 October 2002, 07:07 AM
Good Day Everyone!

I'm starting a new campaign with a very small, select group of friends who all want to be Bounty Hunters.

Personally, I have no problem with this; but I myself find it difficult to try to run a Bounty Hunter adventure.

Of course there should be certain "Points" that are more important than others throughout the adventure(s) (Such as the Chase, the Mission itself, the payment, etc.) but putting the is harder than I thought!

Any Ideas, Comments, Cares, or Concerns? :?


18 October 2002, 07:28 AM
Ever see Cowboy Bebop? that series is all about a group of bounty hunters and their adventures... quite entertaining.

You can also run a series of 'novice' missions, where they start working for local law enforcement since the feds are tied up at the moment with more pressing business. A whole campaign can be centered just on how they become bounty hunters- you can also do the 'characters got framed by an old bounty and are now hunted by other hunters' shtick.

there are numerous story ideas- in fact, you're lucky! you have a perfect carrot to wave in front of their faces. Often, the bounties are caught up in their own story- they're not all 'criminals', several could be political dissidents, company whistleblowers, etc. How justice driven are the characters? how mercenary? these can make for really great moral dilemmas.

18 October 2002, 07:50 AM
Bunch of great thoughts by Ravager_of_worlds , so I am just going to continue his paragraphs...

...Not only can there be moral dilemas, you can also give your BH's rivals. There is nothing better in a campaign like this to have a heated rival. The kind of guy that gets to the prey first, or sets charges on the PCs ship after they pick up their "package." The kind that walks up to them in a bar and mocks them becuase he got the payment and they didn't.

Remember, any bounty your characters go after will probably be sought after by more than just them. They could have to go against the Empire, or the Rebeliion, trying to get what they wanted. Example - "Well, I need you to get me this Ithorian for 25,000 credits. Turns out this Ithorian is held in an imperial detention center on Yaga Minor. Good Luck." :)

Your Bounty Hunters will make enemies, they will make friends. Becuase they are BH's they will make a lot more enemies than friends. Whole episodes can be done with them running from the forces of a major Hutt they pissed off on that last bounty. Or from that Rodian CL, or from that faction of...etc....

If you need some peeks into the life of a Bounty Hunter, check out Shadows of the Empire. It deals a decent amount with other BHs interfering with Boba Fett. Also take a look at the Bounty Hunters War trilogy, which has some decent concepts at least.

Hope that helps, and have fun gaming.....

Lord Diggori
18 October 2002, 07:59 AM

What specifically do you have trouble with in running this kind of campaign?

20 October 2002, 09:03 AM
We tended to run individual sessions (by phone or IM quite often, depending on how much I trusted the player in question) until the Hunters picked up the same trail and ended up encountering each other along the way. There were some alliances and some fights. The campaign ended three of our hunters had died. We figured the attrition was a bit too high to make a good long-run campaign for the entire group.

The key is to keep it simple. Unless you want to waste your time picking locales all over the galaxy for the target to run to, keep it in the sector. Have the BHers worry about collateral damage (Boba Fett might not have to, but what magistrate in his right mind is going to demand damages from Boba Fett?), have them worry about supplies, if they're not careful about these things, have things go against them. There's no better way to kick a BHer in the butt than to let his quarry escape because he bungled maitenance.

I'm sure we'd all be curious to hear how it goes.

22 October 2002, 04:14 PM
Awesome comments you everyone, thanks for the help!

Now, for one more helpful question, which is may be a little harder to answer:

'How Exactly DO you write an adventure for a group of BH?'

I've never done this before, and it just feels like everything in the adventure will be too easy for the group to pull off.

Sounds Confusing... But ANY answer would help!

Thanks again,


23 October 2002, 06:05 AM
The fun with bounty hunters is that you can throw a lot of different types of plot twists into the campain to keep them on there toes. Give the party a nemesis in the beginning. Someone or ones who are slightly more advanced than the party. Whether this is a hardcore villain or possibly a good guy being hunted by imperials or the corporate sectoris up to you. As this person(s) are wanted they are unlikely to have just the PC's after them but other individuals which creates more plot twists.After all most bounty hunters who chase there prey down are not just going to back down because someone beat them to the punch. And as bounty hunters are travelling alot to find there prey this provides a infinitely diverse set of planet backdrops for you to work with. Also if you haven't yet read the SW novel Tales of the Bounty Hunters or The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy (not sure of the title). These should give you plenty of rich ideas. Any questions or whatever drop me a PM. I usually check this site out daily at work. Good Luck.

23 October 2002, 06:36 AM
Sample BH adventure

I. The Bounty
A. After watching the holovision, a news bulletin interrupts the regularly scheduled programming, "Attention; Police have requested any help the general public might give in regards to information of BLANK, a notorious criminal thought to be in the sector. BLANK has a bounty of 5,000 credits by the CorSec and a local bounty of 1500 credits for information leading to BLANK's capture..."
B. If the character's don't bite, have them 'run into' the bounty head as he tries to shipjack them or rob them on the street. If the characters search for him... run as a standard search and find mission.
II. The Chase
A. Gather Info checks... looking for the culprit... blah blah..
B. False leads... encounter with flunkies... reveals BLANK's safe house....
C. BLANK is under protection of crime lord A... or BLANK has secret base in sewers... etc. etc.
III. The Climax
A. Finding BLANK in the safe house... duke-a-roo royal with BLANK and his gang...
B. Collecting the bounty... if BLANK died, characters receive nothing but get XP....

This is a general scenario-
but basically, the big carrot for BHs are the bounty, which can come across the TV, private individuals can contact BHs... not all bounties are criminals, they could be dissidents, rebel agents, etc.

23 October 2002, 09:07 AM
Moral Grey areas are good too.

Characters are reaquested by Crime Lord to find a Twi'lek that stole some money from them and killed his son in the process.
Gather Information...
Find last known location...not there...but find information on her location.
On an out of the way planet you find her but crap!...she is a Rancor Rancher(or some other particlularly nasty beast) and in the process of finding her the Rancor's get loose...The PC's get the serious beat down and are ony saved when she shows up (and yes she is the ubiquitous Stunning beast master chick)...she saves them and takes them back to her place for healing...She makes a deal, she will go back peacefully if the PC's help her find out who had been rustling her Rancor, if not she will leave them to try and fight off the hoards of rancor on their own...
...durring the search she tells you about the crime you are collecting bounty on...Yes she killed the son, but she claims he was sexually assaulting her, and the money she took was hers but the son had refused payment for a couple of Rancor he ordered...find the rustlers then...
...So here is the rub: Do you believe the hot Twi'lek chick and not take her back, but harm your reputation and loose the bounty in the process, or do you take the Twi back (she will go stoically until the end, when she will let off some cold diatribe to the Crime Boss who knew the truth but wanted to protect his son's rep but will only admit it when confronted by her) and ignore the injustices she went through so as to build your reputation as a BH, and a professional.

23 October 2002, 09:14 AM
One more thing...

This opens up a whole future of adventure hooks as well
IF they-
Turn in the hot Twi: The pissed off older brother decides to devote his life to killing you guys...he might not show up for a few adventures...perhaps as a friend at first...and he should last for a few adventures...
Let the hot Twi go: Simple...Crime Boss sets a bounty out on you...these BH's may show up at in opertune times in adventures and muck things up something fierce...

Lord Byss
30 October 2002, 07:24 AM
One idea I had a while ago but have never had a chance to run a bounty hunter campaign was to run an adventure as a blatant rip-off of Midnight Run (Denero), cool film. If you are stuck for adventure ideas just pop out and get hold of the D6 book "No Disintergrations", loads of bounty hunter missions in there.

Lord Darth Ane
1 November 2002, 11:12 AM
My last campaign actually was a bounty hunter group. One thing that I found made things easier for me to write and more interesting for the group was to tailor pieces of, or entire bounties to, one specific character's strengths. Alternately, don't make it so that's the ONLY way of completing the scenario, in the unfortunate event that the key player keel over. LOL

For example,
One character was a scoundrel with seduction and poison skills. Thus killing the well-defended chairman of a large corporation (and making it look natural) was her cup of tea. Seduce the man and poison him in his sleep. Obviously I'm condensing things a little here.

Another adventure included everything from impersonation and forgery (the scoundrel) to a brawl (the Wookiee) to an aerial chase (the scout) to some serious schedule hacking (the slicer).

Also, try running a slightly different scenario. Not all bounties are posted by those on the 'right' side of the law. Try posting a bounty for someone who's already been caught. He's about to stand trial and get put away for a long time, and the PCs have only a few days to get him out of custody.

1 November 2002, 05:17 PM
One great thing about bounty hunters is that they are easy to screw over..... i.e. put them in interesting moral dilemmas. One cool thing you can do is slowly pit them against a powerful Hutt throughout the campagn. No matter what the players do, they piss off this Hutt. If they are succesful, it hurts the Hutt's business. If they fail, same result. Eventually, the characters will have a big showdown with the Hutt and his main lackeys.

Another great nemesis is a law enforcement officer....someone who is really good at what he/she does, but at the same time always seems to butt heads with the bounty hunters. Depending on your timeline, a Sector Ranger or ISB officer work great for this.

Another thing you can do is pit the bounty hunters against their mission. Send them to apprehend a "nafarious criminal" who is actually stealing food because his people are starving. Or you can have them deliver helpless people for cruel medical research. Do this only once in a while. But eventually the PC's will crack. And once a bounty hunter breaks the code of non-interference with his / her contract, it opens up a whole can of worms and great adventures. The bounty hunter can lose his / her licencse, or better yet be hunted by the people he used to work for. Perhaps his/her situation will be so bad that he/she is desperate enough to go and ask the Hutts that he/she has pissed off over the years for help. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

3 November 2002, 09:46 AM
I am actually running a Bounty Hunter game right now, and as mentioned before, Cowboy Bebop (one of my favorite shows) is a great source. Outlaw Star, a similar show also provides the occasional idea.

Here is a thread I started myself to get help:http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9058

A great idea for bounty hunter missions is to just start rambling of various proffesions that come to mind and then just start trying to turn those into bounties. It helps me and I hope it will you ,too.:)

5 November 2002, 07:07 AM
Ok, I've finally got it.

The group of Bounty Hunters is quite odd, but I let the players choose their characters species without my interference and I have ended up with (drum roll, please)

1. A Human Soundrel (1st level)
2. A Duros Tech Specialists (1st level)
3. An Acient B2 Series Combat Droid (1st Level)
4. and A Wookie Soilder (1st Level)

(Despite my desperate pleas, I still have a Wookie becoming a bounty hunter... *sigh*)

Anyway, the heroes themselves beginning almost as 'slaves', if you wish to call them so, on an old boat floating down a river to some unknown place. The boat is being lead by a group of Bounty Hunters who are taking these slaves in to collect the bounties assocciated with them. (Each 'slave' on the boat had some sort of bounty on his/her head).

Yet, the slaves rebel and overrun the boat, taking it over for themselves and scattering the bounty hunters and the ships crew. The slaves then find themselves later on enter the port of a city that is split by into two major powers...

And thats where the fun begins for say, the first 5 levels or so :p !

So, tell me what you think!