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18 October 2002, 02:39 PM
I am going to start a starfighter squadron campaign in the NJO Era. I have a Human Jedi Guardian, an Ewok Scout, an Aleena Soldier, and a Wookie Soldier. I need some adventure ideas to take them along the main events of the books. I don't want every adventure to be just in space. Thanks for your help!

18 October 2002, 07:00 PM
Can you give us some more information? Is the Jedi on Kyp's side or Luke's side? Are the squadron members sponsored by any organization, i.e. New republic, Imperial Remnant, Talon Karrde's Smuggling Alliance, etc? What's the relationship between them, friends?

An initial idea I have is to maybe have the squadron scouting covertly in a system the Yuuzhan Vong have taken over, when they find a stranded freighter in an asteroid field whose engines and comm system have been disabled. One person on board has an operational comlink, but he does not remember he has it. A squadron of coralskippers is patrolling nearby and will eventually discover the freighter and the squadron if they are still there. They will also notice any large disturbances and investigate. The player squadron does have the parts needed to fix the freighter's engine in their cargo compartments if they can figure out how to get the parts to them. Also, if there is a scoundrel or tech specialist in the squadron or an NPC expert, and the squadron can figure out a way to communicate, they can attempt to instruct the crew of the freighter on how to jury-rig or possibly repair the engines, at a -4 penalty to the player's repair/jury-rig for having to do this only by description. Or you can use some combination of these solutions.
A variant of this is to have the squadron be sent on a mission to help a known stranded freighter in the exact same situation, and the squadron comes across this other stranded freighter as well. The players are forced to decide to save one or the other, or possibly attempt to save both. Make it extremely difficult to save both, but reward them greatly if they succeed.

Hope that helps! Let me know what you think and if you're interested in hearing more ideas, hope you will post some more info. Good luck!

18 October 2002, 08:03 PM
Here is some more info. The Jedi is on luke's side and the squadron is under the control of the New Republic. The squadron is Nomad squadron from gamer #9.

I would like to hear more ideas.

Hope that's enough info.

18 October 2002, 11:33 PM
hmm a ewok fighter jock? his name isn't ketch is it?:)

19 October 2002, 07:44 AM
Nope his name isn't ketch. My sister likes to play those little furry guys.

Nova Spice
19 October 2002, 10:04 AM
Okay....tell me red, what ship are the Nomads attached to? Is it the Allegiant as is mentioned in SWG #9? If so, then I will be able to help you because your squadron is in my NJO campaign. ;)

One of my PCs is a fighter pilot (a Wookiee Scout attached to B-wing Green Squadron) that is on the same ship as the Nomads. Since the Allegiant is stationed in the Meridian Sector, I had the vessel actually respond to the Rhommamool-Osarian event as a backup vessel for the Mediator. Pilots from Nomad Squadron, Green Squadron (B-wings), and Red Squadron (X-wings) were scrambled to intercept the thermonukes Nom Anor launched at Osarian. During this same operation, Nomad Squadron was asked to escort Nom Anor to the Mediator for peace talks when the Osarians attacked and "destroyed" him.

Thus far, the only other action I've had for the PC, as far as storyline, is the Battle of Dubrillion. I had pilots from Green and Nomad Squadron on the ground to assist with the refugees from Sernpidal, when the Vong attacked Dubrillion. This was after the Praetorite Vong were defeated at Helska.

I'm not sure exactly where else I'm going to go with this since I'm having some PC troubles, but if it is resolved I can assure you the Battle of Ithor will involve the Nomads and the Allegiant. ;)

I hope that helps a bit red. :)

19 October 2002, 10:08 AM
They are attached to the allegiant. These ideas are helping me a lot. Thanks for the great ideas. :)