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22 October 2002, 09:35 PM
Hey All,
I'm starting a new campagin, my first SW game ever, and i wanted to get some advice on it. I talked to my group of PC's and they wanted to play imperials in the Rebellion era. When checking the rulebook it doesn't really encourage the PC's to play imperials during this time frame, instead focusing on playing rebel PC's. Would playing Imperials be "against the rules" or would it just change who the hero's fight for.

23 October 2002, 02:18 AM
I think it is alright to play as Imps. You can have all sorts of interesting ways of doing, par of the time they are part of the traditional fleet. Then they are asked to go on a secret mission of some sort, maybe Rebel Inflitration or raid. Perhaps they have to work with a smuggler for the Empire. Playing imps does not have to be all Sir Yes Sirs. Just come up with new ways to change the pace and they will have fun and its fun for you to try and suprise them.
Hoped this helped. Good Luck.


Troy Henist
24 October 2002, 01:49 AM
Yeh its all right to play Imp's. I am putting the final touches to my Imperial Campaign at the moment, fingers crossed when people are back from uni we can rock and roll.

It will be good to see the conflict from the othersides perspective, with the Rebels the bad guys now. "You, Rebel Scum" music to my ears

I think Moose got it spot on with what he said. If you can make it varied and intresting then the better for you and the more enjoyable for the PC's. A totally Sir Yes Sir campaign will lose its charm after a while.

I have some resource material I have put together with the aid of a friend you can have to help you. They contain Imperial Ranks, Pay and Medals. Let me know and I can mail it across.

Hope it all goes well.

Reverend Strone
24 October 2002, 12:27 PM
If you haven't seen it already (hasn't everybody?), check out the FanFilm 'Troops'. While maybe not suitable for a campaign as such, the notion of playing a squad of Stormtroopers could be great fun for a couple of sessions.

I began planning a game that was inspired by Troops, with a squad stationed on Tatooine who get sent out on a mission in Mos Eisley and inadvertantly stumble upon a smuggling operation that, as they investigate, turns out to lead right in to the office of their corrupt local Imperial Governor. On the way they end up in entanglements with the smuggler toughs and eventually have to duke it out with another stormtroopersquad in the corrupt official's employ.

If you like the idea and your players do want to spin it off into a campaign, there are always ways to make it work.

One such way would work well if your Stormtooper PCs decide they don't want to be good little Imperial soldiers and decide not to take down the corrupt Governor, but instead try to sign in on a piece of the action in exchange for their silence. That could spin off numerous stories, as the PCs are now corrupt soldiers themselves who must tread a delicate path, embarking in elaborate schemes of riches and the like while hiding their activities from their Imperial masters. The Imperial Governor could resent them and be always looking for a way to doublecross his new 'partners'. They could eventually become pirates with the Empire on their backs...etc

Vreel Kudarin
26 October 2002, 01:39 PM
I once ran a one-off adventure where the players were stormies on garrison duty on a world with a strong underground Rebel presence. It was a nice change from being 'Heroic'. I also drew upon the brilliant and hilarious TROOPS movies, leading to some enjoyable encounters. One player walked into a fast food outlet, and demanded that he be allowed access to the kitchens. The local proprieter didn't understand Basic, so the player tried to vault over the counter, but tripped and clattered to the floor in a heap of stormtrooper plating.

Nova Spice
26 October 2002, 05:05 PM
Its hardly against the "rules" to play Imperial characters; I mean WotC produced the Dark Side Sourcebook did they not? They did this to promote campaigns that center around dark, Imperial, or villainous characters.

You could always have characters involved in Imperial Intelligence, COMPNOR, Imperial Security Bureau, or even perhaps the Storm Commandos. And if you're a really creative GM, you can throw the characters into a stormtrooper unit or perhaps a fleet regiment attached to a Star Destroyer? IMO there are actually far easier ways to play an Imperial character as opposed to an Alliance character.

Remember, the game belongs to you. If you want an Imperial campaign, then go for it. Who's going to stop you? ;)

30 October 2002, 05:27 AM
If one of the characters wants to be a dark Jedi, you could have one character as an Emperor's hand, and the rest as bodyguards. Or perhaps they could all be Royal Guards. If you want to give them a real challenge, send them up against Luke.

6 November 2002, 11:53 PM
I think it's okay to run an all Imperial campaign. As a whole, the group is playing against type in the sense of the anti-heroic Imperials. But there must be a lot of patriotic Imperials who belive in the order as opposed to the oppression. Also, given the number of smugglers, pirates, slavers, and general badness oiut in the universe, they may be a LOT WORSE than Imperials. Let's see... A group of slavers kidnapping my family and stealing all my possessions, or Imperial rule, which may hinder my freedoms a bit. As long as I am not alien, it may not matter that much. And depending on where you set the campaign, like the core worlds where Palpatine and the Empire were painted as Heroes, this is a major consideration..

And we must not forget our friend - STORMTROOPER BOB!